[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 36

[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 36

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Note: For the confused people like me, here’s a character guide.

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Heaven and Earth Hall

Cheng Ling’s Emotional Meltdown

Zhou Zi Shu, Cheng Ling, Bei Yuan and Wu Xi gathered inside a hall. Cheng Ling was complaining about Prince Jin and asked his master to kill the prince. Zhou Zi Shu explained that it was a politically complicated situation. At most, Zhou Zi Shu could only injure Prince Jin enough to keep him on his bed. This would prevent others from seizing power. Cheng Ling refused to listen to his master’s explanation.

Bei Yuan added should Prince Jin die, a war would break out between rebels and interested parties to compete as the next ruler of Northwest. Further, this war would end up spreading to other places. This way Prince Jin could fight each those who covet his position in an internal power struggle. Hence, the country could enjoy its temporary peace. Again, Cheng Ling refused to digest this explanation as well. War could break out for all he cared. He only wanted to save his master.

Finally, Zhou Zi Shu lost his patience and called Cheng Ling childish. He stood up and said wars takeaway lives. In that case, Zhou Zi Shu had to shoulder the souls of the dead in all battlefields. Finally Cheng Ling apologized.

Zhou Zi Shu told him that Prince Jin already had the pieces of the Glazed Armor, his next agenda would be to obtain the Yin Yang Book of the Healer Valley to help him. As his last act before he died, he would like to prevent this from happening. Zhou Zi Shu gave his last goodbye to Cheng Ling. Cheng Ling started crying. Zhou Zi Shu hugged him.

This time, Zhou Zi Shu didn’t ask him to stop crying. Zhou Zi Shu turned to Bei Yuan and Wu Xi to take good care of Cheng Ling and Wen Ke Xing.

Tales from Bei Yuan

Bei Yuan said Prince Jin wouldn’t be after the Yin Yang Book but the treasure vault their ancestors. Both men were descendants of Shatuo. Long time ago, their ancestors succeeded in putting down a riot and were granted the national surname and appointed as Jiedushi*. Their clan was a subordinate of Tuojie imperial kinsmen. There was an immemorial saying in the clan that their ancestor had established a treasure vault when he made achievements in the wars on the Central Plain. Inside it was the secret for a long-lasting country. If they could find this, a clan could enjoy a rich and peaceful life, instead of roaming about. There were six keys in the hands of the leaders of six clans of different surnames. Kept by six clan leaders of different surnames…

The story had a semblance to the Glazed Armor story but since it was just some children’s story, people didn’t really think about it too much. After Bei Yuan thought it through and pieced the events together, he realized Zhou Zi Shu’s father and Qin Huai Zhang died as Prince Jin’s scapegoats.

*Governor in charge of civil & military affairs

Send off

As his last mission on the remaining days of his life, Zhou Zi Shu planned to find the secret for the long-lasting country. Bei Yuan couldn’t persuade him otherwise.

Zhou Zi Shu asked Cheng Ling to repeat the lie he was supposed to tell Wen Ke Xing. Here it goes: Zhou Zi Shu has been seriously wounded. Prince Qi and Da Wu took him overseas for treatment. Hence, Wen Ke Xing must come back to rebuild the Four Seasons Manor.

Cheng Ling’s eyes were watery and looked distressed which didn’t make the lie convincing at all. Zhou Zi Shu scolded his disciple. Wen Ke Xing would never believe Cheng Ling with that line delivery. Thus, he guilt-tripped Cheng Ling. If Cheng Ling doesn’t do better, Zhou Zi Shu would be tortured in the netherworld. Cheng Ling promised to practice.

Cheng Ling, Bei Yuan and Wu Xi watched Zhou Zi Shu’s horse run away.

Mountain Adventure

Scorpion King and Duan Peng Ju led their men to the World’s Armory. Some soldiers also carried Zhao Jing inside a palanquin. Scorpion King offered the privilege of opening the door to Duan Peng Ju. Duan Peng Ju felt honored and took the Glazed Armor from Scorpion King’s hands. While doing so, Scorpion King raised the curtain and asked if he was happy to revisit the old place. Zhao Jing’s surprise confirmed they were in the right place.

After his men broke the thick layer of ice, Duan Peng Ju excitedly assembled the broken pieces of the Glazed Armor together, placed it on the door and slipped the key in the keyhole. However, to his disappointment, it never opened.

Zhou Zi Shu appeared out of the blue and slashed Duan Peng Ju’s throat. Upon realizing Wen Ke Xing gave Scorpion King the wrong key, Scorpion King asked why Wen Ke Xing gave him the wrong key when he honored their deal. Zhou Zi Shu said it shouldn’t be a surprise. Glazed Armor had fake copies. The keys would be the same.

In the middle of their conversation, an avalanche took place. Everyone ran for their lives. Out of nowhere, Wen Ke Xing appeared took the hairpin from Zhou Zi Shu’s head and used it as the key to the door. The door opened and both of them ran inside.

World’s Armory

Ah Xu asked Wen Ke Xing about his wound but Wen Ke Xing was angry. Didn’t they promise to live and die together?

Wen Ke Xing didn’t really know the location of the World’s Armory. He just followed Scorpion King’s army. Upon realizing the hairpin was the key, Ah Xu asked what if he didn’t bring it. They’d end up just standing in front of the door. Wen Ke Xing was sure if Ah Xu was there to die, he’d bring it with him.


Bei Yuan, Wu Xi and Cheng Ling followed as Ye Bai Yi angrily barged into Wen Ke Xing’s bedroom. He threw the Drunk Like A Dream and pulled the sleeping body of Wen Ke Xing upright. Bei Yuan and Wu Xi protested. Ye Bai Yi asked them to shut up because no one’s going to die. Did Grandpa Ye Bai Yi managed Wen Ke Xing’s qi? Or did he give his entire life force to Wen Ke Xing? Let’s find out.

Wen Ke Xing wasn’t done. He nagged Ah Xu about not being afraid to die but he was.

They explored the World’s Armory together. Everything was covered with snow. Wen Ke Xing lit two of four lanterns. Ah Xu advised him otherwise because oxygen might be limited. Wen Ke Xing reasoned if Rong Xuan used to practiced his martial arts there, there’s gotta be a proper passage of airflow in the underground. Then, Wen Ke Xing asked if Ah Xu didn’t want to die anymore.

The couple stepped inside the library to explore. It was filled with dusty books and farming utensils. Two seconds in, Wen Ke Xing found the Yin Yang book from the Healer’s Valley. Ah Xu pointed out the Combined Six Cultivation Power may or may not cure him but they have a bigger problem. The entrance and exits were blocked by ice and they couldn’t get out until the snow melted. The conclusion was they will survive by consuming snow.

Wen Ke Xing passed Combined Six Cultivation power to Ah Xu. Afterwards, he passed out.

Fast forward to a couple of years later, Zhang Cheng Ling lived to tell the tale to the new sect members of the Four Seasons Manor. Naturally, he became the Sect Leader. When asked how the it ended for Zhou Zi Shu and Wen Ke Xing, the story telling time was interrupted. A little kid called Nian Xiang came running towards Cheng Ling together with Gao Xiao Lian.

Off they went to dinner without any closure to the past 36 episodes the children listened to.

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