[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 29

[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 29

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Note: For the confused people like me, here’s a character guide.

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Ping’an Silver Manor

Zhou Zi Shu banged the door of Ping’an Silver Manor but it was empty.

Four Seasons Manor

Wen Ke Xing Struggles to Keep Han Ying Alive

Wen Ke Xing expended an enormous amount of qi to keep Han Ying alive. Cheng Ling looked extremely worried. Han Ying urged Wen Ke Xing to slow down in using his qi because it would cause him serious internal injury. Wen Ke Xing said Ah Xu would never let it go if Han Ying died. Ah Xu suffered enough when his former junior, Jiu Xiao, died. Cheng Ling asked Wen Ke Xing how to do it and he will do it himself. However, Cheng Ling had a weak internal force. Hence, it wouldn’t work at all.

Wen Ke Xing silently blamed himself for Han Ying’s fate. If he didn’t make and distribute the Glazed Armor replicas, Han Ying wouldn’t be set up by Prince Jin. Cheng Ling heard a noise and went outside to check out what’s happening.

Zhou Zi Shu Returns

Zhou Zi Shu saw the Window of Heaven lanterns in the sky. He immediately knew the Four Seasons Manor was under attack. Arrows rained from Four Seasons Manor. He ran to a higher place and saw the Twenty-Eight-Constellation Array designed by Long Que (as briefly seen in episode 24) was activated. He arrived and saw Cheng Ling was the one who activated it. I’m so proud! Zhou Zi Shu gave Cheng Ling more instructions.

Post-Spring Festival Emotional Meltdown # 1

Ah Xu checked Han Ying’s pulse. He’s dead. Wen Ke Xing refused to let Han Ying go. Ah Xu had to yell at Wen Ke Xing before he snapped out of it. Wen Ke Xing was extremely weak and could barely stand up. He confessed Han Ying broke his own heart meridians and died. Wen Ke Xing blamed himself for Han Ying’s death. If he didn’t duplicate the Glazed Armor and brought chaos to the world, it wouldn’t have happened. Wen Ke Xing suddenly remembered the time his parents died and fainted. Ah Xu checked his pulse and found out Wen Ke Xing’s sea of qi was empty.

Post-Spring Festival Emotional Meltdown # 2

Cheng Ling ran inside the room, reported a part of their defense wasn’t fixed yet and asked for instructions. Upon noticing both Wen Ke Xing and Han Ying lying unconscious on the bed, he asked what happened. Zhou Zi Shu grabbed Cheng Ling’s arm and asked him to listen. Cheng Ling defensively shrugged his master’s hand and refused to listen. The last time Cheng Ling saw his dad, Zhang Yu Sen, he had the same expression as Zhou Zi Shu. Cheng Ling said he’d rather die with Zhou Zi Shu than live alone. Zhou Zi Shu convinced him the Window of Heaven was only there to capture him, not kill him. He’s Prince Jin’s cousin and former leader of Window of Heaven.

Cheng Ling desperately tried to wake up Wen Ke Xing. Zhou Zi Shu asked Cheng Ling to keep it together. Wen Ke Xing over-consumed his internal force which drove him to the edge of going mad. If his condition couldn’t be regulated in time, he would lose his martial arts or worse, die from it.

Members of Window of Heaven yelled outside requesting him to meet Prince Jin. The only way to save Zhou Zi Shu would be for Wen Ke Xing to wake up and recover. Hence, he had to take care of Wen Ke Xing. This somewhat calmed Cheng Ling down.

Zhou Zi Shu stepped out of the manor to meet Duan Peng Ju and his entire army.

Forest at the foot of Mount Qing Feng

Wei Xiang couple strolled around the foot of Mount Qing Feng. Cao Wei Ning recited lines of poem out of happiness. Ah Xiang was amused and looked a little bit distressed. Cao Wei Ning took noticed and asked if he was missing Wen Ke Xing and Ah Xu. Ah Xiang said she was unaccustomed to such a peaceful life and kind people who treat her well. Everything went well, she was afraid it would be gone one day. Cao Wei Ning promised he won’t leave her. Ah Xiang looked so in love.

Suddenly they heard the alarm. Gentle Wind Sword Sect was under attack. Ah Xiang heard the drug men and immediately knew it was the Scorpion.

Drug Men already wrecked havoc all over Mount Qing Feng. Dead clan members of Gentle Wind Sword Sect were scattered all over the manor. Cao Wei Ning and Ah Xiang arrived at the manor, found two survivors and ran for their safety.

Outside Four Seasons Manor

Duan Peng Ju expressed his useless thoughts over Zhou Zi Shu’s former glory, betrayal of Prince Jin and Han Ying’s exceptional loyalty. As they were talking, Duan Peng Ju made Zhou Zi Shu watch Four Seasons Manor burn. He relayed Prince Jin’s Decree:

If he loves his sword that much, break it. If he can’t depart from his home, then ruin it.

Prince Jin’s

Zhou Zi Shu reminisced how he founded the Window of Heaven. Together with Prince Jin, he aimed to sacrifice himself to bring a ray of sunshine into the dark world. Now, ten years of his hard work caused a sea of blood.

Mount Qing Feng

Survivors of the Gentle Wind Sword Sect gathered inside an ancient cave that somewhat served like a panic room. Ah Xiang and Cao Wei Ning arrived and hid together with other survivors. Apparently, women were forbidden to get in there. Was it forbidden for women to be safe from Drug Men? Or was there a separate panic room for women? IDK. Anyway, Fan Huai Kong made an exception for Ah Xiang.

Ah Xiang saw Fan Huai Kong’s injury from the Drug Men. She gave her share of antidote to him. Fan Huai Kong asked further about the Drug Men. She explained the origin and the type of monster Drug Men were. Fan Huai Kong immediately expressed his hatred towards the Ghost Valley. Four members of the Ghost Valley attacked the night before. Mo Huai Yang defended their territory. Fan Huai Kong consoled Ah Xiang to not be afraid, the cave would keep them safe.

Cao Wei Ning couldn’t find Mo Huai Yang around, sat beside Fan Huai Kong and asked for his master’s whereabouts. A random clan member said Mo Huai Yang went up the hill to save them. He witnessed their Master walked into the crowd of the Drug Men. And then, he just disappeared. Cao Wei Ning was low-key panicking. Fan Huai Kong reassured him with the clan leader’s superior martial arts, Drug Men won’t harm him. If the clan leader kills Wen Ke Xing, he might be able to collapse the entire army.

Cao Wei Ning was beyond shocked to hear Wen Ke Xing as the Ghost Valley Chief. He asked Fan Huai Kong to repeat the name. Instead, Ah Xiang repeated the Ghost Valley Chief’s name.

Four Seasons Manor’s Ruins

Cheng Ling and Wen Ke Xing were safe in the adytum. Wen Ke Xing had another dream about his past.

Wen Ke Xing’s Dream / Flashback

In his dream he met Zhao Jing and took him to their home while they were hiding. Zhen Ru Yu was happy to see him. Gu Miao Miao stepped away to make him some tea. Zhen Yan stepped out to play. Upon hearing a commotion inside the house, he eavesdropped. Z

hao Jing asked for the key. Gu Miao Miao immediately figured out Zhao Jing killed Rong Xuan. Gao Chong would never do such a thing. Zhao Jing attacked Gu Miao Miao and Zhen Ru Yu. He still pushed his luck in convincing the Zhen couple that giving him the key would be in their best interest to heal Zhen Ru Yu.

Gu Miao Miao said Zhao Jing should take care of himself first. She poisoned him with her tea. She gave him the antidote which he had to take for three months. It would cause him so much pain. Zhao Jing left. Zhen Yan ran to his parents, cried and apologized.

Wen Ke Xing woke up, ran outside and yelled he’s gonna kill him (Zhao Jing). Cheng Ling ran after him.

Bei Yuan and Da Wu Arrives at Four Seasons Manor

Meanwhile, Da Wu and Bei Yuan (a.k.a Prince Qi) just arrived. Da Wu found one charred body inside. It was Han Ying’s but they didn’t know that yet. Bei Yuan refused to believe it was Zhou Zi Shu. Prince Jin wouldn’t kill his cousin. Da Wu reminded him that Prince Jin also sent an assassin to kill Bei Yuan in the past. It wouldn’t be impossible for Prince Jin to do that. Bei Yuan figured it could be just one of the Four Seasons Manor’s disciples. Da Wu revealed all 81 members of Four Seasons Manor were dead and persecuted by Prince Jin. Afterwards, Zhou Zi Shu left the Window of Heaven and roamed the world. Da Wu intentionally hid the information from him.

Prince Qi and Da Wu meets Zhou Zi Shu’s Disciple

Cheng Ling chased Wen Ke Xing out in the open field. Ping’an recognized Cheng Ling as Zhou Zi Shu’s disciple. Da Wu and Bei Yuan approached Cheng Ling and introduced themselves. Cheng Ling immediately informed Prince Qi the men of the Window of Heaven took his master Zhou Zi Shu away. His uncle master Wen Ke Xing had gone mad. He asked for their help.

Da Wu chased Wen Ke Xing and knocked him unconscious.

Mount Qing Feng Panic Cave

Ah Xiang and Cao Wei Ning were not on speaking terms. Mo Weixu delivered them food and noticed that the Wei Xiang couple were in the middle of a lovers spat. He could not believe they had the time to fight at such a critical time. Although they were safe inside the cave, they were running out of food. Cao Wei Ning suggested to go out and fight to death while they still have strength. If they wait til they were too hungry, it would be useless. Fan Huai Kong believed their master would be able to save them from the outside. If they get no news the next day, they would go outside and fight to death.

Mo Weixu advised Cao Wei Ning to protect Ah Xiang and let her escape to safety. The century-long history of the Gentle Wind Sword Sect couldn’t stop at that generation. She could take all the secret book and scripts to her master and continue the Gentle Wind Sword Sect legacy.

Ah Xiang interrupted their conversation. She would not flee and fight to death together with the Gentle Wind Sword Sect clan members. Ah Xiang even advised not to underestimate her just because she’s a girl.

I mean, Look at her! How can you not love her?

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