[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 28

[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 28

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Note: For the confused people like me, here’s a character guide.

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Hedong, Lichun Palace

Prince Jin was examining a piece of Glazed Armor when he a guard informed him Commander Han Ying came to see him. He immediately allowed him to come in. Men carried Han Ying lying down on the wooden stretcher. Prince Jin asked why Han Ying lost contact for so long. Han Ying apologized and claimed his team was tracked, ambushed and he was the only one who survived. Prince Jin looked heartbroken and angrily asked who was responsible for this mess. However, as soon as Han Ying blurted out “The Scorpion”, Prince Jin’s facial expression changed. He knew Han Ying was lying. Han Ying sensed this Prince Jin didn’t believe him as well. He added there might be spies in Window of Heaven but he couldn’t inform Duan Peng Ju because he wasn’t in the city.

Prince Jin informed him Duan Peng Ju followed Han Ying’s team after not hearing from him for a long time. Han Ying apologized and asked to be punished. Since Han Ying brought a piece of Glazed Armor to Prince Jin, he decided to send Han Ying home and promised to award him later. Panic was visible on Han Ying’s face. He knew Prince Jin was suspicious of him.

Chongwu Palace

Duan Peng Ju and Zhao Jing had a meeting in Chongwu Palace. Scorpion King listened from the front door. Zhao Jing revealed Ghost Valley as the location of the Armory’s key to Duan Peng Ju. Zhao Jing also hypothesized aloud that three pieces of the Glazed Armor were probably in the Ghost Valley including the Glazed Armor he also lost.

Out of this theory, Zhao Jing attempted to gain Prince Jin’s favor by offering to take down the Ghost Valley to repay Prince Jin. Peng Ju expressed his good faith in the cause and they both drank to the agreement. Zhao Jing pleaded on behalf of Five Lakes Alliance for Prince Jin to turn a blind eye on Gao Chong’s shortcomings. Peng Ju was quick to agree to wipe off the past and start on a clean slate.

Duan Peng Ju hinted Prince Jin needed capable men in his team such as Marquis and State Perceptor. This would be within Zhao Jing’s reach if he could prove himself.

Hedong, Lichun Palace

Late at night, Han Ying snuck into Prince Jin’s room. Little did he know he was being followed by another assassin from Window of Heaven. Han Ying rummaged through Prince Jin’s belongings, took the Glazed Armor and found a letter.

Chongwu Palace

Duan Peng Ju left. Scorpion King found Zhao Jing tipsy and asked the maids to bring them a pot of tea. Zhao Jing informed Scorpion King that the Window of Heaven have the piece of Glazed Armor from Long-Tongued Ghost. He happily announce the alliance. Prince Jin had a wide influence in the northwest region and had a strong army. This would be a great help in wiping out the Ghost Valley.

Scorpion King looked worried but he didn’t respond. Zhao Jing caught this and asked if he was still angry from their last meeting. Watery-eyed Scorpion King still desperately sought reassuring words from his father. Zhao Jing obliged and promised to stand by him in the future and handle challenges together.

Zhao Jing explained how they had to manipulate Duan Peng Ju first and get to the good side of Prince Jin. The possibility of being a State Preceptor sounded tempting but only if Prince Jin succeeds. Prince Jin was plotting treason. This would mean if Zhao Jing gets caught, his entire family would be exterminated. Scorpion King insisted fortune should be sought in danger. Zhao Jing made a decision of reassuring Duan Peng Ju first and then take action at the right time. However, if Prince Jin succeeded, he would have many options besides them. Since Scorpion King wasn’t formally acknowledged as Zhao Jing’s son in public, he proposed to pledge his loyalty to Prince Jin. If the plan was successful, Zhao Jing would benefit from it. Should things go south, Scorpion King could suffer the consequences alone and leave Zhao Jing’s reputation squeaky clean.

Hedong, Lichun Palace

Prince Jin’s Chambers

A guard reported to Prince Jin about Han Ying’s betrayal and late night conquest. Han Ying spent a long time snooping around Prince Jin’s belongings. Prince Jin decided not to arrest Han Ying. Instead, he instructed for them to follow Han Ying around and see who else he’s working with. Prince Jin knew Han Ying loyalty lies with Zhou Zi Shu and he was waiting to see what would happen next.

Maybe Zhou Zi Shu’s old room

Han Ying found out that Prince Jin wanted the Glazed Armor because it could cure Zhou Zi Shu’s wounds. He vowed to find all the pieces even if it meant risking his own life. Why did he have to sneak around Lichun Palace if they both wanted to cure Zhou Zi Shu???

Chongwu Palace, Duan Peng Ju’s Guest Chamber

Looks like Duan Peng Ju was busy running around Yueyang Sect. He had a private meeting with an old lover, Evil Bodhisattva. Based on their conversation, Prince Jin was interested in using the Drug Men (zombies) to build an army and Duan Peng Ju failed to extract an information from Evil Bodhisattva.

Scorpion King who seemed to be offended asked Duan Peng Ju why Prince Jin asked Zhao Jing instead of him for help.

Spring Festival’s Eve

Four Seasons Manor, Gentle Winds and Light Clouds

Meanwhile, Cheng Ling and Wen Ke Xing decorated and thoroughly cleaned the Four Seasons Manor for the upcoming Spring Festival. Ah Xu sat down and did nothing because he had a cast on his left arm.

Chongwu Palace

Zhao Jing had fireworks in front of the Chongwu Palace. People brought large crates inside Chongwu palace. Those looked like offerings or gifts.

Four Seasons Manor

Wen Ke Xing cooked meals for the spring festival. He got annoyed over doing all the cooking. Then, amused himself by watching Cheng Ling’s failed attempt to kill a chicken.

Breeze Pavilion

It was already evening. Spring festival was right around the corner and fireworks lit up the sky. Ah Xiang was home alone, bored and missing Wen Ke Xing. Fan Huai Kong, Mo Weixu and Cao Wei Ning brought her lots of food. She felt overwhelmed and welcomed by Fan Huai Kong and Mo Weixu.

Chongwu Palace

Zhao Jing was drunk and had an emotional melt down in front of the memorial tablets of his dead comrades. Remember Original Glazed Armor Homies ? (see episode 19 for more info) He disrespected the memorial tablets by pouring wine, spitting and peeing. Scorpion King caught him peeing on Rong Xuan’s tablet. Enraged Zhao Jing pushed him out immediately.

For a split second, he saw every memorial tablet of the had an item in front of them. Scorpion King quickly recalled Tragicomic Ghost saying Zhao Jing liked keeping one trophy for every person he killed. Tragicomic Ghost was able to guess some of them correctly. He realized Tragicomic Ghost wasn’t lying. Scorpion King was also in one of the schemes Zhao Jing planned and the piece of Glazed Armor around his neck was the trophy. Whether he realized it or not, he would likely end up dead if he continued blindly trusting Zhao Jing.

Four Seasons Manor, Qiyang Teahouse

Wen Ke Xing, Ah Xu and Cheng Ling were all emotional and happily spent their Spring Festival with all the food that Wen Ke Xing cooked. Cheng Ling thought he would never have a home again (after the Mirror Lake Sect wipeout). Both Wen Ke Xing and Zhou Zi Shu probably never had a decent Spring Festival for a long time.

Wen Ke Xing and Zhou Zi Shu happily drank their wine and watched the fireworks lit up the sky. Cheng Ling went out to play and found Han Ying. Han Ying was severely injured.

All three of them took Han Ying to a room and treated him. Han Ying took out a piece of Glazed Armor and gave it to Zhou ZI Shu. According to Han Ying’s investigation, Yin Yang Book of the Healer Valley can cure all the intractable diseases in this world by saving one’s life with another and converting Yin and Yang. Zhou Zi Shu couldn’t care less about Han Ying’s ramblings. He asked what happened since they got separated in Yueyang.

In the Window of Heaven, someone recognized Zhou Zi Shu at the Heroes Conference in Yueyang. Han Ying intercepted this information. Han Ying killed them all and framed it to the Scorpion. Unfortunately, Prince Jin saw through that. Before Han Ying escaped, he stole the Glazed Armor for Zhou Zi Shu. Window of Heaven discovered Han Ying. Thus, his current condition.

Han Ying also disclosed the content of a letter he found in Prince Jin’s study. The former Prince Jin secretly executed Zhou Zi Shu’s father for treason. The former Prince Jin was Zhou ZI Shu’s father’s best friend. He couldn’t believe it. Han Ying stood by what he read. He also insisted on finding the pieces of Glazed Armor to heal Zhou Zi Shu. And again, Han Ying mentioned, he’d happily die for Zhou Zi Shu.

Wen Ke Xing reminded Ah Xu that Da Wu was on the way. He could heal Ah Xu and Han Ying. Zhou Zi Shu said he would rush to Ping’an to send a message to Da Wu to hurry. Wen Ke Xing promised to do his best to keep Han Ying alive.

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