[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 30

[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 30

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Note: For the confused people like me, here’s a character guide.

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Mount Qing Feng Courtyard

Scorpion King lounged in the Gentle Wind Sword Sect courtyard like it’s his living room (except this one’s surrounded by dead bodies). He was accompanied by Beauty Ghost and Evil Bodhisattva and Scorpions dressed in Ghost Valley uniform. They waited for Mo Huai Yang, Gentle Wind Sword Sect leader, to show up.

Evil Bodhisattva pointed out Mo Huai Yang might show up with help. Scorpion King’s plan? Kill them, of course.

Mount Qing Feng Panic Cave

Ah Xiang x Cao Wei Ning Lovers’ Quarrel Outcome

Cao Wei Ning finally had the courage to ask Ah Xiang her real identity. He kept it hidden from his seniors and uncle master (Fan Huai Kong). Cao Wei Ning couldn’t believe Wen Ke Xing was the Ghost Valley Chief. If Wen Ke Xing was framed by others, he offered to risk his life to prove Wen Ke Xing’s innocence. Ah Xiang asked what would Cao Wei Ning do if all the rumors were true and she was actually a ghost from Mount Qingya. Cao Wei Ning had a flashback of Ah Xiang’s tales from her childhood. Suddenly, it all made sense.

Ah Xiang asked if he would kill her. If her intention was to lure the Ghosts of Mount Qingya to Gentle Wind Sword Sect and kill all of them, Cao Wei Ning would definitely kill her. Then, he would also kill himself immediately afterwards. However, he doesn’t believe Ah Xiang was a bad person to begin with. She decided to tell Cao Wei Ning everything.

Ah Xiang’s Childhood

Ah Xiang had been in the Ghost Valley for as long as she could remember. Back then, her Master, Wen Ke Xing was a teenager and served the old chief. He said Ah Xiang was picked up from the water so her name was Xiang. She believed it for years but eventually found out the truth. The old chief kidnapped some children to help him practice some evil skill. All the other children died.

Her Master begged the old chief to keep Ah Xiang as his living toy. That was how she survived. The children who grew up in the Ghost Valley considered killing as natural as breathing. Everybody thought the law of this world was that only the powerful can survive. But Wen Ke Xing told her that’s not always the case. There was a place called Human World. She’s just a little kid who entered the Ghost Valley by mistake. He said one day, he would send Ah Xiang back.

Lunatic Wen

When Ah Xiang grew up, she realized her Master protected her so many times. One day, her Master started a riot in the Ghost Valley. He killed the old chief and took the throne. In the following years, her Master killed every one of the former Top Ten Ghosts and replaced them with new ones. Then “Wen the Lunatic” became his nickname. Back then, Ah Xiang didn’t take it seriously. Her Master became the new chief. She was thrilled because she could do whatever she wanted.

One day, her Master finally completed his plan and said he would take Ah Xiang back to the Human World. He summoned 3,000 ghosts in Mount Qingya. He requested all of them to go out and kill the traitors in the worse way possible. Whoever handed him the Glazed Armor would be appointed as the leader of the Top Ten Ghosts.

Cao Wei Ning was able to piece the story together. Wen Ke Xing was kidnapped and taken to the Ghost Valley after the death of the Zhen couple. Hence, the Li Mansion drama (see episode 22). Ah Xiang also told Cao Wei Ning about the Water of Lethe and why Wen Ke Xing only had fragments of memory about his past.

** Water of Lethe – Before a person entered the Ghost Valley, they would drink the Water of Lethe to let go of their obsessions and the person they cared the most about..

Four Seasons Manor

Wen Ke Xing woke up from his sleep. Jing Bei Yuan and Da Wu introduced themselves to him. Da Wu urgently brought up their priority was to rescue Zhou Zi Shu in Jin. Their main obstacle was Window of Heaven was heavily guarded and neither of them brought enough guards. If they called for backups, it would be too late.

Hedong / Lichun Palace

Qingluan Yard Boys

Prince Jin inspected and cleaned “Bai Yi”, Zhou Zi Shu’s sword. Zhou Zi Shu, the former leader of Window of Heaven, was drugged, handcuffed and sent to Prince Jin. After Prince Jin sent all the guards away, he invited Zhou Zi Shu to come in. However, Zhou Zi Shu won’t budge. He walked towards Zhou Zi Shu and cut the ropes which bound his hands.

Prince Jin served the wine from the Qingluan Yard. It was a jar of wine they buried ten years ago. They promised to open it ten years later. However, all the men who buried the wine and made that promise were all gone. Yun Xing went far away to the borderland. Qing Luan committed suicide. Prince Jin poisoned Prince Qi (Jing Bei Yuan). Jiu Xiao died in Lucheng in a battle.

Prince Jin proposed to wipe the slate clean and start over. Zhou Zi Shu sipped the Qingluan Yard wine and poured it over to the table as if he was pouring it to a grave. Prince Jin asked what happened to the Nails of Seven Torments and how he still had his martial arts intact. Zhou Zi Shu was supposed to lose his martial arts after getting the Nails of Seven Torments.

They had a heated discussion about the dead, their former friends, the 79 Four Seasons Manor descendants and Han Ying. Prince Jin didn’t blame himself for those who died. As for Han Ying, Prince Jin could not be bothered about his death and was even offended to be questioned by Zhou Zi Shu because of a cheap orphan slave.

Favors and Resentment

The conversation took a turning point here. Zhou Zi Shu concluded the “peaceful world” Prince Jin promised was all a lie. Countless men died because of Zhou ZI Shu. Prince Jin pointed out a peaceful world would be built around sacrifice. Zhou Zi Shu flipped the table and said it was all for Prince Jin’s ambition. Prince Jin calmly asked him to calm down but Zhou ZI Shu wasn’t done yet.

Prince Jin also said he used to think Zhou Zi Shou was his soulmate. However, it turns out Zhou Zi Shu was just an ordinary person. Zhou Zi Shu said Prince wasn’t qualified to be his soulmate. Prince Jin was insulted and tried to attack Zhou Zi Shu. Zhou Zi Shu attacked Prince Jin, picked up his sword and pointed it at Prince Jin’s neck. The Muscle Relaxant Zhou Zi Shu took didn’t work and it was probably tampered by his hidden allies in Window of Heaven. After all, he was their former leader. Prince Jin ordered if he died, everyone else in Window of Heaven must follow suit.

Zhou Zi Shu said he lost his sense of taste and smell. Hence, any smell won’t work on him. Prince Jin brought up all the times he felt betrayed by Zhou Zi Shu and yet, he chose not to kill him. He called Zhou Zi Shu ungrateful. After a little bit more of argument, Zhou Zi Shu attacked Prince Jin with his palm. This sent Prince Jin flying across the room and spewing blood. Before fainting, he instructed them to not kill Zhou Zi Shu.

Mount Qing Feng Panic Cave

Gentle Wind Sword Sect Leader Returns

Scorpions roasted meat outside the panic cave to lure the Gentle Wind Sword Sect out. The food supply was running low and surely, a lot of them were hungry. Black Changing Ghost reported to Scorpion King that Mo Huai Yang, the Gentle Wind Sword Sect Leader, came back with someone. Mo Huai Yang ran in front of the cave and asked where his disciples were. Zhao Jing walked after Mo Huai Yang and slapped Scorpion King. He angrily asked everyone to answer Mo Huai Yang.

A moment later, Mo Huai Yang talked to Fan Huai Kong. Zhao Jing ordered Scorpion King to make his disgusting monsters disappear. Scorpion King smiled and left.

Leaders’ Stand-up Meeting

After everyone left, Zhao Jing apologized to the Gentle Wind Sword Sect leader and swore he knew nothing about the attack. He never told Scorpion King they were allies yet. Zhao Jing promised Scorpions would never cause them trouble in the future and would severely punish his son for what Scorpions did.

Severe punishment won’t bring back the dead. Mo Huai Yang took out the pieces of the Glazed Armor and gave it to Zhao Jing. He told Zhao Jing that if he valued their deal, Zhao Jing should know what to do. Zhao Jing said his son meant a lot to him and promised to double the pay.

Mo Huai Yang took the pieces of Glazed Armor from Zhao Jing’s hand. He angrily pointed out his disciples would most likely not listen to him after finding out he had an affiliation with Zhao Jing, Scorpion King and the Ghost Valley. Eventually, Zhao Jing promised to kill Scorpion King himself when everything’s over.

Window of Heaven

Duan Peng Ju tortured his former boss, Zhou ZI Shu. The audacity of this bitch. Interrogated him on what he did to Prince Jin. Zhou Zi Shu used Freezing Aroma Palm which would hurt Prince Jin’s heart meridians. This meant Prince Jin would be bedridden for the rest of his life. Only someone from Four Seasons Manor can fix it.

Duan Peng Ju was sure highly-skilled doctors should be able to cure the prince. Zhou Zi Shu mocked Duan Peng Ju for not knowing how powerful Zhou Zi Shu was. As a former subordinate, he should know better. If Zhou Zi Shu dies, Prince Jin would also die.

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