[DNF] Miss The Dragon

[DNF] Miss The Dragon

How did I find this drama?

I was lurking around Weibo when I saw a video clip posted by Zhu Zanjin. There were no English subtitles. BUT! Dylan Wang looked so good. Zhu Zanjin’s smile kinda gave me a Meng Yao nostalgia from The Untamed. Since he’s one of my favorite villains, I decided to give it a try.

First Impression

I saw the first five episodes. And I must say… Do the creators, directors and scriptwriters of this show think the audience were dumb? For real. Do they?

Let’s discuss things in this drama that didn’t make sense, shall we?
  1. The lady who sprained her ankle over well… nothing
    If the carriage was as fast as Achilles’ chariot to kill Hector for killing Patroclus, sure, she might have broken an ankle. However, the horse was just leisurely clip-clopping its way around the forest. How was that possible?
  2. The female lead expected a snake to stay put just because she told the snake to behave.
    As a viewer, I know that the tiny snake was Dylan Wang. However, the female lead didn’t. IDK bro, do people in this world talk to the animals the way Disney princesses do? It wasn’t clear.
  3. The stupid snake “cage”
    The snake could’ve easily slithered out of that cage. IDK what the hell was that for.
  4. The female lead slept on the floor while the teeny tiny snake slept on the bed
    It’s a snake, not a person. I get that some people are just naturally animal lovers and/or a good Samaritan. Since the female lead was running an animal charity, it’s fine if she wanted to help the snake.
    But why did it have to sleep inside her room? Moreover, why did it have to be on her bed? Snakes slither around the forest grounds and it must be really dirty like all the animals in the forest were. The female lead and her lady didn’t specify what genus of snake that was from the beginning. All they knew was that it looked beautiful. What if it’s venomous and it bit her? Just because it’s beautiful doesn’t mean it won’t bite.
    Also, wasn’t there any place in the palace (or mansion or manor or whatever that place was) where they kept all the animals safe without the danger of them going to a noblewoman / nobleman’s room?
  5. Animal Charity Movement
    In the first five episodes, the female lead took care of an injured bird, snake and cat. Why was this allowed? Wasn’t she a maid? Why was she free to do stuff like that? Do they normally allow this? I have little knowledge of Chinese culture. Am I missing something in the Chinese culture?
Let’s move to the problematic things in this show that no one should be romanticizing ever.
  1. Watching a stranger sleep in their bedroom
  2. Sleeping on a bed of the same stranger beside the stranger without his/her consent
  3. When a girl says “no” she really meant “yes” – Really? REALLY?!?!

THIS IS CREEPY. I REPEAT, CREEPY. It doesn’t matter how good-looking you are or how godly your body is. Creepy is creepy.

Am I going to continue watching this?

Nah. I felt like I wasted my time on this one. Maybe, I should’ve read the reviews first before watching it. Oh well!

I feel bad that this didn’t turn out good because I like watching good-looking actors. Who doesn’t? I can forgive slightly poor acting skills. But in this case, Dylan Wang had really poor acting skills. Plus, I got plot standards and this was just not it.


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