[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 7

[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 7

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Note: For the confused people like me, here’s a character guide.

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Luo Mansion, Natural Death in Dreams Hall

Dimension was decked in red ornaments and red Interiors. Deng Kuan and another man were handcuffed, gagged and kept behind the bars of the Luo Mansion. Changing ghost, Happy Ghost, Ghoul and Lovelace waited in the foyer as the captives watched them. They gathered around to wait for the “crazy woman”.

The “Owner of the List of the Unfaithful” made her entrance, Tragicomic Ghost sat on her throne and called for the groom. Mu Yun Ge Was brought in front of her, chained and gagged. Beauty  ghost  carried the memorial tablet of the disciple of Mount Emei Sect,  Mo Yan Wan. 

Beauty ghost announced Tragicomic Ghost will hold the marriage ceremony between him and Mo Yan Wan With all the other ghosts  as witnesses.

Some Inn, on the way to Yueyang

Ah Xu drank Wucheng Wine alone in an inn. He saw Cheng Ling, Zhao Jing and Shen Shen walking in an inn. Cheng Ling caught a glimpse of his shifu and even recognized him. On the second thought, he figured his master was not good-looking but the man had similar physique. The disrespect!

Cheng Ling wondered where Wen Ke Xing and Zhou Zi Shu were. 

Luo Mansion, Natural Death in Dreams Hall

Different young masters from different sects were brought in front of Tragicomic Ghost. Beauty ghost emceed the event. Similar to Mu Yun Ge, the men were handcuffed and gagged. Tragicomic Ghost apparently kills all the cheaters in the world. Mu Yun Ge tricked Mo Yan Wan into promising to marry him and then, he betrayed her. Mo Yan Wan hung herself to death under the Broken Arrow Manor. 

For the marriages Tragicomic Ghost presided over, ten of the cheater’s friends and relatives will be invited as guests. Out of all the ten friends and relatives, only one must come out alive. The young men will fight to their death inside a ring. 

Deng Kuan tried to talk the young masters out of the death match and that it would bring shame to their sect if they kill each other. He even said there was no guarantee the ghost would keep their promise. Changing Ghost argue they may do all the bad things in the world but the Ghosts of Mount Qingya always keep their word unlike young masters like them who throws around empty promises. 

Beauty Ghost repeated herself. She give a signal for the game start and said only one person will make it out alive. Young men fought for their lives.

Some Inn, on the way to Yueyang

Zhao Jing and Shen Shen spoke about the late Zhang Yu Sen of Mirror Lake Sect. He was an aggressive person. Shen Shen could not help but compare the father to his remaining son. He saw Cheng Ling as a useless child. It would have been better he said, if the first or second son was still alive.

Zhao Jing said Cheng Ling  was born during a peaceful time and hasn’t experienced any challenges. Hence, he was a bit spoiled. Shen Shen insisted he doesn’t believe Cheng Ling doesn’t remember anything. Zhao Jing asked him why the child would lie to them. He said Shen Shen was just overthinking. 

Shen Shen said Cheng Ling’s brothers were lynched and Zhang Yu Sen’s skull was crushed. If the Ghost Valley successfully found the Glazed Armor, they wouldn’t go through such trouble. Mirror Lake Sect members must have been tortured because they were not able to find the Glazed Armor. Shen Shen insisted this was his reason why he does not believe Cheng Ling does not know anything.

Cheng Ling overheard this conversation outside the door and walked away.

Luo Mansion

Meanwhile, death match continued much to the ghosts’ delight. Deng Kuan and another young master we’re left alive in the ring. Deng Kuan was stabbed in the chest and they both fell to the ground. 

Yue Yang Sect, Profound Expectations Hall

Gao Chong received Commander Han in the main hall. He  introduced himself as the new leader of the window of Heaven Han Ying. Gao Chong asked for the purpose of his visit. Han Ying claimed he came to investigate the Glazed Armor. He would like to gather more information from Gao Chong about the Glazed Armor. 

Gao Chong said the Glazed Armor was just a rumor. Han Ying bluntly said he doesn’t buy it. He said if Gao Chong tells him right now what he knew, the Window of Heaven would owe him one. Gao Cho responded That the reputation of the window of Heaven is that they know everything. If they knew everything, how come Commander Han was asking him. That didn’t seem to live up to the expectations. 

Commander Han asked about Cheng Ling. Gao Chong refused to answer any further. It was Five Lakes Alliances internal matter. Afterwards, he politely asked Commander Han to leave if he had no more questions.  Commander Han insisted for more information about the glazed armor but Gao Chong won’t answer any further. Technically, Gao Chong explained Commander Han cannot force the information out of him. The Window of Heaven may rule over the northwest but they are in Yueyang  city now, under the rule of the emperor. Commander Han was offended and left the Hall. 

Gao Chong wondered how Prince Jin find out about the Glazed Armor. Since Cheng Ling and his Five Lakes alliance brothers were almost reaching, he must bring them to the city in case anything happens. 

Forest, on the way to Yueyang

Gao Chong Got into a horse, met his brothers and Cheng Ling in the forest on the way to his and instructed them to get into the horse, leave their luggage and come to the city immediately.

Chongwu Palace, Great Ambitions Hall

Cheng Ling and the remaining members of the Five Lakes Alliance gathered around in a stand-up meeting. Gao Xiao Ling, Gao Chong’s daughter, entered the hall. Gao Chong Instructed his daughter to send Cheng Ling to his quarters. 

Shen Shen anxiously asked what the urgency was all about. Gao Chong explain the Martial arts world is about to be chaotic because the secret of the Glazed Armor is out.

Yueyang City

Zhou Zi Shu took a stroll outside the Yueyang mansion. He was still worried about Cheng Ling. Upon seeing Gao Chong greeting them personally in the forest and seeing the security of the mansion, he figured Cheng Ling should be safe now. He internally hoped Cheng Ling would overcome these challenges and turn it into fortune. 

Zhou Zi Shu noticed the Window of Heaven spies around the mansion from the guards to the shop sellers. He followed one of them and got into a fight.  After winning, Wen Ke Xing  applauded his performance. To compliment Ah Xu, he added, “You really are like your name, flexible as a willow branch and light as catkins.”

Upon seeing blood on the man’s face, Wen Ke Xing asked why he killed the guy so cruelly. As the saying goes, this may be applicable to Ah Xu:

One has a fair and handsome face, but his heart is like a poisonous scorpion. 

Wen Ke Xing Noticed a curved blade on the floor and recognized this as The Scorpion. Zhou Zi Shu asked  if he knew The Scorpion. He said he knew many things.  There’s the Window of Heaven in the North and The Scorpion in the south These two largest assassin organizations in the world are currently looking for the Glazed Armor. Wen Ke Xing pointed out that his beloved disciple is really a treasure now. 

Zhou Zi Shu noticed the glazed armor tied on a string and hung around his waist. The world is in trouble, he said. Zhou Zi Shu asked if Wen Ke Xing was scared he’s going to run into trouble. Philanthropist Wen said he’s modest, gentle, sophisticated, even-tempered and successful. Why would the trouble find him? He’s not like Zhou Zi Shu, a merciless killer, running into trouble everywhere. A banter and a half later…

As always, you can count on Philantrophist Wen to bring some sugar on the table to randomly spice things up.

Yueyang Shopping District, WenZhou Date

Zhou Zi Shu noticed the glazed armor tied on a string and hung around his waist. The world is in trouble, he said. Zhou Zi Shu asked if Wen Ke Xing was scared he’s going to run into trouble. Philanthropist Wen said he’s modest, gentle, sophisticated, even-tempered and successful. Why would the trouble find him? He’s not like Zhou Zi Shu, a merciless killer, running into trouble everywhere. 

Zhou Zi Shu was obviously upset about Wen Ke Xing wearing the Glazed Armor on his belt like a common key chain. Zhou Zi Shu walked out of the conversation. Wen Ke Xing  followed him to the bustling street market. Zhou ZI Shu Noticed Fang Bu Zhi  of Nine Clawed Fox. Meanwhile, Wen Ke Xing drew attention to the Glazed Armor on purpose. Zhou Zi Shu picked up on this. 

The moment Zhou Zi Shu walked away, Wen Ke Xing asked the storekeeper if everything is done. The young lady answered yes, she made it and nobody noticed. Wen Ke Xing replied great. The stage is set and we’ll wait and see what a fantastic play the Window of Heaven, The Scorpion, the Five Lakes Alliance and those martial artists will put on. He looked forward to it.

Before leaving the stall, he willingly let the Glazed Armor to be stolen by Fang Bu Zhi.

Wen Ke Xing caught up with Zhou Zi Shu. They ran into the guards of Yueyang Sect asking them what’s their  business in Yueyang. They said they were invited by Zhao Jing  for the Heroes Conference. Wen Ke Xing reassured Zhou Zi Shu his dumb disciple is safe. Yueyang seemed heavily guarded and he’s worrying over nothing. This does not convince Zhou Zi Shu. To take his mind off of Cheng Ling, Wen Ke Xing  said they’ll find something fun to do and dragged him away.

Yueyang, Amass Fortunes

A man picked a stick, tapped it to the vase twice, laid a block of wood on the serving tray and left. The server picked up the tray and delivered it to a lady. Ah Xiang sat on another stable eating and drinking. She wondered how she was supposed to find a chance to get into the Yueyang Sect. She figured she’s too pretty and charismatic for people to believe that she’s a servant. Yueyang Sect seemed to be more guarded than the Imperial Palace. 

A busker composed of one old man and one young lady ask everybody in the restaurant what songs do they want them to play and they can sing it. A Bunch of rich young drunk men requested for “Eighteen Touches”. This seemed to be an inappropriate song since the old man politely declined. The men taunted the buskers telling them they could pay her a silver. Of course, the old man shielded the young lady being harassed by the young drunk men. They pushed away the old man and dragged the young lady inside their private dining room.

This caught Ah Xiang’s attention and beat the shit out of the men as they deserve. A young man was impressed by Ah Xiang and offered to buy her food. Ah Xiang was skeptical but accepted it, anyway. They ate. The young man said he didn’t have many skills except tasting delicacies around the world. Ah Xiang said that’s a good skill and he didn’t look like a bad person either. She asked for his name. He introduced himself as Cao Wei Ning from Gentle Wind Sword Sect. 

Yueyang Sect Guards came looking for Ah Xiang for beating up the shitty young men from earlier. Ah Xiang said she just rescued a girl from the young men who were harassing her. Cao Wei Ning gave his statement as witness to the Yueyang Sect Guard as well. Ah Xiang started insulting the Five Lakes Alliance and the lack of basic human decency and respect. The guard profusely apologized and asked Cao Wei Ning not to tell his master.

Ah Xiang was surprised it was over. She was actually ready to fight. Cao Wei Ning asked if she really liked to fight. Ah Xiang defensively asked what’s wrong about it. Cao Wei Ning said there’s nothing wrong about it and it’s actually great. In fact, he also likes to fight, too. Ah Xiang Invited him to fight her but he politely declined because he could never fight girls. Offended Ah Xiang asked if he looked down on her. Cao Wei Ning said no it’s just that she’s too beautiful it made him want to protect her.

Ah Xiang said nothing and started eating. Cao Wei Ning said don’t eat the dishes because they were already cold. They’ll order a new batch of food.

Fengyang Pub, WenZhou Date

Meanwhile, Zhou Zi Shu suggested they go drinking. It’s where the martial artists gather and where they would hear the latest gossip. After ordering tea, Zhou Zi Shu noticed Ah Xiang on the second floor drinking with Cao Wei Ning.

Cao Wei Ning told Ah Xiang his master was friends with Gao Chong. And for some reason, thiis moved to him reciting some poetry. Ah Xiang was all smiles. She said she knew someone who loved eating good food, poetry and she forgot to say pickup lines but I’ll add it here. 

Speaking of the devil, Wen Ke Xing climbed up the stairs and joined their conversation. His protective father mode was ON. He chased Cao Wei Ning away in a blink of an eye. As a literature snob, he’s also annoyed over Cao Wei Ning mixing up poetry references. He forbade Ah Xiang to talk to Cao Wei Ning again. 

Ah Xiang changed the subject and started looking for “Sick Dude” a.k.a Ah Xu. Wen Ke Xing started projecting his desires to Ah Xiang and asked if she wanted Ah Xu to marry her. She said he only looked kind but when no one’s looking his glances were scarier than a ghost’s. Ah Xiang was only asking about him because when Zhou Zi Shu is around Wen Ke Xing felt more like a person.  Wen Ke Xing’s facial expression softened and he smiled a little.

Their conversation was interrupted by the server who was arguing with Cao Wei NIng downstairs. His money was stolen and he couldn’t pay for everything he ordered. Wen Ke Xing offered to pay by asking for Ah Xu’s wallet. Ah Xu asked what about his wallet. Wen Ke Xing said his wallet was stolen by a handsome scholar who smiled at him. It turned out Fang Bu Zhi was a Thief Master. Ah Xu refused to give money to Wen Ke Xing to pay for Cao Wei Ning’s bill.

[They’re not close but Wen Ke Xing flaunts her new boyfriend to her adopted daughter coz they’re not close]

Ah Xiang insisted she has money and can pay for Cao Wei Ning’s bill. Wen Ke Xing told her off. Ah Xiang goes to the table and recognized Zhou Zi Shu. Wen Ke Xing proudly flaunted his “friend” saying he has a good taste. That proud boyfriend energy tho!

She started touching Ah Xu’s face and well we’re dabbling into jealous boyfriend territory. Young lady, tread lightly. Wen Ke Xing asked how come he’s fine with Ah Xiang touching his face but is always defensive when he touches Zhou Zi Shu. Zhou Zi Shu said if he was a cute girl, he could touch him, too.

And let’s give the applause to the MVP of this episode: the random server. He’s just trying to work, OK?

Side note: Cao Wei Ning looking like he didn’t sign up for this shit looked so funny.

Episode 6Word of Honor RecapsEpisode 8


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