[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 35

[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 35

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Note: For the confused people like me, here’s a character guide.

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Ghost Valley, Festive Bereavement

Cao Wei Ning Greets Mo Huai Yang

Cao Wei Ning happily greeted Mo Huai Yang and was on his knees but he responded with “So she is the siren who lured you to elope with her?!” while pointing rudely to Ah Xiang. Ah Xiang was obviously pissed but she bit her tongue. After Mo Huai Yang insulted Ah Xiang’s looks, Cao Wei Ning defended his soon-to-be wife. Of course, his master shut him up and turned to Ah Xiang. Fan Huai Kong put in a good word for her.

Again, Mo Huai Yang turned to Cao Wei Ning for reconsideration. He really came there hoping to change his disciple’s mind but it was in vain. Every fiber of Cao Wei Ning’s was irrevocably loyal to Ah Xiang. He cried and begged for his master’s forgiveness and blessing to their wedding. Mo Huai Yang took Cao Wei Ning by the hands as he was kneeling the entire time. Ah Xiang smiled. Mo Huai Yang held his disciple’s face and snapped his neck.

As Cao Wei Ning died in Ah Xiang’s arms, Mo Huai Yang signaled his men to attack. Gentle Wind Sword Sect concealed daggers in their robes. The wedding boxes they brought contained swords.

Ghost Valley Annihilation

Afterwards, someone played the drum to open the gate. Sects supporting Five Lakes Alliance who hid outside entered the Ghost Valley. Clash of swords filled the Ghost Valley.

Ah Xiang was livid. With two swords, she killed everyone who got in her way of killing Mo Huai Yang. Of course, her martial arts was no match for a sect leader. Wen Ke Xing saw Ah Xiang severely wounded on the ground. He fought his way towards her.

Qian Qiao killed Yu Qiu Feng. YES!!! But then, she died two seconds later.

The Balcony

Meanwhile, the Scorpion was on another mountain across the Ghost Valley Annihilation Event enjoying the view. He was with the Scorpion and Zhao Jing. Scorpion King said everyone was fighting over the Glazed Armor but those people didn’t know he had all the pieces including the key.

Remember when Bei Yuan asked what else Wen Ke Xing promised Scorpion King and Wen Ke Xing looked sketchy when he said nothing else in episode 34? Well, surprise! Wen Ke Xing traded the key to the World’s Armory in exchange of Scorpion King’s cooperation. Neat, huh?

Scorpion King revealed the pieces of Glazed Armor he had to Zhao Jing. He also said Mo Huai Yang would give him the pieces of Glazed Armor left to him by Gao Chong soon. Scorpion King taunted Zhao Jing. Everything Zhao Jing worked for for the last 20 years were gone in an instant. Zhao Jing took a deep breath and closed hi eyes.

Ghost Valley Annihilation

Ah Xiang picked up a sword in front of her, struggled to get on her feet and attacked. Again, she lost. At this point, Mo Huai Yang held a sword against Ah Xiang’s neck and he asked Wen Ke Xing for the pieces of the Glazed Armor. Wen Ke Xing was near enough to hear and see them but not close enough to save Ah Xiang. And so he pleaded Mo Huai Yang to let the little girl go and promised to give him everything. The sect leader didn’t take the comment lightly and accused Ah Xiang of deceiving and luring his disciples and junior (Fan Huai Kong). He didn’t have a choice but to cleanse his sect.

This meant he killed everyone who liked Ah Xiang possibly including his son, Mo Wei Xu.

The Balcony

Just before Wen Ke Xing could trade anything whatsoever, Scorpion King made his move. As if the Ghost Valley Annihilation drama wasn’t enough, Scorpion King started playing his pipa and commanded his Drug Men to join the Ghost Valley attack.

Ghost Valley Annihilation

Wen Ke Xing reached inside his robe and they heard the incoming Drug Men’s noise. Mo Huai Yang called his sect to retreat, gave a fatal attack to Ah Xiang and pushed her towards Wen Ke Xing.

Wen Ke Xing caught her as she angrily yelled she would kill Mo Huai Yang. She called out to her master. Wen Ke Xing told her not to call him master, he was her brother. Her dying wish was for Wen Ke Xing to kill Mo Huai Yang. As for her last words, she asked Wen Ke XIng to take care of himself since she couldn’t take care of him anymore and she’s going to meet Cao Wein Ning. Wen Ke Xing took Ah Xiang’s body and laid it beside Cao Wei Ning’s body and covered it with red cloth from the decor.

Turns out Cao Wei Ning’s Naihe bridge dream in episode 17 foreshadowed their early deaths.

He chased Mo Huai Yang who was only realizing he was double-crossed by Scorpion King. Wen Ke Xing and Mo Huai Yang had a face-off and their skills were of the same level and suffered almost equal amount of injuries. Eventually, Wen Ke Xing blinded Mo Huai Yang and defeated him. He dragged himself under a tree and laid there. He muttered an apology to Ah Xiang for letting Mo Huai Yang die so easily and told her to wait for him.

Scorpion Arrives

Scorpion King found a dying Wen Ke Xing resting under a tree and asked mockingly asked how he ended up in such condition. Evil Bodhisattva walked towards Mo Huai Yang’s dead body and took the pieces of Glazed Armor from him. Scorpion King informed Wen Ke Xing that he would take three pieces of the Glazed Armor from Mo Huai Yang. Wen Ke Xing told him to get it over with and get lost. He was enjoying sunbathing.

Evil Bodhisattva had the audacity to ask Scorpion King to kill the Chief of the Ghost Valley. It took her a look to understand she couldn’t do that. Scorpion King had to kill Wen Ke Xing himself but Zhou Zi Shu arrived and saved the day. Wen Ke Xing asked him what he was doing there and this happened.

And just like that, I had a flashback to episode 11.

Even at the cost of his life, Zhou Zi Shu was willing to die with Scorpion King in the Ghost Valley. They reached an agreement. Provided that Zhou Zi Shu could take Wen Ke Xing, Scorpion King could take the Glazed Armor. Scorpion King said that’s boring and left. Ah Xu turned to Wen Ke Xing. Wen Ke Xing passed out.

Sanbai Manor

The Ghost Valley Annihilation was over. Scorpion King sat beside Duan Peng Ju. A guard gave his reports. All the Top Ten Ghosts were dead. Upon hearing Beauty Ghost was dead, Scorpion King asked if he meant Liu Qian Qiao. He looked visibly hurt. Evil Bodhisattva was surprised. Duan Peng Ju asked if anything’s wrong. Scorpion King denied it. The guard also reported that they couldn’t find Mo Huai Yang and Fan Huai Kong’s body. Mo Wei Xu’s body was also missing.

Scorpion King said he got rid of Mo Huai Yang. Mo Huai Yang got rid of Fan Huai Kong. Scorpion King instructed him not to bother with the missing Gentle Wind Sword Sect. Duan Peng Ju was impressed with the Ghost Valley Annihilation and expressed that Prince Jin could use such great help.

Four Seasons Manor

Wen Ke Xing’s Bedroom
Fever Dream

Wen Ke Xing slept. resting his head on his right hand. He was back in the Ghost Valley. Ah Xiang, in her wedding dress, asked him if he was tired. He opened his eyes as soon as she heard her say her name but went back to sleep again. She said she saw her parents and they would like to thank him and talk to him. Sleepy Wen Ke Xing told her he wasn’t feeling well but maybe, another day. Ah Xiang offered to pour him a cup of tea. He said he’s tired and sent her out. Ah Xiang’s eyes were watery. She agreed and said she’s leaving first.

Ah Xiang called him “brother” one last time and told him to take care of himself. Wen Ke Xing suddenly woke up and looked at Ah Xiang. He faintly saw her walking away. And then, she was gone leaving him screaming Ah Xiang’s name alone.

Meanwhile, Wen Ke Xing cried while he was sleeping. Zhou Zi Shu wiped away his tear.

Mr. & Mrs. Cao’s Tomb

Ah Xiang and Cao Wei Ning was buried side by side within the Four Seasons Manor grounds with the help of Wu Xi and Bei Yuan. Cheng Ling stood in front of their tombstones and asked what to write on their gravestone. Since the wedding didn’t take place, they couldn’t decide what to write. Ah Xu decided to write “Mrs. Cao”.

Cheng Ling asked how Wen Ke Xing was doing. Wen Ke Xing was under Drunk-Like-A dream. Then, he asked Cheng Ling to take care of Wen Ke Xing because he didn’t know how to face Wen Ke Xing. Cheng Ling asked where he’s going. He replied to settle down and roam the world.Wu Xi yanked Zhou Zi Shu’s arm to feel his pulse and discovered the Seven Nails of Torment were pulled out of his body. Cheng Ling was low-key panicking.

They asked how it happened. It was before the Heroes Conference, he had to recover all his power to avenge Wen Ke Xing and stop Prince Jin from opening the armory. He only had a few more days left. Wu Xi was having an emotional breakdown on the side. Cheng Ling’s panic was rising rapidly and was about to cry.

Bei Yuan offered to look for Ye Bai Yi but it was too late because he already took the Nanjiang medicine to extend his life. Zhou Zi Shu told them so. While Zhou ZI Shu was losing his hope that even the dead Chief of the Healer Valley wouldn’t be able to do a thing, Cheng Ling’s brain was running a mile per minute. He remembered the Yin Yang Book and figured there must be a way to extend his life in exchange of another life. Cheng Ling was willing to sacrifice his life without hesitation but Zhou Zi Shu refused. He already gave up.

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