[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 4

[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 4

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Note: A lot of the scenes where shot in the middle of the forest. I’d just label them [Group of People] + Camp to prevent confusion.

Tianya Inn

Zhou Zi Shu walked out of Tianya Inn and found Wen Ke Xing outside. Wen Ke Xing addressed Zi Shu casually as Ah Xu. Meanwhile, Zhou Zi Shu still addressed him formally as “Master Wen”. Wen Ke Xing didn’t like it. Nevertheless, he gave them two horses to get to the Tai Lake as soon as possible. Zhou Zi Shu rolled his eyes. Cheng Ling thanked him. He told Cheng Ling that feelings were not measured by the length of time. The depth of friendship does not depend on the length of time. For example, his father may be with Five Lakes Alliance all his life.

Wen Ke Xing’s speech was cut off by an army of Beggar Gang asking for Cheng Ling to go with them under the order of Five Lakes Alliance. Since Cheng Ling does not know them, he refused to go. By the number of Beggar Gang members, it was implied that if Cheng Ling does not go with them, he would be taken away by force.

Surrounded by the Beggar Gang, Zhou Zi Shu asked Wen Ke Xing to keep an eye on Cheng Ling. Zhou Zi Shu single-handedly injures the Beggar Gang. Cheng Ling asked Wen Ke Xing to help Zhou Zi Shu. Wen Ke Xing laughed at him. The Beggar Gang stood no chance against Zhou Zi Shu. Zhou Zi Shu refused to draw his sword. When he saw an opening, he grabbed Chen Ling and escaped. The Beggar Gang was left in Wen Ke Xing’s hands. They died.


Lovelace, Ten Devils of the Ghost Valley, held the two girls he bought from the brothel captive. Gu Xiang saved the girls under the name of Aunt Luo. To keep Gu Xiang from snitching on him, Lovelace bribed Gu Xiang by giving her the two girls as her maid instead. Gu Xiang agreed but she also said he owed her.

Wen Ke Xing ordered to summon all the people outside to wait for duty at Sanbai Manor in Tai Lake.

Somewhere in the Forest, WenZhou Camp

Cheng Ling and Zhou Zi Shu attempted to survive in the forest by cooking fish. Gu Xiang appeared out of nowhere, called them idiots and told them they should have removed the internal organs before grilling the fish. Zhou Zi Shu ignored her comment and asked about Wen Ke Xing.

Meanwhile, Wen Ke Xing was chilling in his big boat with two servants and playing flute. After playing a song, he hopped from the boat to the land where Gu Xiang was. He invited Zi Shu and Cheng Ling to his boat where he had a famous chef to cook for them. Zi Shu ignored him. Wen Ke Xing turned to Ah Xiang and told her that she should learn how to serve people the way the two women on board were serving him tea. Ah Xiang said she’s not good at serving people. If he liked those two women so much, he can just go to them. Wen Ke Xing sat down and told story.

Rumor has it that Rong Chang Qing, the former Magic Craftsman, created three masterpieces in his life. The Great Wild Land, the Dragon’s Back, the White Cloth. Back then, Qin Huai Zhang, the last leader of Four Seasons Manor, galloped around with the sword White Cloth in the martial arts world. After the annihilation of the Four Seasons Manor, the famous sword disappeared.

Wen Ke Xing proceeded to tell Ah Xu that his sword was very similar to the White Cloth. He waited for Ah Xu to draw the sword when he was attacked by the Beggar Gang to verify it for himself. Since Ah Xu did not draw his sword, he had two theories:

  1. The sword does not belong to Ah Xu
  2. Ah Xu was afraid to reveal his whereabouts to someone

Wen Ke Xing struck a nerve here. Zhou Zi Shu interrupted Wen Ke Xing and said that their relationship was like the fish on the ground, it’s raw.

ITS FUCKING RAW - Gordon Ramsay Hell's Kitchen | Make a Meme

They didn’t know anything about each other, who they were, where they were from and where they were going. Zhou Zi Shu wanted to keep it that way. He was uninterested to know him. For every help he gave him, he was grateful. However, if he wanted to see White Cloth, he was wasting his words. Wen Ke Xing laughed and apologized for testing him. He would just ask him directly since “his Ah Xu” won’t lie to him.

An earsplitting sound from Phantom Musician Qin Song interrupted their evening. He was one of the four assassins. This made the ladies, Yun Cai and Hong Lu, on the boat jump into the water. Chen Ling and Ah Xiang stood up to move on their own. Wen Ke Xing grabbed them both by the back from doing anything. Zi Shu played Wen Ke Xing’s flute, injured Qin Song until he stopped playing his music. Qin Song was on the run. After he successfully drove Qin Song away, Wen Ke Xing told Ah Xu he was more and more to his taste.

Zhou Zi Shu ignored Wen Ke Xing’s statement, returned his flute, apologized for getting it dirty and he said he’d buy him a new one. Wen Ke Xing said never mind. Ah Xu may be good at martial arts but he was tone-deaf. He can teach him to play the flute some time.

Cheng Ling threw up in the lake and told Zi Shu he was not feeling good. He was fourteen. Children begin to practice martial arts from five to seven years old. Zhou Zi Shu asked how come Cheng Ling was this weak at this age. Cheng Ling almost cried but it angered Zhou Zi Shu more. He told Cheng Ling to stop crying. Wen Ke Xing broke the tension by saying when he was a child, he loved to play and was lazy, too. Then, he told Cheng Ling that the one who dislikes him is the one who is really good to him. Uncle Zhou was scolding him for not working hard to enlighten him.

Cheng Ling bowed to Zhou Zi Shu and requested to be his disciple. Zhou Zi Shu told him he was a Mirror Lake Sect’s orphan, he would be inheriting the task of his sect. He would be unable to have time to be Zhou Zi Shu’s disciple. Cheng Ling stated that he hasn’t joined a sect yet. He didn’t want to join the Five Lakes Alliance. Zhou Zi Shu mentioned Cheng Ling missed the window period, the best time to learn the basics. It would be difficult for Cheng Ling to learn the best martial arts in his life.

Wen Ke Xing contradicted that saying he didn’t have to be the best of the best. He just have to be at least at the same level as Wen Ke Xing. While Zhou Zi Shu didn’t accept him as a disciple, he said he would teach him some basic mental skills. He suffered an internal injury earlier during the attack of Qin Song. Zhou Zi Shu glanced at the boat, saw Ah Xiang helping Yun Cai and Hong Lu. He told Wen Ke Xing he can take care of it from here.

Somewhere in the Forest, Four Scorpion Assassin’s Camp

While Qin Song was running for his life, three of Four Scorpion Assassins were in the middle of some forest. Pretty Arhat polished her knife. Evil Bodhisattva got a massage. Blond Monster Jiang ate. A man they held captive for fun was tied up on a vertical roulette wheel. Qin Song arrived injured by Zhou Zi Shu’s Magic Sound Backfire.

According to Blond Monster Jiang, if a person can play “Magic Sound Backfire”, then the attacker’s martial arts (Zhou Zi Shu) must be far stronger than Qin Song’s and maybe, on a master level. Evil Bodhisattva said he should have at least found out who attacked him. Pretty Arhat volunteered to investigate who it was. Blond Monster Jiang argued that they were instructed to return to Yueyang immediately. Their “master” will deal with Qin Song in Yueyang. Arhat insisted on getting her revenge for Qin Song. Evil Bodhisattva said she wondered what their master would do if Arhat would insist on disobeying orders. She also said she’d be happy to kill Arhat for him.

Somewhere in the Forest, WenZhou Camp

Wen Ke Xing and Ah Xiang were already back on the boat. The boat was still on standby. Meanwhile, Cheng Ling meditated under Zhou Zi Shu’s command to practice his internal skills and heal his injuries. Wen Ke Xing started playing Bodhi Meditation Song on his flute which was very useful for practicing internal skills. Only people with pure mind can manage to play this song. Upon hearing this, Zhou Zi Shu also started meditatiing.

Wen Ke Xing’s Boat

Meanwhile, Ah Xiang and Wen Ke Xing were having tea on the boat. Ah Xiang complained when she was younger, she had to act all cute to get Wen Ke Xing to play her a song but now he’s playing a song voluntarily for a beggar. Wen Ke Xing said she was neither in danger nor internally injured. He also asked what does she plan to do with the ladies she saved from Lovelace. He reminded her of the time when she wanted to keep a dog as a child. The dog was eventually stewn and eaten (I’m assuming by strangers?). Ah Xiang cried for three months. She argued that they were talking about two human beings, not a dog.

Ah Xiang brought up Wen Ke Xing followed Ah Xu because something was wrong with Ah Xu. Now, Wen Ke Xing wore out his internal force just to play a music for a beggar who was probably not grateful for any of this. Wen Ke Xing stressed it was none of her business. Can’t he just like him and be friends with him? He stood up from his seat and played Bodhi Meditation Song until sunrise.

Somewhere in the Forest, WenZhou Camp

By morning, Zhou Zi Shu woke up. He had not slept so well for a long time. Wen Ke Xing was a few feet away from him. Since Wen Ke Xing played a song all night for Ah Xu, the fight they had yesterday should already be forgiven. Wen Ke Xing offered to check his pulse but he stood up and avoided that.

Cheng Ling woke up, addressed Zhou Zi Shu as his “master” and asked to teach him martial arts. Zhou Zi Shu said they cannot be master and disciple. He intended to send him to Sanbai Manor and part ways from there. If Cheng Ling wanted to learn martial arts, he had to find someone else.

When Ah Xu left, Wen Ke Xing approached Cheng Ling. He encouraged Cheng Ling and said Ah Xu is a man who’s firm in speech but soft in heart. As a word of wisdom, he said:

Tough women can’t resist clingy men.

Wen Ke Xing, Ep 4

Cheng Ling was confused. Wen Ke Xing rephrased it to “If there is a will, there is a way.”

Zhou ZI Shu prepared the carriage and the horse. Cheng Ling ran towards him and asked to be his disciple again. He ignored the question and asked him to get in the carriage. According to Wen Ke Xing, Ah XIang kicked him out of the boat for not taking care of his body and playing the flute all night. Ah Xu didn’t buy it. He eye-rolled left, right, center. Wen Ke Xing drove the carriage.

The traveling trio took a break. Cheng Ling still wanted to be Zhou Zi Shu’s disciple. Wen Ke Xing wanted to have a nice meal. Zhou Zi Shu warned Cheng Ling that a lot of people would be looking for him. Everything would be fine as soon as they reached Zhao Jing’s mansion. Cheng Ling said he didn’t want to leave Wen Ke Xing, too. Wen Ke Xing replied that he can read the “celestial phenomena”. their fate together had not ended.

Somewhere in the Forest, Ao Lai Zi Camp

Ao Lai Zi was attacked by Tao Hong and Lu Liu. Shen Shen appeared out of nowhere. It looks like he was also after the glazed armor from Danyang Sect. Somehow, Tao Hong and Lu Liu provoked Shen Shen which resulted to a fight. Ao Lai Zi took this as a window period to escape.

Sanbai Manor

Zhou Zi Shu, Wen Ke Xing and Cheng Ling arrived in the Sanbai Manor. Zhao Zing of Tai Lake Sect and Five Lakes Alliance greeted them warmly.

In the middle of Cheng Ling’s welcome, a kid from Mount Tai Sect ran towards him, reported that the leader of Mount Tai Sect was being chased and asked for help.

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