[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 32

[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 32

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Note: For the confused people like me, here’s a character guide.

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Saijun Mansion

Wu Xi (Da Wu), Bei Yuan (Prince Qi), Zhou Zi Shu, Ah Xiang, and Cao Wei Ning gathered round for a meal. Ping’an served them liquor. Ah Xiang forbid Ah Xu to drink liquor. So does Wu Xi. Zhou ZI Shu’s body had to recover from the operation before he could drink again. Bei Yuan reminisced their youth and this happened.

I will continue this for Bei Yuan because the great wall of censorship wouldn’t let him, “but he… turned out to be gay and ran away with a guy instead. Apparently, anyone who wasn’t the Chief of the Ghost Valley would never be good enough.”

Amidst the drinking session, Ah Qin Lai arrived. He was supposed to take back Cheng Ling to Saijun Mansion while Four Seasons Manor was under repair. Cheng Ling found out Wen Ke Xing’s real identity as the Chief of the Ghost Valley. He was angry and he cried a lot. Cheng Ling sent Ah Qin Lai back and wouldn’t let Ah Qin Lai serve him anymore. Zhou Zi Shu internally felt the urgency to discuss the matter with Wen Ke Xing.

Wu Xi gave Zhou Zi Shu an elixir to extend ones life. Zhou Zi Shu rejected this because he was going to solve the misunderstanding between Cheng Ling and Wen Ke Xing. Wen Ke Xing promised to live a reclusive life with Zhou Zi Shu. Wu Xi insisted to give the elixir. According to him, no matter how badly injured one is, this elixir can extend his life for five days. Maybe, at some point Wen Ke XIng might need it.

Mount Qingya

Zhou Zi Shu set off to Mount Qingya to find Wen Ke Xing. While he admired the peaceful ambience, he overheard men talking about the Chief of the Ghost Valley caught in a siege and chased to the White Deer Cliff by Five Lakes alliance.

White Deer Cliff, Prior Zhou Zi Shu’s Arrival

The rumors were true. Wen Ke XIng was cornered by Five Lakes Alliance and fought for his life with a fan. Zhao Jing with Scorpion and Shen Shen lead the attack. Cheng Ling was also in the crowd. Zhao Jing told the Chief of the Ghost Valley to surrender. Wen Ke Xing’s attempt to defend himself was futile as he was surrounded. Wen Ke Xing responded by threatening to kill whoever came near him. Afterwards, he pulled a necklace with a key pendant on it and declared it as the key to the World’s Armory they were looking for. If they kill him, the World’s Armory would be theirs.

Scorpion King announced the World’s Armory could be shared. Wen Ke Xing yelled he never thought he’d fall for Scorpion’s trap. Shen Shen chimed in by saying he vowed to kill Wen Ke Xing to maintain Zhen Ru Yu’s legacy. Upon seeing Cheng Ling, Wen Ke Xing’s expression softened. Cheng Ling yelled he would never forgive Wen Ke Xing for destroying his family.

Wen Ke Xing closed his fan. He told Cheng Ling to kill him to avenge Zhang Yu Sen and the entire Mirror Lake Sect. The Chief of Ghost Valley promised to not fight back. Shen Shen held him back. Cheng Ling called Wen Ke XIng a liar and accused him of fooling his Master, Zhou Zi Shu, too.

White Deer Cliff, Zhou Zi Shu Arrives

Zhou Zi Shu came just in time to announce he knew Wen Ke Xing’s real identity. Shen Shen was disappointed to hear this. Wen Ke Xing had panic written across his face and yelled he swore to scourge the world.

Zhou Zi Shu flew in front of him and…

Zhao Jing gave Zhou Zi Shu a chance to switch sides for the sake of his friendship with Qin Huai Zhang. Zhou Zi Shu already pointed Baiyi (his sword) at everyone else, there was no room for discussion. It’s Wen Ke Xing and him against the world now. Mo Huai Yang was also in the mix.

Changming Sword Immortal, Ye Bai Yi, arrived before any clash of swords started. He reiterated what he said in their last encounter (see episode 27). If Ye Bai Yi saw Wen Ke Xing in the martial arts world again, he would kill him.

Ye Bai Yi attacked Wen Ke Xing. Changing Ghost, Black Changing Ghost and Happy Ghost attacked Zhou Zi Shu. None of the Five Lakes Alliance joined the battleground. The men were just watching and chatting away who in the world was Changming Sword Immortal. When nobody was paying attention to him, Cheng Ling lunged forward and shot a dart towards Wen Ke Xing. Wen Ke Xing fell off the cliff. Zhou Zi Shu jumped off the cliff but Ye Bai Yi caught him before falling all the way down.

The crowd celebrated for doing absolutely nothing. Scorpion King announced the World’s Armory key was on Wen Ke Xing’s body. The hunt for Wen Ke Xing’s began.

Ping’an Inn

Zhou Zi Shu woke up in Ping’an Inn. He thought it was all just a dream but he overheard other guests talking about Wen Ke Xing’s death and reality dawned on him. Wen Ke Xing, his soulmate, was dead. Zhou Zi Shu’s vision started to spin and he spat blood.

White Deer Town

Wen Ke Xing’s Death Party Day 1

Mo Huai Yang, Shen Shen, Ye Bai Yi and Scorpion King gathered on the main table as Zhao Jing hosted a feast for Wen Ke Xing’s death. Ye Bai Yi praised Scorpion King for luring Wen Ke Xing. After drinking for a bit, Ye Bai Yi said he didn’t like bustling places and left. Zhao Jing asked Scorpion King to sit beside him. Upon seeing this, Fan Huai Kong drank angrily and left. Meanwhile, other sect leaders started praising Zhao Jing and Scorpion, regarding them as heroes.

Zhao Jing seized the opportunity to formally introduce Scorpion King as his beloved son, Zhao Xie Er. Scorpion King looked like he was gonna cry.

Yard 1, Fan Huai Kong confronts Cao Wei Ning & Ah Xiang

Fan Huai Kong, on his way out, found Ah Xiang looking for Cheng Ling. He confronted her and asked where she took Cao Wei Ning. Cao Wei Ning came just in time and shielded Ah Xiang. Cao Wei Ning said if Fan Huai Kong wanted to hurt Ah Xiang, he had to kill Cao Wei Ning first. Fan Huai Kong was deeply disappointed to have brought up Cao Wei Ning in vain.

Ah Xiang couldn’t care less about what they were arguing about. She asked if her Master Wen Ke Xing was really dead.

Adjacent Yard 2, Wen Ke Xing’s Remains

Meanwhile, Beauty Ghost burned some Ghost Valley confetti outside the entrance door where Wen Ke Xing’s dead body lay. Zhou ZI Shu arrived and asked if Wen Ke Xing was inside. She didn’t respond. Upon hearing someone said a spy of the Ghost Valley broke in, he attacked Beauty Ghost and accidentally opened the door. Zhou Zi Shu saw Wen Ke Xing’s dead body on a table whose body was covered in white cloth.

Zhou Zi Shu dropped his arm as guards started to arrive.

Yard 1, Fan Huai Kong confronts Cao Wei Ning

Guards started to look for Zhou Zi Shu around their area as well. Fan Huai Kong pointed the guards to the wrong direction. Cao Wei Ning and Ah Xiang took the opportunity to run away.

Adjacent Yard 2, Wen Ke Xing’s Remains

Zhou Zi Shu burned the hut where Wen Ke Xing’s remains lay and took off.

The Escape

Cao Wei Ning and Ah Xiang ran into Zhou Zi Shu. Ah Xiang asked where her master was. Zhou Zi Shu confessed he failed to bring her master’s dead body. He set fire on Wen Ke Xing’s body to prevent others from desecrating his body. Ah Xiang hysterically cried and fainted.

Cao Wei Ning informed Ah Xu that Prince Qi and Da Wu were on the way. Ah Xu instructed them to hide in a remote place somewhere in Central Plain but if it wasn’t possible, head back to Nanjiang with Prince Qi. He also asked him to bring the eighteen disciples of Four Seasons Manor with him. Cao Wei Ning asked Ah Xu what his plans were but Ah Xu just walked away.

White Deer Cliff , Monologue for the Dead #1

Ah Xu returned to the White Deer Cliff and drank two huge jars of wine, reminiscing his adventures with Wen Ke Xing. He spoke to the wind as if he was talking to Wen Ke Xing himself. Ah Xu said he knew Wen Ke Xing’s plan was to burn the martial arts world and the ghost world together to avenge his parents’ death. He used to think he could change Wen Ke Xing’s mind and that Wen Ke Xing was just blinded by hatred. Ah Xu felt exactly the same thing now that Wen Ke Xing’s dead. Now, we’re back to square one. Zhou Zi Shu was suicidal again.

He took the elixir Wu Xi gave him. This meant he had around five more days to live.

Somewhere in White Deer Town

Pre-Ghost Valley Destruction Party

Zhao Jing held another feast for the new Heroes Conference the next day. Cheng Ling, Shen Shen and Scorpion King sat on the platform. The ultimate aim of the meeting was to annihilate the Ghost Valley. Zhao Jing gave his motivational speech to the sect leaders gathered in the hall. Everyone drank and wished for Zhao Jing to be the supreme leader of the martial arts world.

Grandpa Ye Bai Yi, Monologue for the Dead #2

Ye Bai Yi poured wine for himself and for his dead friend, Chang Qing. He started his monologue for Chang Qing. It turned out, Chang Qing founded the Ghost Valley and made the Water of Lethe. He wanted to give the evildoers a chance to start over. Ye Bai Yi threw the wine jar out of frustration. If it weren’t for the Ghost Valley, Chang Qing wouldn’t have practiced the Combined Six Cultivation Power. Chang Qing’s plan was to become the most powerful one and hold demons in the Ghost Valley forever which cost him his life.

Ye Bai Yi promised to clean up the mess for Chang Qing and destroy the Ghost Valley. He never told Chang Qing that their son, Rong Xuan, died outside Mount Qingya. Moreover, there was a young man who died for Rong Xuan, Zhen Ru Yu. Unexpectedly, Zhen Ru Yu’s son became the Chief of the Ghost Valley. He quietly asked Chang Qing, if it was him who survived, what would he do?

Note: Rong Chang Qing was Rong Xuan’s dad. Ye Bai Yi was Rong Xuan’s master.

Zhao Jing’s Chamber

Duan Peng Ju expressed his discontent in discovering Zhao Jing as the leader of Scorpion. If the truth comes out about Scorpion buying people and producing Drug Men (a.k.a zombies), Prince Jin would surely kill him. Thus, he came to formally announce he wished to cut Window of Heaven’s ties with Zhao Jing and the Five Lakes Alliance. The next time they met, they would not show any mercy.

Zhao Jing chased Duan Peng Ju and corrected him. Scorpion’s leader was Scorpion King and they were just allies. Zhao Jing feigned ignorance about the Drug Men. He even asked what Drug Men were. Duan Peng Ju closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

Forest Somewhere

Duan Peng Ju was Beauty Ghost in disguise. Beauty Ghost reported to Scorpion King. Zhao Jing said he was about to restart the Heroes Conference and fight with the Ghost Valley to the end. Using demons to destroy demons was not against the will of God. After the fierce fight, Zhao Jing promised to kill Scorpion King himself to take over the power of the Scorpion.

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