[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 8

[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 8

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Note: For the confused people like me, here’s a character guide.

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Chongwu Palace, Yueyang Sect

Cheng Ling greeted all the remaining leaders of the Five Lakes Alliance in the Yueyang Sect. Zhao Jing introduced Gao Chong to Cheng Ling. Gao Chong asked Cheng Ling why his body was too weak. Zhao Jing said he’s still young. Right off the bat, Gao Chong held out his hand and bluntly asked for the Glazed Armor. Zhao Jing told Gao Chong that Cheng Ling was still traumatized from the Mirror Lake Sect incident. 

Gao Chong argued The glazed armor was more important than Zhang Yu Sen’s life or their lives. Yeah, because that’s exactly what a kid would love to hear after he lost his family and everything he had in one night. He continued to pressure the kid to give him the Glazed Armor. Cheng Ling stood his ground  and insisted that he really didn’t have the Glazed Armor. Shen Shen gazed at Cheng Ling with fury and joined Gao Chong into pressuring him to give the Glazed Armor. Gao Chong had this whole aggressive approach. He told Cheng Ling it’s not as if he had a choice. For awhile, Zhao Jing kept quiet in the background. Gao Chong went overboard until he almost hit Cheng Ling. In the end, Zhao Jing mediated and Cheng Ling gave them absolutely nothing. And he was sent away.

After Cheng Ling left, Zhao Jing insisted Cheng Ling knew nothing. Gao Chong walked away, pissed. 

Fengyang Pub, WenZhou and kids

Food and drinks were laid on the table. Everyone sat down except for Cao Wei Ning. Cao Wei Ning apologized and thanked Zhou Zi Shu for paying his bill. He said he does not live very far. He could pay them back on the same day if Zhou Zi Shu could wait. Zhou Zi Shu insisted it wasn’t a big deal. He asked what Cao Wei Ning’s sect. Cao Wei Ning said he’s from the Gentle Wind Sect. Zhou Zi Shu proceeded to praise the sect for being handsome, well-educated and well-trained in martial arts. 

Wen Ke Xing eye-rolled his way throughout this whole conversation.When Zhou Zi Shu invited Cao Wei Ning to sit down and join them for the meal, Wen Ke Xing was not very happy. He asked Ah Xiang to kick him out. She couldn’t because he’s from Yueyang Sect. Cao Wei Ning Could help her with “The Plan”, whatever that was.

Wen Ke Xing openly told Ah Xiang to find the Master Thief, Fang Bu Zhi. Cao Wei Ning offered to accompany her and asked if he can treat them to meal sometime. Wen Ke Xing declined. Since they were invited by Zhao Jing, they would definitely meet each other in Yueyang Sect.

Yueyang Shopping District

Ah Xiang and Cao Wei Ning strolled around the shopping district together. She made fun of him for losing his purse and even offered she would lend him money but with an interest. Cao Wei Ning offered to bring her to Yueyang Sect. Ah Xiang agreed and asked if he knew about all the good food around the city. Cao Wei Ning knew it well and he said he would show her around, if she liked.

Ah Xiang was so happy. Turns out, people from the Ghost Valley made fun of her for eating a lot. After meeting Cao Wei Ning, it felt great to find out that there was someone who’s more into eating than her. Cao Wei Ning Looked absolutely smitten by her.

Fengyang Pub, WenZhou Date Chronicles

Zhou Zi Shu said the leader of Gentle Wind Sword Sect was a cunning old fox. Why was there a big rabbit in his fox den? Big rabbit = Cao Wei Ning. Wen Ke Xing said it was not that strange. For example There was someone who was cold and doesn’t speak to his friend But he is warm and friendly towards a young master from from a famous sect who he just met. Jesus Christ that jealous energy! Zhou Zi Shu ignored the comment.

Wen Ke Xing said he knew Zhou Zi Shu was just using the big rabbit to get the news about his so-called disciple Cheng Ling. He added when he sees that guy being foolish towards Ah Xiang, he gets annoyed. Ah Xiang would play along and follow him to get into the Yueyang Sect and check on Zhou Zi Shu’s silly disciple for him. 

Zhou Zi Shu directly told Wen Ke Xing he felt like that’s not his real motive. As he is called Philanthropist Wen, he would feel uneasy after not helping people around for a few days. If it continues he would even fall sick. So, he travels around to help people. 

I will never be a Buddha until hell is empty.

Philanthropist Wen

Zhou Zi Shu knew Philanthropist Wen was bullshitting him but he played along. Withing Yueyang city, decent stick and heroes are everywhere.  Where could Philanthropist Wen find the Dwellers of hell? 

Wen Ke Xing replied there’s always a dark side to the bright side. The fiercest ghosts tend to disguise themselves as humans and hide in the crowd. He exists to reveal them and destroy them. 

Yueyang Sect, Cheng Ling 

Cheng Ling Walked outside the main hall of Yueyang Sect. A guard chased him but he said there’s no need to walk him his fine.  the guard insisted on accompanying him because he’s an important guess he even grabbed Cheng Ling’s arm. There must be someone to accompany him around. Cheng Ling asked if he’s a guest or a criminal. Gao Xiao Ling arrived and asked what were they arguing about. The guard explained and she asked him to leave. Gao Xiao Ling explained the city has been quite messy. Even she was not allowed to go outside. Gao Chong  was just concerned about Cheng Ling’s safety. He’s just tough on the outside but actually nice when you get to know him. Cheng Ling said nothing.

Gao Xiao Ling She walked him to Pine Hall. He would be living there while he stayed in Yueyang Sect. A woman informed Gao Xiao Ling that Cao Wei Ning arrived and was looking for her. Before she left, she looked at the young men and women training for martial arts outside the Pine Hall. She said  he can train martial arts with them in the future. 

As soon as Gao Xiao Ling left, the kids made fun of him because he looked weak.

Yueyang Sect, Cao Wei Ning brings Ah Xiang in

Cao Wei Ning asked Gao Xiao Ling to let Ah Xiang stay for a few days while they find Fang Bu Zhi, the man who stole her master’s purse. Gao Xiao Ling agreed and offered for Ah Xiang to stay in her compound. 

A lady informed Gao Xiao Ling was instructed to prepare for worshipping. Cheng Ling will be joining to worship the Five Lakes Monument. 

Yueyang Shopping District, WenZhou Date Chronicles

The pair finished eating and went out to the shopping district. Zhou Zi Shu said they should part ways because he has stuff to do.  Wen Ke Xing  refuse and insited to follow Zhou Zi Shu around. Zhou Zi Shu was like weren’t you going to fight the bad guys and save the dwellers of hell? Wen Ke Xing replied the dwellers of hell have been happy to stay there for many years. There’s no rush. 

Ah Xu asked why Wen Ke Xing kept following him. Wen Ke Xing said he can do whatever he wants to do. He then asked Zhou Zi Shu why he kept following Cheng Ling. Wen Ke Xing said he knews Zhou Zi Shu was worried about Cheng Ling’s situation in the Five Lakes Alliance. He even sent Ah Xiang to check on him. Zhou Zi Shu was reading Wen Ke Xing’s face at this point. He looked pretty skeptical. 

Zhou Zi Shu said he’s not worried about the Five Lakes Alliance. He’s worried about the rest of the martial arts world keeping an eye on Cheng Ling. The waiter said there was a group of unruly martial artists lurking around Yueyang. 

Their conversation was interrupted by flying lanterns. It was unusual because it wasn’t that dark yet. This was a signature move of the Window of Heaven. Zhou Zi Shu recognized this at once. It meant Window of Heaven was taking action in the area. He figured those who dressed like feudal officials were from the Window of Heaven. 

Zhou Zi Shu urgently bid goodbye and said he’s going to Yueyang Sect. But Ah Xiang returned from Yueyang Sect and said Gao Chong would like to bring the little idiot (Cheng Ling) to worship the Five Lake Monument. She said she doesn’t understand because it’s getting dark.

Zhou Zi Shu ran without saying the word. Wen Ke Xing followed him. 

Five Lakes Monument

Gao Chong took Cheng Ling to the Five Lake Monument. He gave a long history about the Five Lakes Alliance. Cheng Ling bowed in front of the monument. The skies were a little dark but when they walked out it was very sunny. 

Yueyang Sect Guards were captured by the Window of Heaven. Commander Han asked Gao Chong to hand over Cheng Ling. They were surrounded by Commander Han’s men with crossbows. Crossbows were an important weapon of the country. Gao Chong asked if Prince Jin was planning a revolt. Commander Han did not answer his question and insisted on Gao Chong to hand over Cheng Ling. Otherwise, today would be his death anniversary next year. 

Gao Chong unsheathed his sword and prepared to fight. 

WenZhou couple watched from the distance but not too long. After arguing about crossbows and dying, Wen Ke Xing accidentally claimed Zhou Zi Shu as his soulmate but he wasn’t paying attention.

Maybe, next time try to drop the soulmate bomb when his disciple isn’t about to die in front of him? Ya know?

Zhou Zi Shu Swift Moving Steps-ed his way inside the crossbow target stage. Commander Han was SHOOKT. He asked everyone to stand down and release the useless Yueyang guards. Wen Ke Xing told Gao Chong to leave. When Wen Ke Xing didn’t release Commander Han, Commander Han instructed them to retreat.

Commander Han’s gaze did not leave Zhou Zi Shu. He addressed Zhou Zi Shu as “My Lord”, asked why he wasn’t wearing his disguise and asked about his injury. Zhou Zi Shu said he had enough of hiding himself for years. Wen Ke Xing He asked if they needed privacy but Zhou Zi Shu ignored this. He didn’t have anything to hide from him so he just let Wen Ke Xing listen.

Zhou Zi Shu asked about the Window of Heaven’s Trapped Sparrow and Drunk Like a Dream and disciples of Yueyang Sect communicating in Window of Heaven’s secret code. Initially, he thought they were coming for him. He didn’t expect for the Window of Heaven I’ve been looking for the Glazed Armor. Commander Han confirmed that since the news about the extermination Of Mirror Lake Manor reached Prince Jin, he was dispatched to Jiangnan to investigate the children’s song. 

Commander Han did not know why but Duan Peng Ju was eager to get his hands on the Glazed Armor. He offered if Zhou Zi Shu really wanted to know he could investigate it secretly. Zhou Zi Shu declined as it would put Commander Han in danger.

Wen Ke Xing asked why the window of Heaven is not after the Ghost Valley Since they were responsible for Exterminating  the Mirror Lake sect. According to Commander Han, they had spies in Mirror Lake Sect. The entire clan was tortured to death  but they never found the Glazed Armor which meant it had to be in Cheng Ling’s possession. Wen Ke Xing said since Cheng Ling was the only survivor, it’s obvious that everyone would be after him as he was the sole survivor. People would just automatically assume he had the Glazed Armor.

Wen Ke Xing added Zhang Cheng Ling is Zhou Zi Shu’s disciple. Commander Han apologized profusely. Zhou Zi Shu instructed him not to stop the operations but work slowly. 

Master Thief Quarters

Fang Bu Zhi laid out everything he stole for the day on the table. He realize two of them was the glazed armor. An unknown man entered his bedroom.

Forest Somewhere in Yueyang

Wen Ke Xing stated two things he knew about Ah Xu

  1. Window of Heaven
  2. Leader of a Manor

He asks what kind of man he is following. Zhou Zi Shu thanked him for helping out earlier. Wen Ke Xing interrupted him and told him to answer the questions first. Why was such a man of high status sunbathing in Yue. 

Zhou Zi Shu said he left the Window of Heaven. Wen Ke Xing tried to make sense of Zhou Zi Shu following Cheng Ling around. Zhou ZI Shu explained he only intended to fulfill his promise to the fisherman. However, when he saw the child in danger, he could not just sit back and do nothing. Take it as charity. 

Wen Ke Xing asked again for the third time if Zhou ZI Shu was related to the Five Lakes Alliance. Zhou ZI Shu He asked him if he was holding a grudge against the Five Lakes Alliance. Wen Ke Xing just laughed. Zhou Zi Shu was not done. He also asked during the Mirror Lake Sect extermination, was his presence on the island was a coincidence. Wen Ke Xing answered not really. Wasn’t he following Zhou Zi Shu? 

As you can see, it was a rough night. Wen Ke Xing got pengyou-zoned so hard. When Wen Ke XIng asked why won’t Zhou Zi Shu ask what Wen Ke Xing thinks of him, he said he doesn’t care. He changed the subject to they have to prepare for tomorrow’s adventure and walked away. And there it was, repressed gay energy donated by Lan Wangji. Philanthropist Wen be confessing to the damn wind.

Master Thief Quarters

Fang Bu Zhi was found dead on the floor of a bedroom. It wasn’t clear if it was his bedroom or not.

Yueyang Food and Entertainment District, WenZhou post-Pengyou-zoned Date Chronicles

Wen Ke Xing ate his way in th food district of Yueyang and had Zhou Zi Shu trailing along him and paying for everything he ate.

Wen Ke Xing dragged Zhou Zi Shu inside a tent to watch the Western Troupe’s Performance. There were dancing and magic performances. In their last act, they opened a box full of the severed heads from Tragicomic Ghosts’ deathmatch. Everyone panicked and ran in all directions.

Wen Ke Xing and Zhou Zi Shu had a conversation about how people perceived Gao Chong and how humiliating this was for him. Despite a heavily guarded city, young masters’ severed heads from various sects rolled on the floor. Wen Ke Xing asked him if he’s worried about his disciple. Zhou Zi Shu, being a master of denial refused to admit that and just laughed at him.

Wen Ke Xing suggested to pay their respects to Zhao Jing.

Chongwu Palace, Yueyang Sect

The news reached Gao Chong. With this terrible news, the next action plan was to demolish the Ghost Valley.

Zhou Zi Shu and Wen Ke Xing arrived in the manor. They met Zhao Jing and Shen Shen first. Shen Shen immediately insinuated they might have something to do with the incidents both in Sanbai Manor and Yueyang. Honestly, what kind of politician would act like that? Would a murderer confessed if you asked them? TF!

Gao Chong steps out and greeted them, too. Gao Chong asked if Wen Ke Xing knew him. Wen Ke Xing said Gao Chong is famous. It would be impossible not to know him. Gao Chong said he doesn’t know Wen Ke Xing and then immediately asked how he knew Zhang Yu Sen, Cheng Ling’s father. He thanked them for their kindess in bringing Cheng Ling to them.

Zhou Zi Shu noticed the strange way Wen Ke Xing looked at Gao Chong. He wondered what Gao Chong’s relationship with him.

Wen Ke XIng answered he’s never met Zhang Yu Sen. He saved Cheng Ling for justice. It was fate. They came to visit Cheng Ling. Gao Chong said it wasn’t a good time. Cheng Ling was sick. Wen Ke Xing suggested to have a check.

Gao Chong asked for his identity. He said he was from some unknown sect and his father taught him martial arts. He was trained casually. Zhao Jing asked for his father’s name. Wen Ke Xing described his father as an ordinary, unsophisticated man. He was a nobody and not a clever man. Zhou Zi Shu watched his face intently. He added it’s been many years since his father passed away. Since the sect leaders were very busy men, how could they remember him.

A guard came running screaming “They killed someone again!”

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