[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 27

[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 27

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Note: For the confused people like me, here’s a character guide.

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Forest A Little Bit Away from Four Seasons Manor

The Revelation of Wen Ke Xing’s Identity

Wen Ke Xing solemnly played his flute and reminisced the good days in Four Seasons Manor. The painting restoration, the house cleaning and all that domestic bliss he had with Ah Xu and Cheng Ling.

Ye Bai Yi arrived in the forest. Zhou Zi Shu waited for him and apologized for making Ye Bai Yi looking like a fool in front of Da Wu. He had his own reasons for not being able to visit Nanjiang to seek medical treatment. Ye Bai Yi didn’t care about the wasted trip to repay the favor he owed Wen Ke Xing. He asked Zhou Zi Shu if he was aware of Wen Ke Xing’s identity.

Ye Bai Yi revealed Wen Ke Xing’s identity as Ghost Valley Chief. He informed Zhou Zi Shu about the brochure. Zhou Zi Shu’s indifference to the news and defending Wen Ke Xing’s name gave away he already knew this. He said Wen Ke Xing was his junior first before entering the Ghost Valley. Ye Bai Yi pointed out rampant bloodshed across the martial arts world because of the Ghost Valley. If Zhou Zi Shu only saw the brotherhood between them, where’s justice?

Zhou Zi Shu said although Wen Ke Xing was part of the Ghost Valley, he hasn’t lost his nature. Wen Ke Xing shouldn’t be held entirely responsible for the sins of the Ghost Valley. Ye Bai Yi believed that surviving in such a vile place and even more so, becoming a chief, It was impossible to retain his nature. As the chief, he should be held responsible for sins the three thousand ghosts committed. Ye Bai Yi pledged to exterminate the Ghost Valley should they bring trouble to the martial arts world one day.

Four Seasons Manor Won’t Welcome Grandpa Ye Bai Yi

Zhou Zi Shu respectfully asked Ye Bai Yi to bring it on. He would protect Wen Ke Xing and take half of his punishment. Ye Bai Yi attacked Zhou Zi Shu and easily threw him to the ground. Zhou Zi Shu drew his sword chased Ye Bai Yi and forbid him to enter the Four Seasons Manor over his dead body. Ye Bai Yi drew his sword. They fought each other a little more.

Meanwhile, Wen Ke Xing sensed a disturbance in another part of the forest and went there.

Ye Bai Yi easily (and repeatedly) won over Zhou Zi Shu. He said if Huai Zhang were still alive, he would not let Zhou Zi Shu tarnish the reputation of the Four Seasons Manor. Zhou Zi Shu laughed and said if his master were still alive, both of them would stand together against Ye Bai Yi.

Wen Ke Xing Arrives

Wen Ke XIng came just in time to rescue Zhou Zi Shu but he was also easily defeated. Ye Bai Yi, as a form of mercy, told Wen Ke Xing he could take his own life. Wen Ke Xing refused and told Ye Bai Yi to kill him instead. After being killed, he would turn into a devil and entangle with the damn world. You know, his usual lines when he wanted someone to kill him. Both men could barely stand. Ye Bai Yi was willing to oblige. However, this line was born.

And along with other lines of Ye Bai Yi had no right to judge Wen Ke Xing because he had a traumatic childhood caused by a debt owed by Qin Huai Zhang from the Zhen family. Then, the discussion went a little philosophical when Ye Bai Yi said he would also obliterate the ghosts of Ghost Valley. Zhou Zi Shu pointed out that Ye Bai Yi could eradicate the Ghost Valley, but could he eradicate the greed and filth in their hearts?

According to Zhou Zi Shu, if his master were alive, he would only guide Wen Ke Xing towards kindness to make up for the mistakes he made. And that Ye Bai Yi didn’t deserve Qin Huai Zhang’s friendship at all.

Me: You’re telling me you’re gonna let Cheng Ling be orphan again for the second time?! You heartless monsters!
Also Me: *a 2 second flashback from episode 11*

Moving on, Ye Bai Yi changed his mind and didn’t kill Wen Ke Xing on one condition, he must stay in Four Seasons Manor at all times. If he does not, Ye Bai Yi would kill him. And with that, grandpa Ye Bai Yi left.

Injured WenZhou Couple Confession time

Wen Ke Xing apologized for not telling Zhou Zi Shu his real identity. He actually wanted to tell him. Zhou ZI Shu asked if he didn’t guess what Wen Ke Xing was up to, what would he have done.

Aww. Have you seen Zhou Zi Shu this happy? Like they didn’t almost die 10 seconds ago? Bitch, my heart!

Wen Ke Xing asked if Ah Xu intentionally sent him away to stop Ye Bai Yi from entering the manor. Ah Xu didn’t respond, he just looked down which meant that was a yes. Wen Ke Xing asked what if he couldn’t stop him (because obviously, both of them separately or combined couldn’t). Ah Xu told him to make a guess and smiled. They both laughed. This meant, he’d do the same thing as Wen Ke Xing (fight Ye Bai Yi to death).

The injured couple gingerly walked back home while complaining about their injuries like old people.

Breeze Pavilion

Letter from WenZhou

Ah Xiang and Cao Wei Ning enjoyed their little domestic bliss at the small pavilion provided by Gentle Wind Sword Sect. Mo Weixu arrived and delivered a telegram from Zhou Zi Shu and Wen Ke Xing. Ah Xiang immediately took the letter, told Mo Weixu that Zhou Zi Shu and Wen Ke Xing were sketchy people and that she didn’t like Cao Wei Ning hanging out with bad influence men like them. Of course, Wei Ning looked very confused.

Mo Weixu invited Cao Wei Ning for a private conversation and left.

Breeze Pavilion, Cao Wei Ning and Mo Weixu

Mo Weixu asked further about Ah Xiang’s identity. He asked about her master but refused to disclose their identities as it was a secret. In the most respectful way Weixu could muster, he observed the way Ah Xiang talked and acted were “somehow evil”. Cao Wei Ning didn’t take this lightly and defended Ah Xiang. Mo Weixu said this out of concern. The martial arts world was in chaos and they had to be extra cautious. Weixu tried hard not to tell the reason why Mount Qing Feng was blocked.

Cao Wei Ning said it’s because Gao Chong entrusted the Glazed Armor to Mo Huai Yang. He said he could be dumb sometimes but he figured this out and understood the grave importance of their responsibility. Cao Wei Ning, as the member of the sect, would risk his life for it. However, judging Ah Xiang was unacceptable for him. Mo Weixu just wanted to know the truth. Cao Wei Ning said he would respect Ah Xiang if there were things she didn’t want to tell him. He’s been through a lot with her and it should be enough for him to figure out what kind of person she was. He gave a respectful bow and asked Mo Weixu to respect his decision. Weixu smiled at him.

Four Seasons Manor

Wen Ke Xing was in the tub, Zhou Zi Shu was in the same room but they were separated by a translucent folding screen. Cheng Ling entered the room and suggested to his master to burn the house of the bandits who beat them up. Ah Xu told him not to worry because all the bandits were killed by Wen Ke Xing. When Cheng Ling left, Wen Ke Xing said he couldn’t believe Cheng Ling fell for that lousy lie. What kind of bandits would hurt them? Ah Xu said he wasn’t good at making up lies. And speaking of lies, Wen Ke Xing confessed he didn’t want to lie to Cheng Ling anymore.

Ah Xu approached Wen Ke Xing but he asked Ah Xu to stay where he was. Some words couldn’t be easily said when he’s looking at Ah Xu.

Ghost Valley Master’s Mirror Lake Sect Confession (this looked like a luxurious confession booth LOL)

Wen Ke Xing was part of the reason for Cheng Ling’s broken family. He didn’t exterminate the Mirror Lake Sect but he wrote the nursery rhyme. He knew the news would spread. All those who want the Armory would target the Five Lakes Alliance. Though Wen Ke XIng didn’t kill them, they died because of him. What he did to Cheng Ling was no different from what the Five Lakes Alliance did to him as Zhen Yan.

Ah Xu asked if Wen Ke Xing knew who wiped out the Mirror Lake Sect. Wen Ke Xing didn’t know. Ah Xu suggested a plan. After Da Wu cures Ah Xu, they would find out the truth together and avenge the Zhangs’ death. When that day comes, Wen Ke Xing could explain it to Cheng Ling. But if Cheng Ling hated him and blamed him anyway, Wen Ke Xing should take it. Wen Ke Xing didn’t oppose to the plan. Looked like they were going with that.

After that, Ah Xu told him to cook after the bath.

Wen Ke Xing smiled to himself when Ah Xu left.

Chongwu Palace

The WeiXiang News

Scorpion King delivered an interesting news to Zhao Jing. The maid of Wen Ke Xing, the Amethyst Fiend, Gu Xiang, followed Cao Wei Ning to Mount Qingfeng. Gentle Wind Sword Sect sealed the mountain. Mo Huai Yang isolated himself for half a year. No one has seen him. Scorpion King offered to personally go to investigate. However, Zhao Jing said it was unnecessary. Mo Huai Yang would still have to attend the next Heroes Conference due to the Gentle Wind Sworld Sect’s allegiance to Five Lakes Alliance.

Gao Chong clearly gave Mo Huai Yang three of the Glazed Armors. Since Amethyst Fiend tagged along in Mount Qing Feng, the Ghost Valley Master figured this out, too. Scorpion King suggested to wipeout the Gentle Wind Sword Sect. Zhao Jing was against it. Mo Huai Yang had excellent martial arts skills. Scorpion King wasn’t gonna fight them alone. He said, as a last resort, he could use a group of Drug Men (zombies) and turn the entire Gentle Wind Sword Sect to a dead realm.

The Fight

Zhao Jing was enraged. The Scorpion already assassinated for a living which was already taboo. Using demon tricks to control people’s mind and creating Drug Men as weapons was unforgivable and would be punished by the heavens. Every single Drug Men must be destroyed and no evidence should link back to Zhao Jing. Otherwise, his reputation would suffer and everyone would be after him.

Scorpion King was stunned by Zhao Jing’s words. When Scorpion King was useful, he was Zhao Jing’s beloved son. When he’s not, he’d be kicked away. Zhao Jing neither confirmed nor denied and refused to comment on it. Zhao Jing warned Scorpion King if everything he ruined all Zhao Jing’s hard work but Scorpion King interrupted him. In a mocking tone he asked if Zhao Jing would kill him. He even offered his neck to Zhao Jing. Zhao Jing slapped him and called him “Unfilial Son”. Zhao Jing couldn’t believe he’d say such a cruel thing when he left his Glazed Armor with Scorpion King. He sent him out of his chambers.

Breeze Pavilion

It was raining. Cao Wei Ning stared into the forest from their villa. Ah Xiang asked about his conversation with Mo Weixu. He gave her a generic answer. He asked her about the letter. She said it was about the WenZhou couple’s safe arrival in Four Seasons Manor but she refused to show him the letter because she’s afraid Cao Wei Ning would follow their bad example (IDK what bad example could they write that Cao Wei Ning hasn’t seen yet but OK, let’s support Ah Xiang and her secretive energy for now LOL.). Cao Wei Ning disagreed to this statement and said the WenZhou couple were brilliant couple of soulmates. Shipper! Ah Xiang admitted defeat and changed the subject. She asked if he told his senior about Wen Ke Xing and Zhou Zi Shu. He promised Ah Xiang not to spill her master’s identities. Plus, his masters were not common people who believed in rumors. Cao Wei Ning reassured Ah Xiang they won’t have negative opinion of her. (Is that something you should be promising tho?)

WenZhou Family Domestic Life Chronicles

The WenZhou couple and Cheng Ling were having a meal in a restaurant when Ping’an approached their table. He informed Zhou Zi Shu that it would take a few more days before Da Wu reached Kun. If all goes well according to Prince Qi, they should make it in time for the Spring Festival.

Ye Bai Yi sent another letter addressed to Zhou Zi Shu. Cheng Ling recognized the Token of Honor. Ye Bai Yi would lead the reopening of the Heroes Conference to wipe out the Ghost Valley. Cheng Ling got so excited he wanted to join.

Four Seasons Manor

That night, Wen Ke Xing found Ah Xu grinding a dried out Drunk Like a Dream to make a medicine out of it. Wen Ke Xing decided to pull a prank on Ah Xu. Zhou Zi Shu directly told him..

Wen Ke Xing knew there would be a battle between the good and the evil someday, so he sent Ah Xiang and some of the ghosts away. Apart from that, whether the righteous people were to wipe out the Ghost Valley had nothing to do with him. Letting evil ghosts and monsters perish early would do no harm to the world.

Wen Ke Xing was more concerned about keeping the secret from Cheng Ling. Since Ah Xu shared the secret, they’re in the same boat. They have to confess together after they found who wiped out the Mirror Lake Sect. Ah Xu made fun of the merciless Ghost Valley Master who turned into a sentimental man who felt sorry keeping a secret from a kid. Yet, he didn’t feel sorry keeping a secret from Ah Xu. He threw some Drunk Like a Dream leaves to Wen Ke Xing’s direction. Wen Ke Xing laughed and said he already felt sleepy and left.

Wen Ke Xing saw Cheng Ling practicing his martial arts in the middle of the night.

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