[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 9

[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 9

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Note: For the confused people like me, here’s a character guide.

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Chongwu Palace, Yueyang Sect Manor

The dead body of the Master Thief was found Inside the Yueyang Sect Manor. The investigation of the corpse was held in broad daylight, outdoors within the walls of Yueyang Sect.  Shen Shen, Zhao Jing, Zhou Zi Shu, Wen Ke Xing as well as the residents watched as this happened. Gao Chong held a magnet all over the dead person’s body and discovered Fang Bu Zhi was poisoned through the needle stuck in his throat. 

Gao Chong automatically assumes that the murderer was from the Ghost Valley. Zhou Zi Shu called it Piercing Ray Needles. According to him, only the Window of Heaven had this weapon. He concluded it was Han Ying who was responsible for this. Commander Han was quite fast at retrieving a piece of the Glazed Armor.  Zhou Zi Shu openly told Wen Ke Xing It looks like Five Lakes Alliance got their hands full.. Hence, they bid their farewell to the Five Lakes Alliance leaders. Gao Chong agreed. He asked Zhao Jing to walk them out. Wen Ke Xing politely declined. Gao Chong apologized for not having enough time to talk to them, the reason being the Heroes Conference was about to begin and there were still many things that needed to be done. He extended his invitation to the two.

Incomputable Treasures Shop

Cao Wei Ning and Ah Xiang spend some time together eating. Ah Xiang warned Wei Ning about Death Valley’s Ghoul, one of the Ten Devils, who especially ate faces of handsome young boys like him. She was, of course, just messing with him. Since the Heroes Conference was about to happen, Wei Ning was optimistic that Five Lakes Alliance would be able to win over the war against the Ghost Valley. Ah Xiang S.he told him about the power move of Ghost Valley wherein    ten severed human heads rolled in public

The conversation took a romantic turn when Wei Ning said he would protect Ah Xiang whatever happens. She was pretty happy about it. Aaand feelings started brewing.He changed the subject by telling her about Fang Bu Zhi who was found dead inside the Yueyang Sect. This was interrupted when Ah Xiang saw a pair of performers walking in the restaurant. She left the table and approached them.

Ah Xiang gave them a hint that they couldn’t talk right now because she’s accompanied by someone. She said if she asked them to sing,  then it meant she finished her mission. They should tell her where to find her Master by then. She then announced she got the wrong person and left the performance alone. 

Good Luck Inn, WenZhou Date Chronicles

Zhou Zi Shu still wondered why Windows of Heaven was involved in finding the Glazed Armor. He also wondered if Prince Jin wanted the Armory, too. He tried to figure out why Gao Chong hid Cheng Ling away. His train of thoughts were interrupted when Wen Ke Xing went inside his room and brought food. 

Zhou Zi Shu stared at the food sadly. He was aware he lost his senses. and. Meanwhile, Wen Ke Xing happily ate and was completely oblivious to the fact that Zhou Zi Shu could not enjoy the food he ordered. He noticed Zhou Zi Shu was staring  into the abyss. Wen Ke Xing asked if Zhou Zi Shu was worried about Cheng Ling. To which he replied he was worried if it was the right decision to bring Cheng Ling back to buy Five Lakes Alliance. Wen Ke Xing asked him did he really want to protect Cheng Ling forever and make him his disciple? After all, nothing lasts forever. Zhou Zi Shu didn’t reply. 

Wen Ke Xing started telling him about his dog that he got when he was younger. According to his mother, dogs are only loyal to one person for life. If he wanted to keep it, he would have to raise it for the rest of his life. He said as an eight-year-old he really didn’t know what that meant. So, he agreed. Then, he betrayed it. Zhou Zi Shu replied nothing will ever go your way but he must not live with regrets. 

After eating, Zhou Zi Shu could feel the effects of the seven nails again. He meditated to control his qi again. Meanwhile, Wen Ke Xing played the flute.

Good morning came, Wen Ke Xing barged in his bedroom while he was sleeping and woke him up.  Zhou Zi Shu refused to wake up.

Yuefan Tower, WenZhou Date Chronicles

Wen Ke Xing and Zhou ZI Shu quietly watched the Four Sages of Anji living their best life on the boat. Playing instruments and chilling. According to Zhou Zi Shu, they were a breath of fresh air in the martial arts world.They were masters of music but they came from different backgrounds.They became soulmates of common interest and left the martial arts world together Quietly live in a beautiful bamboo forest in Anji. They haven’t come out for  over 10 years. 

Of the four Sages, two were a couple. Another was a scholar without any martial arts but he was good at playing the zither. The last one was a Lonely Master Thief, He Yi Fan. His friends guided him to give up evil for good. That’s just how they became soulmates.

Wen Ke Xing said soulmates like that are hard to find. Soulmate-ship confirmed with just a nod because censorship says that’s enough.

Finally, Zhou Zi Shu stepped out of denial and admitted this to himself.

Chongwu Palace, Yueyang Sect

In the training grounds, Gao Shan led the martial arts training. Cheng Ling trained along with the members of Yueyang Sect. He was bullied for not knowing the basics and in being weak. The kids made fun of him and the Mirror Lake Sect. Gao Shan, that son of a bitch, also beat him up for no reason other than being weak.

As he was walking back, he ran into Ah Xiang. Cheng Ling was more than delighted to see her And he started tearing up a bit. He thought Zhou ZI Shu didn’t want him as a disciple and didn’t care about him. Wen Ke Xing said he could pursue Zhou Zi Shu to take him as his disciple by being persistent and calling him master. Ah Xiang asked if Wen Ke Xing also mentioned, “Tough women cannot resist clingy men.”. Cheng Ling said yes. She scolded him for being naive. 

Cheng Ling roamed his eyes around to look for the pair. Ah Xiang said they weren’t in the manor but they sent her to take care of him. He asked her if she sneaked in.  She laughed and said she was invited. 

Yueyang Shopping District, WenZhou Date Chronicles

The couple talked about the Heroes Conference. More and more people from various backgrounds  were in the city. They strolled around the shopping district grounds with Wen Ke Xing trying to identify which sect people around them were from. He asked Zhou Zi Shu which sect were the boys who dressed like virgins visiting a brothel from. They were from the Mount Hua Sect who always cared about the neatness of their garments. Messy clothes were against their rules. Sounds about Lan, to me. Zhou Zi Shu pointed out now he knew where Ah Xiang got 

the mean words from. Iron Fist Sect don’t get along with Yueyang Sect.

Wen Ke Xing asked him why he knew so much about every sect and their rules. He even asked  if Zhou Zi Shu could tell which sect he was from. Zhou Zi Shu seemed to have a ready answer for this question. He obviously thought about this before. The automatic response he gave was Wen Ke Xing’s martial arts were complex and constantly changing. Unless his master knew skills from every sect, he must have had more than one Master. Zhou Zi Shu bluntly told him to stop making him guess all the time.

Conveniently, Wen Ke Xing ignored this and started talking about the Heroes Conference again. According to rain this is where heroes gather to praise heroes.  He questioned the eligibility of the people to be called heroes. Then he asked Zhou Zi Shu how many heroes were there in the martial arts world. According to Zhou Zi Shu, only inexperienced people yearn to be heroes. Only the experienced people knew that to be written as a hero meant it had to be written in blood. If it was not their own blood, then it had to be others’. Zhou Zi Shu was over wanting to be a hero. Now he’s just a wanderer.

Zhou Zi Shu asked Wen Ke Xing if he wanted to be a hero or a wanderer.  He observed  Wen Ke Xing intently. Wen Ke Xing said he didn’t want to be a hero he’d rather watch the show without being a part of the show. But that’s not all. Lao Wen also said…

They telepathically agreed they’re soulmates, remember?

Good Luck Inn, WenZhou Date Chronicles

Wen Ke Xing brought some wine over to Zhou Zi Shu. Since he knew Ah Xu couldn’t sleep, he invited him to have a drink on the rooftop.

In case you didn’t know what that meant, that’s how they say “I love you” in Japanese. I know this is a Chinese drama but I’m right, you’re wrong. Shut up! This may not be applicable to me in the modern world because I love the moon and I use this to anyone within 100m radius every time the moon looked beautiful.

Zhou Zi Shu shushed Wen Ke Xing because censorship committee would disapprove of whatever WKX had to say at that point. I mean, look at the way WKX was looking at ZZS. Look at them! Anyway, moving on…

The pair didn’t chill on the roof for very long. Shortly after that conversation, Zhou Zi Shu noticed a deathmatch on the street. Wen Ke Xing pointed out It wasn’t the only deathmatch in the city that night. He also said he was happy because the show has finally begun.  Zhou Zi Shu asked him what exactly he meant. Wen Ke Xing figured he’d rather show him.

Zhou Zi Shu and Wen Ke Xing flew from roof to roof as chaos unfolded. People were fighting over the fake pieces of Glazed Armor that Wen Ke Xing duplicated and distributed all over the city. Of course, Zhou Zi Shu didn’t know about this yet. Dead bodies and injured men were  strewn  all over the streets. Wen Ke Xing seemed to be enjoying himself and said these people need to be alive to take advantage of the armory via the Glazed Armor.

Zhou Zi Shu found one of the replicas of the Glazed Armor. Wen Ke Xing told him it looked like it but since Ah Xu is smart, he should be able to figure out what he meant.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the city, there was also another person who figured there were replicas of Glazed Armor in the city. Commander Han was in possession of two of the Glazed Armor which looked exactly the same. He’s still trying to figure out what’s happening.

Eventually, Zhou Zi Shu pieced the events together and knew what Wen Ke Xing did. He said he used to think Lao Wen was pretending to be crazy and dumb but he didn’t realize that Wen Ke Xing was actually crazy. Ah Xu walked away from him. Wen Ke Xing looked hurt. First fight as a couple came way too fast nobody saw that coming.

Chongwu Palace, Yueyang Sect

Deng Kuan made his way back to the manor, barefoot and in beggar’s clothes.

Good Luck Inn

Wen Ke Xing brought over breakfast in Zhou Zi Shu’s room but as he went in Zhou Zi Shu’s already gone.

Chongwu Palace, Yueyang Sect

Meanwhile, Yueyang Sect was in full chaos.

Five Lakes Alliance sect leaders Gao Chong, Zhao Jing and Shen Shen were already aware of fake duplicate Glazed Armor pieces distributed all over the city and the bloody fights it caused overnight.

Gao Xiao Ling took care of Deng Kuan who lay unconscious on his bed. Somehow, after walking back to Yueyang Sect, he was in coma.

Gao Shan and other Yueyang Sect guards attempted an interrogation of two prisoners over Deng Kuan’s state. This was interrupted by an errand boy. They were being summoned in Renyi Hall.

Renyi Hall

The Four Sages of Anji who were living their best life in the beginning of the episode were under attack. Elder Huang and his Beggar Gang, Mount Hua Sect and Kongtong Sect gathered to collect one of the Glazed Armor pieces from the Four Sages of Anji.

Gao Chong and friends arrived in the scene. Everyone fought over the Glazed Armor without regard for Gao Chong’s authority as the Five Lakes Alliance leader.

Turned out the Four Sages of Anji stole the Glazed Armor for Gao Chong which lead to the attack led by Elder Huang. Gao Chong apologized but three of the Four Sages were dead. The last sage standing committed suicide because there was no point of living without his three soulmates. Immediately, Elder Huang denied his involvement in the Four Sages’ death. Gao Chong didn’t take Elder Huang’s bullshit and threw two Glazed Armor pieces at him. He announced that he will explain everything in the Heroes Conference. With that, Gao Chong marched out of the Renyi Hall. Elder Huang took a look at three pieces of identical Glazed Armor pieces in front of him and threw it all on the ground.

Wen Ke Xing watched on the sidelines and was extremely disappointed over the Four Sages of Anji dying.

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