[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 31

[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 31

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Note: For the confused people like me, here’s a character guide.

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Scorpion King’s Lair

Scorpion King sulked in his bench throne. After making Changing Ghost and Black Changing Ghost, he finally let Changing Ghost in. Changing Ghost reported the casualties. Scorpion King instructed Beauty Ghost to give an antidotes to the Ghosts including Tragicomic Ghost. While Beauty Ghost distributed the antidotes, Happy Ghost entered the hall and dragged two captives with him.

Ah Xiang and Cao Wei Ning entered the room with their hands bound. Tragicomic Ghost asked Scorpion King why would he harm a petty servant. Happy Ghost contradicted that statement, saying Lunatic Wen only trusted Ah Xiang and suggested to find his whereabouts from her.

Scorpion King instructed to untie Amethyst Fiend.

Mount Qing Feng Panic Cave

Meanwhile, the seniors of the Gentle Wind Sword Sect had a confrontation. Fan Huai Kong was deeply offended after discovering Mo Huai Yang’s association with Zhao Jing. Plenty of their sect members died and the survivors almost starved to death in the cave they hid in.

In Mo Huai Yang’s defense, associating with Zhao Jing, the Chief of the Five Lakes Alliance wasn’t a bad call. Zhao Jing was the Chief of Five Lakes Alliace. However, his sketchy allies, Scorpion King, the Drug Men and the Ghost Valley, were beyond Mo Huai Yang’s control. Fan Huai Kong pointed out Zhao Jing must’ve plotted Gao Chong’s death. He also angrily assumed the sect leader handed out the Glazed Armor to Zhao Jing. Gao Chong’s death was in vain.

Mo Huai Yang opened his hand and showed Fan Huai Kong the Glazed Armor to prove he did no such thing. He needed to keep enemies closer. Mo Huai Yang’s priority was to keep the sect’s legacy. If that meant losing his reputation so that his people would live, so be it. Fan Huai Kong, on the other hand, would rather die than act against his principles.

Fan Huai Kong repeated he was sure Zhao Jing and the Ghost Valley were behind Gao Chong’s mysterious death. Mo Huai Yang admitted he knew what Zhao Jing was up to. He was acting along because he had a plan. First, to become the supreme leader of the martial arts world in the upcoming Heroes Conference. Second, exterminate the Ghost Valley and take control of the martial arts world. After Gao Chong’s tragic death, Mo Huai Yang must carry Gao Chong’s burden. Fan Huai Kong understood and expressed his trust to the sect leader.

Window of Heaven

Zhou Zi Shu’s escape was orchestrated by his loyal disciples from Window of Heaven. Duan Peng Ju attempted to intercept the escape while insulting his former boss (ugh, the audacity). He could claim to accidentally kill Zhou Zi Shu. Hence, not violating Prince Jin’s command. Bi Xing Ming and Cheng Zi Chen professed their loyalty and their willingness to sacrifice themselves for Zhou Zi Shu. Just as the fight was about to start, Lao Wen made his entrance and killed the Window of Heaven’s disciples loyal to Duan Peng Ju.

Wen Ke Xing instructed the Zhou Zi Shu loyalists to retreat first, leaving Zhou Zi Shu’s carriage behind. Duan Peng Ju asked for Wen Ke Xing’s identity. Of all the times Wen Ke Xing introduced himself, this will always be my favorite.

After a short-lived banter between the two and empty threats towards each other, Duan Peng Ju pointed out that excellent martial arts would be useless if he’s alone. Window of Heaven’s army was on their way.

Three thousand ghosts marched into the scene. It was enough to shoo Duan Peng Ju and his Window of Heaven disciples away. Tragicomic Ghost was also in the mix. When did Scorpion King set her free? Before Han Ying died, he entrusted the disciples loyal to Zhou Zi Shu to Wen Ke Xing. He accepted them without asking Zhou Zi Shu. It was Han Ying’s lifelong wish for these men to be included into the Four Seasons Manor. But wait, there’s more…

Saijun Mansion, Post-Window of Heaven Rescue

*Note: Bei Yuan = Prince Qi.

Ah Xiang, Cao Wei Ning, Bei Yuan and Da Wu welcomed his return. Ah Xiang promised to take revenge against the goddamn prince for hurting Zhou Zi Shu. Zhou Zi Shu smiled, playfully mocked her martial arts and her revenge plan.

Outside Zhou Zi Shu’s operating room

Da Wu took care of Zhou Zi Shu’s injuries from the Seven Nails of Torment. Wen Ke Xing paced outside as if Zhou Zi Shu was giving birth. Bei Yuan calmed him down. Wen Ke Xing promised to repay Prince Qi’s kindness he could heal Zhou Zi Shu. Since Zhou Zi Shu was a long-time friend, Bei Yuan said it wasn’t necessary. Zhou Zi Shu had a habit of never asking for help even if he needed it.

Former Window of Heaven disciples turned Four Seasons Manor’s arrived at Saijun Mansion. Wen Ke Xing asked Prince Qi to keep the disciples at his place while Four Seasons Manor was under construction. Bei Yuan gladly accepted the kids. He also relayed another news. Cheng Ling was safely escorted to Chief Shen Shen of Mount Dagu Sect. Bei Yuan asked if it’s the right time to bring back Cheng Ling. Wen Ke Xing wasn’t able to answer. Da Wu opened the door. The operation was a success.

Zhou Zi Shu’s Chambers

As Wen Ke Xing combed Zhou ZI Shu’s hair, Zhou Zi Shu low-key expressed his glee for having nineteen men in Four Seasons Manor and asked if Wen Ke Xing would share his burdens. Wen Ke Xing agreed. He then asked why Zhou Zi Shu wasn’t shocked to see him during the Window of Heaven jailbreak. Wen Ke Xing was actually looking forward to seeing Zhou Zi Shu’s expression.


Da Wu, Bei Yuan, Ah Xiang and Cao Wei Ning gathered around a small table under a pavilion. Bei Yuan asked Ah Xiang if she was eloping with her lover. Ah Xiang happily confirmed the statement. She then proceed to narrate the story of how they eloped.

[Flashback] Breeze Pavilion a.k.a The Small Villa at the hillside of Mount Qing Feng

Ah Xiang waited for Cao Wei Ning in the Breeze Pavilion and asked what was going on. Mo Huai Yang and Five Lakes Alliance were allies now. There was still no answer as to why the Drug Men (a.k.a the zombies) surrounded Mount Qing Feng. She said the man in black robes was Black Grim Reaper from the Ghost Valley and wondered what in the world was he doing there.

Cao Wei Ning told her that Zhao Jing convinced the seven sects to hold another Heroes Conference. The evil ghosts she saw already surrendered to Zhao Jing. Ah Xiang couldn’t believe it. Black Grim Reaper would turn his back on Ghost Valley but not Beauty Ghost. These information came from Fan Huai Kong and Cao Wei Ning believed him. He was also told that Mo Huai Yang had more plans and was instructed to not look into it.

However, Cao Wei Ning understood what this meant. It meant his marriage with Ah Xiang would never be approved. Hence, he proposed to elope, to leave the martial arts world and do whatever they wanted. And so, the lovebirds ran away.


Bei Yuan concluded Gentle Wind Sword Sect and Zhao Jing were allies from the beginning. SInce Zhao Jing hid it from his son, Scorpion King. Hence, Scorpion King fought for nothing. He must be extremely angry. Bei Yuan asked how she met the people from the Ghost Valley but she refused to answer the question. Cao Wei Ning said Wen Ke Xing forbid Ah Xiang to talk about it.

Cao Wei Ning asked if Wen Ke Xing really had to return to the Ghost Valley when he just reunited with the love of his life Zhou Zi Shu. Ah Xiang assured him Wen Ke Xing would come back after stepping down from the chief position and help Aunt Luo (Tragicomic Ghost) and her subordinates settle down. Cao Wei Ning asked about the Exorcism Assembly. Ah Xiang doesn’t care about others from Ghost Valley as long as her sisters in the Department of the Unfaithful were safe.

Wen Ke Xing’s Chambers

Ah Xiang entered Wen Ke Xing’s room and asked Ah Xiang to fold his clothes. He asked her why she looked downcast. Ah Xiang expressed she’s worried and asked if Wen Ke Xing could avoid returning to the Ghost Valley. They only had to take care of her sisters from the Department of the Unfaithful. He could let the other ghosts find their own way home. They betrayed him anyway. Wen Ke Xing called her childish and reassured her he’ll be back right away. She only needed to take care of Ah Xu for him.

Ah Xiang protested and said she’s not stupid. She took Scorpion King to Wen Ke Xing because she thought her master could make Scorpion King surrender. Ah Xiang would never forgive herself if Wen Ke Xing was hurt because of this secret alliance. The fact that the Scorpion King could control ghosts using a medicine was bad enough. Suspiciously, the deserters returned to his side after serving Scorpion King. Although Scorpion King hated Zhao Jing, Ah Xiang believed that was not enough of a reason for him to help his enemy.

Wen Ke Xing pinched her cheek and praised her for being smarter. It looked like hanging around Cao Wei Ning did her good. He also reminded her not to mention his deal with Scorpion King with anyone else. Besides, the reason why Scorpion King acted along with him was because it benefited Scorpion King, too. Ah Xiang asked Wen Ke Xing to come back safe.

Ghost Valley

Wen Ke Xing came back to the Ghost Valley. Changing Ghost, Black Changing Ghost, Happy Ghost, Ghoul and Tragicomic Ghost walked behind him. As he walked into his main hall, Evil Bodhisattva, Pretty Arhat and Beauty Ghost stood on the side and bowed as he passed. Meanwhile, Scorpion King sat on his throne while waiting for him.

Scorpion King stood up and uttered a smug apology for sitting on his throne. If Scorpion King wanted, Wen Ke Xing could let him be the chief of Ghost Valley. Scorpion King declined because he doesn’t think he could handle a critical downfall. They smiled at each other. Tragicomic Ghost looked worried.

Mount Dagu

Cheng Ling relentlessly practiced his martial arts day and night until he fell down. And when he couldn’t practice anymore, he kept punched the ground. Gao Xiao Lian, in distraught, told Cheng Ling to stop practicing.

Shen Shen walked towards him and gave him a letter. The Exorcism Assembly a.k.a the Ghost Valley Destruction would be held on the fifteenth of the month in White Deer Town. Cheng Ling asked if Shen Shen was going. Shen Shen personally couldn’t be bothered to go there. Gao Chong’s last wish was to take care of Gao Xiao Lian til she had her own family and he intended to do the same for Cheng Ling, too.

However, he wanted to ask for Cheng Ling and Gao Xiao Lian’s opinion. Although Shen Shen doesn’t know how Zhou Zi Shu was involved in this, Wen Ke Xing would definitely return to the Ghost Valley as their Chief. Cheng Ling crumpled the letter in his hand.

Ghost Valley

A woman from the Department of the Unfaithful combed Wen Ke Xing’s hair. She asked for punishment after seeing a few hair strands on the comb. Wen Ke Xing just sent her away. He talked to himself poetically because he’s Wen Ke Xing. He closed his eyes and sat quietly.

Tragicomic Ghost picked up the comb and combed Wen Ke XIng’s hair. Wen Ke Xing asked shouldn’t she be serving her new master (Scorpion King)? Tragicomic Ghost ignored the question and addressed him as Ah Xing. She asked him why he’s back. Wen Ke Xing said it’s been eight years since she called him Ah Xing. She took a deep breath and apologized. Scorpion King used Drunk Like a Dream on her to neutralize the effect of Water of Lethe. She remembered everything.

Back then, in the Healer Valley, Zhen Ru Yu and Gu Miao Miao took care of her, cured her and helped her. She hated herself for not being able to save them. Luckily, she saved Wen Ke Xing but she didn’t take good care of him. Wen Ke Xing stood up, looked at Tragicomic Ghost and said he would always remember her kindness.

Tragicomic Ghost asked why he’s back. Wen Ke Xing said he remembered everything. He thought he succeeded in recalling all the murderers who killed his parents but he was wrong. Wen Ke Xing himself indirectly killed his parents. Things could’ve ended differently but that’s a story for another day.

As the Ghost Valley Chief for eight years, he had to sleep with one eye open in case anyone tried to kill him. He also had to plot killing others, too. However, even after killing all the murderers, he still wasn’t happy. Hence, he made an elaborate plan, an interlocking murder game, to make everyone pay.

Wen Ke Xing confessed killing Hanged Ghost long ago and his original plan. Hanged Ghost never stole the Glazed Armor from him nor does he have it. It was just an excuse. His original plan was to reenact the Battle of Mount Qingya. The so-called decent sects were greedy ghosts wearing human skin.

Wen Ke Xing released Tragicomic Ghost along with others out to the martial arts world to spread the news of the Glazed Armor all for his plan. Once anyone entered the Ghost Valley, he or she would be isolated from man’s world. Whoever came to Mount Qingya for their desire of the Glazed Armor would die. His plan was to die with those people, too.

Back then, Wen Ke Xing didn’t consider how many innocent people would die because he thought the world had forsaken him. He didn’t mind killing everyone in the world. Tragicomic Ghost was disappointed and was on her way out but Wen Ke Xing continued his story.

A man taught him hatred was the same as greediness which caged people and made them suffer. He made a deal with Scorpion King to remove the poison in her and Beauty Ghost. She must bring the girls from the Department of the Unfaithful out of the valley. Tragicomic Ghost blessed his decision and made her own, to suffer in the Ghost Valley forever.

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