[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 33

[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 33

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Note: For the confused people like me, here’s a character guide.

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White Deer Town

A Forest Somewhere, Gamblers’ Meeting

This was a continuation to Beauty Ghost’s report to Scorpion King. She disguised as Duan Peng Ju to expose Zhao Jing’s plan against Scorpion King.

Zhao Jing said even if even if it was not for the alliance with the Window of Heaven, for the reputation of the Five Lakes Alliance, he would have to kill Scorpion King. Scorpion King asked if Zhao Jing hesitated at all. Qian Qiao deemed it unnecessary to put Zhao Jing on trial. Scorpion King turned around and walked a few steps away. He was offended. Qian Qiao knelt and apologized.

The one all-possessed by gambling are always good at finding excuses, desiring to turn the table.

Scorpion King

Despite every evidence he could find against Zhao Jing, he wanted to give Zhao Jing one last chance.

Xie Er turned around and told Qian Qiao he would make one more superfluous action. He gave her a small round vial. Xie Er took her hand and helped her to stand. The two pieces of medicine were the full cure to the Slave Voodoo. He also handed her a paper with the recipe of the monthly cure. Since Yu Qiu Feng would be completely useless for Scorpion King’s plan, this was his way of granting Qian Qiao’s wish. (see episode 23 & episode 26)

If Yu Qiu Feng would be willing to give up being the Leader of Moung Hua Sect and leave with Qian Qiao, she could consider these as a gifts for her wedding.

This was Qian Qiao’s chance to decide for herself.

Yu Qiu Feng’s Chamber

Qian Qiao entered Yu Qiu Feng’s chamber to ask him if he was willing to leave with her. Of course, Yu Qiu Feng would be willing to leave with her. He reminded her of three things:

  1. The next day would be the Heroes Conference.
  2. Both of them were under Scorpion King’s Slave Voodoo.
  3. If they don’t get the monthly cure, they would both die.

Qian Qiao asked for both of them to live as husband and wife for one month. He would just have to trust her. She knew all the traps in the Ghost Valley and Scorpion King only wanted them as pawns. Either way, they would meet their tragic deaths. They might as well escape and enjoy their lives for a month. Yu Qiu Feng continued to resist escaping Scorpion King. Qian Qiao cut him off by saying she made up her mind, she would leave with or without him and he had to decide on the spot. Yu Qiu Feng begged her to stay. Otherwise, Scorpion King won’t spare him. He still had a trouble deciding.

Obviously, he wanted to stay. Qian Qiao gave him the cure for the Slave Voodoo, anyway. She also returned the fan he gave her. Yu Qiu Feng asked if she already took the Slave Voodoo’s full cure and gave it to her instead. Qian Qiao got emotional, hugged him tight, tore the fan, said she must forget him forever and fled.

Heroes Conference

Supreme Leader of Martial Arts Election

Zhao Jing and Shen Shen hosted the Heroes Conference. All the sect leaders gathered in White Deer Town and discussed electing the Supreme Leader of Martial arts to lead the Ghost Valley annihilation.

Shen Shen nominated Ci Mu. However, Ci Mu rejected it. As a Buddhist, he deemed it unsuitable to lead a group to kill. Zhao Jing nominated Mo Huai Yang, a Young Heroes Conference Champion twenty years ago. Plus, he lived in seclusion to cultivate his martial arts. Martial Arts should be the top criteria for selecting a martial arts leader.

Mo Huai Yang countered this nomination by nominating Zhao Jing. He argued since the main goal was to annihilate the Ghost Valley, the leader must be:

  1. Decisive and good at plotting
  2. Experienced in battle commanding

Everyone agreed. Mo Huai Yang reiterated that Zhao Jing made a good point of making martial arts as a top criteria in selecting a martial arts leader. Hence, he suggested the nominees to have a public combat decide who was worthy of the title as the martial arts leader. Sect leaders agreed and the combat began.

Supreme Leader of Martial Arts Combat

Mo Huai Yang was known for his superior martial arts skills. Zhao Jing was known for his political strategy. His fighting performance surprised the clan leaders

Zhou Zi Shu arrived and said a martial arts leader world must be intelligent and virtuous. Zhao Jing had no right to be on the stage. Zhou Zi Shu narrated Zhao Jing’s story.

Zhao Jing was a son of a servant. After the odd death of the former leader of Tai Lake Sect’s only son, Zhao Jing volunteered as his foster son. Thus, he became one of the five sons of the Five Lakes Alliance. These sons of Five Lakes Alliance and Rong Xuan became friends and jointly built the World’s Armory.

A sect leader sent the guards to attack Zhou Zi Shu. Zhou Zi Shu easily beat them. Mo Huai Yang continued his duel with Zhao Jing. Zhou Zi Shu continued his story.

After the armory was built, Zhao Jing secretly poisoned Gao Chong’s sword. When the five sons had a trial fight with Rong Xuan, Gao Chong thought he accidentally hurt Rong Xuan. Rong Xuan went mad and died because of it. Gao Chong failed to explain himself and died with regrets. The five sons’ relationship turned sour for the rest of their lives.

Zhou Zi Shu asked everyone: “Would a man with no loyalty and no morality deserve to be the supreme leader of the martial arts world?”

Amidst the fight, a dagger flew towards Mo Huai Yang, sliced his bicep caused him to retreat. One of the sect leaders protested and another asked for an explanation. Zhao Jing diverted everyone’s attention towards Zhou Zi Shu, the man who risked his life trying to save Wen Ke Xing. He declared Zhou Zi Shu threw the dagger to frame up Zhao Jing.

Wen Ke Xing Arrives

Zhou Zi Shu challenged Zhao Jing to a combat but Wen Ke Xing arrived. Zhou Zi Shu was speechless. Wen Ke Xing introduced himself as Wen Ke Xing from Four Seasons Manor and claimed he shared the same name with the Chief of the Ghost Valley. A sect leader mentioned they knew Wen Ke Xing as the Chief of the Ghost Valley from the Brochure of Ghosts. Wen Ke Xing said the brochure was compiled by Zhao Jing.

Shen Shen called the three ghosts who betrayed the Ghost Valley. Scorpion King asked if they knew him. Changing Ghost, Black Changing Ghost and Happy Ghost denied it.

Wen Ke Xing said the Chief of the Ghost Valley had been killed in the White Deer Cliff and his body was kept by the Five Lakes Alliance. Zhao Jing figured out Scorpion King conspired with Wen Ke Xing.

Wen Ke Xing said his master was Qin Huai Zhang. As for his parents, he borrowed Ah Xu’s sword. Ah Xu was still stunned but gave his sword, anyway. Wen Ke Xing demonstrated the Eighteen Moves of Qiuming, Zhen Ru Yu’s move.

He angrily questioned where were the “righteous sects” when Zhen Ru Yu was slaughtered by evil ghosts. Wen Ke Xing claimed he’s Zhen Ru Yu’s son. After being expelled from Healer Valley, he used his father’s original surname, Wen. Wen Ke Xing mentioned Mount Emei Sect’s patchwork gifted to him when he was one month old. This verified he was Zhen Ru Yu’s son.

Zhao Jing said the ghosts were Wen Ke Xing’s henchmen. Then, he gave a monologue of how Wen Ke Xing orchestrated everything. Shen Shen was livid and yelled at Zhao Jing to shut up. He realized Shen Shen also betrayed him. So, he accused Shen Shen of:

  1. Gao Chong’s murder
  2. Zhao Wen Da’s (former leader of Tai Lake Sect) murder
  3. Gao Xiao Lian’s kidnap

Wen Ke Xing and Xie Er were such a mood…

The Witness Parade Arrives

Gao Xiao Lian accused Zhao Jing of Gao Chong’s murder. Cheng Ling took out Zhang Yu Sen’s letter to Ye Bai Yi (see episode 11 ).

Letter’s Content:

[To Senior Ye in Mount Changming]

It’s said in the letter that twenty years ago, Rong Xuan went mad was due Zhao Jing’s ploy. He secretly applied poison on the sword of Chief Gao. Eventually, he managed to pull this trick off and Rong Xuan was poisoned and went mad. This led to a series of tragedies later. In a word, thousands of people who died in the battle of Mount Qingya should revenge themselves on Zhao Jing.

Zhang Yu Sen to Changming Sword Immortal

Zhao Jing laughed and denied the allegations. Gao Xiao Lian took Deng Kuan’s (see episode 15) hat off. Deng Kuan blamed Zhao Jing for setting him up. Gao Xiao Lian added Zhao Jing was responsible of Deng Kuan’s capture and manipulated him using sorcery. She stepped forward and announced she risked her life to reveal the truth about Zhao Jing to seek justice for her father’s death.

Sect Leaders and members who supported Zhao Jing 20 minutes ago suddenly chanted to kill him. Zhao Jing laughed like a maniac and attacked Gao Xiao Lian. Mount Da Gu Sect guards shielded her. Wen Ke Xing used his sword to counter Zhao Jing’s attack.

Wen Ke Xing vs. Zhao Jing

Wen Ke Xing versus Zhao Jing fight ensued. A few cuts later, Zhao Jing landed on his back without a sword on his hand. Wen Ke Xing asked if Zhao Jing plead guilty or not. Zhao Jing, of course, would rather die than plead guilty. Scorpion King looked really worried, too. Zhao Jing picked up his sword and attempted to attack Wen Ke Xing. As soon as Baiyi was pointed at his neck, he stopped on his tracks. Wen Ke Xing swore to let Zhao Jing suffer all the tribulations he brought Zhen Ru Yu and Gu Miao Miao.

Zhao Jing dropped his arm and said he made a wrong move but he didn’t lose. For more than twenty years, he turned the martial arts world upside-down and fooled everyone. He dared Wen Ke Xing to kill him. If that happened, he would die a noble and heroic death. Wen Ke Xing would live under his shadow.

Wen Ke Xing landed a couple more cuts on Zhao Jing’s body. He stopped when Zhao Jing was on his back and spitting blood. Scorpion King shed a tear. Wen Ke Xing looked at Ah Xu and they smiled at each other. Zhao Jing coughed out blood and laughed.

Scorpion King walked towards Zhao Jing and gave him a medicine. It’s most likely Slave Voodoo. He commanded Zhao Jing to stop talking.

Wen Ke Xing & Ah Xu

Wen Ke Xing returned Baiyi to Ah Xu and asked him to go home together. As you can see, Zhou Zi Shu looked like he was about to laugh, cry and beat up Wen Ke Xing at the same time.

I mean, why wouldn’t he be? He removed all the Seven Nails of Torment the day before because his soulmate was dead and there was no point in living. However, it turned out Lunatic Wen had an elaborate scheme which he wasn’t kept in the loop for some reason which meant slow suicide was a mistake. They’re in a whole Romeo & Juliet fiasco which I honestly didn’t sign up for. WTF guysss!

Wen Ke Xing promised to tell him everything at home. Since it’s the best day of Wen Ke Xing’s life, he asked Ah Xu not to beat him up in public. Ah Xu agreed. Cheng Ling approached his masters. Wen Ke Xing asked them what they wanted for dinner.

Wen Ke Xing’s Judgement Day

On their way out, Mo Huai Yang called out to Wen Ke Xing as Chief of Ghost Valley and asked where he was going. Zhou Zi Shu was offended and asked Mo Huai Yang to repeat what he called Wen Ke Xing. Mo Huai Yang mentioned the agenda of the Heroes Conference which was to annihilate the Ghost Valley.

Mount Emei Sect Leader took Wen Ke Xing’s side this time. Mo Huai Yang, of course, deemed Wen Ke Xing’s words unreliable. After all, Mo Huai Yang along with other sects saw him die the previous day. Wen Ke Xing eventually admitted to being the Chief of the Ghost Valley. He lied to judge Zhao Jing in the Heroes Conference.

Wen Ke Xing argued he ended up in Ghost Valley because everyone abandoned his family. His parents’ tragedy, according to Mo Huai Yang, was because Zhen Ru Yu protected Rong Xuan and hid the secret of the armory. He challenged Wen Ke Xing to settle the debt with him. Zhou Zi Shu said anyone who wanted to do that must go through him first.

Ye Bai Yi appeared out of the blue and vowed everyone in the Ghost Valley was doomed to die.

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