[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 34

[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 34

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Note: For the confused people like me, here’s a character guide.

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Heroes Conference, Ye Bai Yi’s verdict

Mo Huai Yang was still hellbent on wiping out the Ghost Valley along with Wen Ke Xing, Ye Bai Yi, the immortal and most powerful among all these martial artists, arrived. Mount Emei and Abbot of Shaolin Sect leaders surprisingly took Wen Ke Xing’s side. Ye Bai Yi disagreed. Plus, they didn’t have a choice anyway. Ye Bai Yi was the only one qualified to lay his verdict on Wen Ke Xing and his unforgivable crimes. Wen Ke Xing apologized.

Punishment laid by Grandpa Ye : Wen Ke Xing must shut down the Ghost Valley forever and restrain them from coming to the mortal world.

After that he shooed him away. Mo Huai Yang obviously not happy to hear this and respectfully protested but Ye Bai Yi explained his decision. He ordered Wen Ke Xing to close Mount Qingya forever. Thus, no entry or exit was allowed. Hopefully, in a century, everything would change and all evil ghosts will have already started their new mortal lives. By then, the Ghost Valley will no longer exist. Mount Emei and Abbot of Shaolin Sect leaders openly agreed with Ye Bai Yi. Meanwhile, other sect leaders just silently accepted this except for Mo Huai Yang. He was silently seething and taking deep breaths on the side. Ye Bai Yi shooed everyone away.

Fan Huai Kong and Cao Wei Ning locked eyes for a brief moment on their way out.

Saijun Mansion, Wen Ke Xing’s Resurrection Party

Fake Death Shenanigans

A celebration was held for Wen Ke Xing’s return. Everyone was in a celebratory mood except for the low-key emo Ah Xu at the end of the table. Shen Shen, Gao Xiao Lian and Cheng Ling also joined the Saijun Mansion members party. Ah Xiang scolded Wen Ke Xing for faking his death. Poor kid ran out of tears crying so hard. So here’s what happened.

  1. Wen Ke Xing explained he changed another corpse’s face to resemble him in advance and left it in the waterfall.
  2. Wen Ke Xing went to Mount Dagu. He admitted to Cheng Ling and Shen Shen his real identity. After telling them his side of story, he told them to judge whether or not he was lying. They conspired prior the Heroes Conference. Shen Shen covered Wen Ke Xing’s tracks.
  3. Wen Ke Xing secretly met Ye Bai Yi to ask for his permission to execute his plan. The plan was to prove his parents’ innocence and reveal the real person behind the series of unfortunate events in the martial arts world. Ye Bai Yi agreed not to kill him and helped Wen Ke Xing escape the Heroes Conference unscathed.
Chief of Ghost Valley and Scorpion King Alliance

Bei Yuan also gave compliments to Wen Ke Xing. Wu Xi asked why Wen Ke Xing didn’t kill Zhao Jing. And as Wen Ke Xing mentioned in episode 31, he had an unknown deal with Scorpion King. This was a part of the deal. In exchange of Scorpion King treating Deng Kuan and smuggling him out to testify on the Heroes Conference, Wen Ke Xing had to keep Zhao Jing alive.

Ah Xiang couldn’t understand why Scorpion King wanted Zhao Jing alive. In the first place, Scorpion King accepted the deal because he hated Zhao Jing. While Ah Xiang was at it, she told Ah Xu that the Top Ten Ghosts were all under the control of the Scorpion King’s Slave Voodoo. Wen Ke Xing agreed to deal with the Scorpion King to borrow his army to the Window of Heaven in time. Wen Ke Xing angrily called Ah Xiang’s name to shut her up.

Bei Yuan asked what else he promised Scorpion King. Wen Ke Xing said there was nothing else but he looked like he was still hiding something.

Ah Xu remained quiet on the side and contemplated his nearing death.

Zhao Jing’s Karma

I think Scorpion King took Zhao Jing back to Tai Lake. First, he didn’t like the shabby vibe of Yueyang Sect. Second, Scorpion King himself decorated Sanbai Manor after the first Heroes Conference. See episode 17. Third, with Zhao Jing’s reputation ruined, it didn’t make sense to go back to Chongwu Palace. It only made sense that he went back to his home base at Tai Lake Sect.

After Scorpion King made Zhao Jing mute, it looked like they went back to Sanbai Mansion. Zhao Jing looked scared to be left alone with Scorpion King. And what did Scorpion King do? Pour out his feelings in a monologue.

Xie Er started with he was cheat-proof and Zhao Jing’s failed attempt to do so just validated his statement. He would’ve done anything and everything for Zhao Jing. Cheating was unnecessary. Once, Xie Er even hoped to die like the people who loved Zhao Jing wholeheartedly. However, he was too smart to willingly fall for Zhao Jing’s lies. Zhao Jing’s goal to become the Supreme Leader of the Martial Arts world was dumb, anyway. The Drug Men Zhao Jing loathed somehow made Prince Jin and Window of Heaven became Scorpion King’s allies.

Meanwhile, Zhao Jing looked down on Scorpion King, contempt him, and even intended to kill him. He felt so taken for granted.

Scorpion King admitted to forging alliance with Wen Ke Xing for the sole purpose of stabbing Zhao Jing in the back at his proudest moment. Scorpion King got to decided when to overthrow Zhao Jing. He could’ve taken over the world and given it to Zhao Jing to keep him happy but his chances were only met by betrayals. Nevertheless, he would take care of Zhao Jing because he’s the only family Xie Er had.

Scorpion King’s plan: kill Prince Jin and announce himself as the new emperor. Zhao Jing cried and leaned on Xi Er. Perhaps, he accepted his fate.

And I could feel Xie Er’s anger here. Hello, good acting skills! Somebody give this dude a lead role.

Saijun Mansion, Wen Ke Xing’s Resurrection Party

Wen Ke Xing’s Punishment

Meanwhile, Cheng Ling humbly asked to drink with his master in the name of punishment. He asked why Ah Xu kept Wen Ke Xing’s identity from him. Given how quiet Ah Xu had been since Wen Ke Xing rose from the dead, it was obvious that he was still upset. Wen Ke Xing walked towards Ah Xu and Cheng Ling to say he should also be held responsible and he would drink with Ah Xu, too. When Ah Xu didn’t drink, Wen Ke Xing bragged about Cheng Ling’s rough grasp of Long Yuan cabinet’s mechanics. He explained how Cheng Ling restructured a weapon to weaken its impact and used it on Wen Ke Xing during the White Deer Cliff stage drama.

My god he looked so hurt. BB.

Shen Shen and Wu Xi rushed to defend Wen Ke Xing. Shen Shen explained it was to keep Zhao Jing’s guard down. Wu Xi said it was to keep Zhou Zi Shu resting due to his critical wounds. Ah Xu asked them to sit down because he didn’t ask them. As a punishment, he asked Wen Ke Xing to drink three pots of wine. Everyone laughed and they smiled at each other.

These two explanations were at opposite end of the pole. Shen Shen’s was to let Ah Xu see it on purpose. Wu Xi’s was to keep him away from the scene. So… which one is it? Like WTF?

Drunk Wen Ke Xing

Drunk Wen Ke Xing waltzed in Ah Xu’s room. He told Ah Xu he’s happy. Wen Ke XIng also told him how worried he was during their last dinner with Old Monster (Ye Bai Yi). He’s sad and worried that Ah Xu might die soon, that he might not accept Wen Ke Xing because he wasn’t worthy to be called Ah Xu’s brother.

Wen Ke Xing also confessed his plan to destroy the world and then kill himself afterwards. Fortunately, he met Ah Xu and changed his mind.

After a few more drunken ramblings, he finally said after Ah Xiang’s wedding, he would like to look for the old house where his parents died. Ah Xu agreed. Wen Ke Xing finally fell asleep. Zhou Zi Shu cried.

Ghost Valley, Gu Xiang & Cao Wei Ning’s Wedding

Ghost Valley was decked in red decorations for Ah Xiang and Cao Wei Ning’s wedding. The family had their moment right here.

Ah Xiang whined about staying in Four Seasons. She wanted to stay with Wen Ke Xing. Wen Ke Xing intended to keep his promise and stay in Ghost Valley for a few years to keep the 3000 ghosts from escaping to the martial arts world as he told Ye Bai Yi. He promised to sneak out to see Ah Xiang sometimes. They just had to wait a few years when the Valley becomes a peaceful place to live in.

Wen Ke Xing kept Changing Ghost and his underlings locked in cold pool jail. He asked Cheng Ling’s opinion on how would he treat them if they were Cheng Ling’s enemy. Cheng Ling said keep them in jail because killing them won’t undo their mistakes. And since it was Ah Xiang’s wedding, there should not be any bloodshed. After parroting Grandpa Ye’s Ghost Valley origins, Wen Ke XIng asked where the Old Monster was.

Ye Bai Yi was bringing the body of Rong Xuan back to Mount Changming and bury him besides his parents.

Ye Bai Yi on-the-go

Grandpa Ye Bai Yi ate to his heart’s content… again. He noticed he was shedding hair and said even immortals decay. He ate two bowls of noodles in front of Rong Xuan’s cremation jar. One for Rong Xuan and one for Chang Qing.

Ghost Valley, Gu Xiang & Cao Wei Ning’s Wedding

Ah Xiang’s Dowry

Ah Xiang looked at the dowry the Department of the Unfaithful prepared for her. Wen Ke Xing said her dowry was enough to array along three streets. Luo Fu Meng and Qian Qiao worked hard to put these all the dowry together. Wen Ke Xing left to get another gift for Ah Xiang.

Luo Fu Meng said she would not not attend Ah Xiang’s wedding due etiquette reasons. Her marriage to Zhao Jing marked her as bad luck, apparently. Qian Qiao would be in charge of everything. She handed a pair of hairpins to Ah Xiang for good luck. However, Ah Xiang couldn’t care less about the traditions and asked Luo Fu Meng to clasp the hairpins on her hair. Luo Fu Meng refused.

Qian QIao clasped the hairpins and told Ah Xiang she would be staying in the Valley with her master. Ah Xiang asked about Yu Qiu Feng. Qian QIao had no idea who Yu Qiu Feng was. Meaning, she finally took the Water of Lethe to forget him. Ah Xiang darted a glance at Luo Fu Meng who refused to meet her eyes.

Wen Ke Xing came back.

Cao Wei Ning’s Pre-Wedding Jitters

Meanwhile, Ah Xu, Bei Yuan, Wu Xi and Cheng Ling was by Cao Wei Ning’s side during the preparation. While Cao Wei Ning was getting dressed, Ah Xu asked Cheng Ling if he wanted to pursue the marriage with Gao Xiao Lian. Cheng Ling was surprised at this question. He only took Gao Xiao Lian for a sister. Then, he asked Ah Xu why he’s trying to get rid of everybody. LOL. BB he’s dying, that’s why.

Cao Wei Ning was really nervous. Cheng Ling asked him what he was thinking. He said he thought about Fan Huai Kong and Mo Huai Yang. Cao Wei Ning imagined his masters would be the hosts to their wedding and his brothers would be there standing beside him. He never imagined that one day he would marry someone close to the Chief of Ghost Valley.

Cheng Ling said Leader Shen met with Fan Huai Kong to tell him Cao Wei Ning was about to get married. In Cheng Ling’s impression, here’s Fan Huai Kong’s message:

You, the unfilial little brat, do remember what comes before right and wrong is good and evil. Since things have come to this stage, I only hope you’ll do good things with your wife. That way, my teachings wouldn’t go in vain. I will gradually persuade your Master. If you have a lively baby one day, do come back to see me with my grand disciple.

Fan Huai Kong, best Uncle Master of the Year award

Ah Xu reassured Cao Wei Ning that one day the grudges between righteous and evil would be settled and one day, everyone would be at peace.

Gentle Wind Sword Sect arrives

A guard interrupted their conversation to inform them that Gentle Wind Sword Sect arrived at the gate and asked if he wanted to take a look.

Despite warnings from the sisters in Department of the Unfaithful, Ah Xiang and Cao Wei Ning ran to each other happily upon hearing Gentle Wind Sword Sect was at the gate. Ah Xiang convinced Wen Ke Xing to let them in. After all, they welcomed her warmly in Mount Qing Feng. Ah Xu helped to convince Wen Ke Xing to open the gates. If they arrived, it meant they set aside their pride to celebrate Cao Wei Ning and Ah Xiang’s wedding. Eventually, Wen Ke Xing angrily agreed. The couple ran to the gate to meet his Master Mo Huai Yang and Uncle Master Fan Huai Kong.

And just like that, the Gentle Wind Sword Sect got in the Ghost Valley. Cao Wei Ning’s brothers entered bearing boxes of wedding gifts and well wishes.

Cao Wei Ning happily greeted Mo Huai Yang but he responded with “She the siren who lured you to elope with her?!” while pointing rudely to Ah Xiang.

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