[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 26

[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 26

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Note: For the confused people like me, here’s a character guide.

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Zhen Yan Flashback

Neighborhood kids bullied Zhen Yan and Yiguo, the dog Zhou Zi Shu left him. The kids were about to hurt the puppy. Suddenly, a young man appeared out of nowhere saved him and returned Yiguo to Zhen Yan. The man attempted to verify if the his last name but Zhen Yan denied it.

Four Seasons Manor

Wen Ke Xing’s Weird Dreams

Wen Ke Xing woke up from his sleep. He noticed the flashbacks in his dreams were caused by “Drunk Like A Dream” incense. Of course, he’s still weirded out by it and wondered why that was so.

Cheng Ling & his dads

Wen Ke Xing walked outside and found Cheng Ling practicing his Martial arts very early in the morning. Cheng Ling couldn’t sleep over his thoughts about the Ghost Valley. He’s filled with grief and sad anger and blamed the Ghost Valley for his and everyone else misfortunes. Wen Ke Xing diverted Cheng Ling’s attention to martial arts and how Cheng Ling should improve his techniques. He also offered to get Drunk Like A Dream incense for Cheng Ling to sleep better. He also gave specific tips on Eight Trigram Palm, a Four Seasons Manor. Ah Xu caught him doing this and teased him about it.

They heard a knock on the front door. Cheng Ling ran to open it. A man from Ping’an Silver Manor arrived with a letter from Ye Bai Yi.

Scorpion King’s Lair

Changing Ghost, Happy Ghost and Black Changing Ghost confronted Scorpion King about the Brochure of Ghosts which exposed the identity, skills, origins and schools of the ghosts in Mount Qingya. Scorpion King initially feigned ignorance. However, after the ghosts refused to believe him, he admitted what they did. The ghosts figured out they were being cornered and that this was Zhao Jing’s way of breaking their alliance. Evil Bodhisattva taunted the ghosts and prevented them from getting out. Scorpion King commanded her to let them go.

As soon as the ghosts left, Evil Bodhisattva delivered the ingredients of Water of Lethe from Beauty Ghost.

WenZhou Family trip, Ping’an Silver Manor

Prince Qi and Da Wu

Zhou Zi Shu and the members of the Four Seasons Manor went to the Ping’an Silver Manor to read the telegram from Ye Bai Yi. Ping’an of Ping’an Silver Manor closed the front door and the room for privacy and addressed Zhou Zi Shu as Chief Zhou.

Zhou Zi Shu recognized the man and asked if he ran the Ping’an Silver Manor. Ping’an said he only overwatched 56 sub-manors in the Central Plain for Prince Qi. Zhou Zi Shu agreed he couldn’t possibly run the Ping’An Silver Manors all over the world. Zhou Zi Shu also couldn’t believe that Prince Qi was doing a business related to money. Ping’an revealed although the manor dealt with financial businesses, it mainly gathered information about the Central Plain for Da Wu. In fact, they used the mechanical birds Zhou Zi Shu taught Prince Qi how to make.

Zhou Zi Shu was surprised to find out Prince Qi was on his way to Kun. Confused Ping’an explained from his understanding, Zhou Zi Shu sent Ye Bai Yi to Da Wu because of Zhou Zi Shu’s poor health. The information reached Prince Qi. Hence, he decided to visit, too. Zhou Zi Shu looked very worried for Prince Qi to visit the Central Plains because of Prince Jin ( a map would’ve been really helpful, TBH ) Ping’an reassured Zhou Zi Shu Prince Qi and Da Wu are visiting with many bodyguards.

Ye Bai Yi’s Telegram

Wen Ke Xing asked if Zhou Zi Shu personally knew Da Wu and Prince Qi. As verified by Ping’an, not only they knew each other, they were lifelong friends. Ping’an also politely called out Zhou Zi Shu for not sending any messages to Prince Qi for a very long time. And now that he needed help, he sent Ye Bai Yi to talk Da Wu and Prince Qi when he could’ve gone to Najiang personally. He handed Ye Bai Yi’s letter to them. The first letter’s content was:

On Ye Bai Yi second letter, he said he would visit at winter solstice and ordered dumplings for his arrival. Zhou Zi Shu asked Ping’an what the letter meant. Ping’an said Prince Qi and Da Wu were collecting some precious medicine in Najiang. Since Ye Bai Yi couldn’t wait that long, he decided to come back in advance and sent this letter through the sub-manors in the South.

WenZhou Family Trip, post-Telegram meal

Cheng Ling was curious and asked about Prince Qi and Da Wu. If Zhou Zi Shu knew that Ye Bai Yi’s old friend was Da Wu, he could’ve spare him a trip there. And so, Zhou Zi Shu told them that Prince Qi and Da Wu were his old friends in Jin. They used to work for Prince Jin. But later, they were disappointed in Prince Jin, so they went to Najiang and never went back. Since Da Wu was good in medicine and secret witchcraft of Nanjiang, there would be a very good chance Da Wu could heal him. He didn’t ask for their help earlier because he really didn’t want to live until he met Cheng Ling and Wen Ke Xing.

Cheng Ling still didn’t get why Ye Bai Yi cursed in the letter. Wen Ke Xing explained that Ye Bai Yi took such a long journey to Nanjiang to look for doctors. After meeting Da Wu, he found out that the legendary figure who would hardly accept his invitation had owed Zhou Zi Shu a favor. The great Changming Sword Immortal eventually proved to be an errand boy. A man like him would feel so ashamed. Getting scolded was a kind of mercy.

Cheng Ling couldn’t care less on who invited anyone or who asked who for a favor. As long as Zhou Zi Shu got better, it was all that mattered. A lady took Zhou Zi Shu’s attention. Wen Ke Xing followed what Ah Xu was looking at and saw Yun Cai. He looked worried. Wen Ke Xing suggested he’d look for a painter to restore the painting in Four Seasons and told Ah Xu to take Cheng Ling home.

Somewhere in the wilderness, Ghost Valley Chief Returns

Yun Cai was one of the ladies Ah Xiang saved from Lovelace (see episode 4). Ghost Valley Chief went back to meet his people and found injured ghosts scattered everywhere. He asked Ghoul for the Brochure of Ghosts. Ghoul also informed him almost everyone in every sect had a copy of the brochure. The whole world was looking for them. They almost found every one scattered in the martial arts world. They hid in the wilderness while looking for Wen Ke Xing. In fact, if Ah Xiang didn’t take in Yun Cai who wasn’t in the brochure, no one would’ve looked for Zhou Zi Shu.

The book is too thin for 3000 ghosts. If everyone was in the book except Yun Cai, why was Ah Xiang excluded? She was basically Wen Ke Xing’s daughter. And why was the brochure too thin? The ratio was 1 ghost : 1 page.

Also, Ghoul thought the Top Ten Devils destroyed different sects together with the Ghost Valley Chief. Rumor has it Ghost Valley did it. Plus, no news were heard from Tragicomic Ghost and Beauty Ghost. Since there would be another Heroes Conference, Ghoul suggested to go back to Mount Qingya and prepare for defense.

Wen Ke Xing looked distressed.

Four Seasons Manor

Cheng Ling excitedly hugged Wen Ke Xing as soon as he arrived. He was starving and was waiting for Wen Ke Xing to make them dinner. Zhou Zi Shu asked if he found a painter. Wen Ke Xing lied and said he could not find one at the foot of the mountain. A painter just returned from Chang’an to Qingshui Town. Wen Ke Xing would visit him with the painting soon. He offered to teach Ah Xu how to cook since he won’t be able to make it home that day. Ah Xu refused because a nobleman should stay away from the kitchen. Ah Xu reassured Wen Ke Xing that Cheng Ling wouldn’t starve to death. If Wen Ke Xing wasn’t around, they’d just go to town for food.

Zhou Zi Shu walked away and told Wen Ke Xing to call him once the food was ready. Wen Ke Xing exaggerated his response. Zhou Zi Shu looked worried. He sensed something was wrong from the moment he saw Yun Cai. The fact that Wen Ke Xing said he won’t be back for dinner “looking for a painter” meant the Ghost Valley Chief was in serious trouble. Wen Ke XIng looked at the sunset. Cheng Ling asked him what’s wrong. He recited a poem.

Wen Ke Xing placed an arm around Cheng Ling and asked what he’d like to eat.

Scorpion King’s Lair

Beauty Ghost Came Back for her Master and Yu Qiu Feng

Beauty Ghost greeted Scorpion King’s main hall. He asked why Beauty Ghost was back. As Scorpion King promised (in episode 23), he would set her free if she gave him the recipe to the Water of Lethe which was given to him earlier in this episode. This also meant Beauty Ghost rejected the alliance proposed by Scorpion King in exchange of anything she wanted (also in episode 23).

Beauty Ghost begged for Tragicomic Ghost and Yu Qiu Feng’s freedom. In return, she would be a servant to Scorpion King. She could’ve taken the deal in episode 23. Scorpion King even promised to give her anything she wanted in exchange of her loyalty. He could promise her to never kill Tragicomic Ghost and Yu Qiu Feng. However, he couldn’t release them. No merit, no reward. Scorpion King challenged her to prove herself. If she does, he won’t mistreat her.


Scorpion King revealed to Beauty Ghost that the recipe she provided to him led to a discovery. The main component of Water of Lethe was a plant called Nepenthes. This was also the main ingredient to Drunk Like a Dream (see episode 6 for more info). Water of Lethe could make a person forget the thing / person they loved the most. Drunk Like a Dream could make a person see his / her greatest desire. This meant Drunk Like a Dream could counteract the effects of Water of Lethe and reveal the sealed memories.

This also explained why Wen Ke Xing had a flashback of his childhood in his dreams.

To avoid damaging her brain, Scorpion King had been administering a dose of Drunk Like a Dream to Tragicomic Ghost in form of an incense for the past seven days. Scorpion King’s real intention was to uncover the truth behind Luo Fu Meng’s relationship with Zhao Jing. However, it sounded like he knew what the truth was. He just didn’t want to admit it to himself yet.

WenXiang Travel Chronicles, Mount Qing Feng

Ah Xiang and Cao Wei Ning continued their journey to the Mount Qing Feng, Gentle Wind Sword Sect’s home. Ah Xiang complained about Mount Qing Feng being desolate. Fan Huaikong along with other Gentle Wind Sword Sect members unexpectedly greeted them. Fan Huai Kong was still talking to Cao Wei Ning when Ah Xiang interrupted the conversation introduced herself casually. Mo Weixu signaled her to greet with hold fist salute (an etiquette).

Fan Huai Kong might have been a little taken aback by the lack of manners from Ah Xiang. However, he along with the other young members with him welcomed her to their sect kindly. Since the sect were already expecting them, they prepared a small villa for her at the hillside. Unfortunately, Mo Huai Yang sealed off the mountain and guests were off limits.

Chongwu Palace

Zhao Jing had a meeting with other sect leaders. Scorpion King quietly entered the main hall and listened to them. Zhao Jing spotted Scorpion King and abruptly ended the meeting. Zhao Jing reprimanded Scorpion King for entering using the front hall. Scorpion King pointed out people knew about him, anyway. His status as the Five Lakes Alliance Leader was already stable. Covering his connection to The Scorpion was unnecessary. Zhao Jing argued that things weren’t settled yet. However, this made Scorpion King feel humiliated. After all, Zhao Jing used the same lines to the ghosts they just betrayed.

Zhao Jing placed a hand on Scorpion King’s shoulder. He asked Scorpion King what’s wrong or if he himself did anything wrong. He apologized for having The Scorpion work in the shadows. Then, he praised Scorpion King for making The Scorpion on par with The Window of Heaven as an assassins organization. Zhao Jing said he felt indebted to Scorpion King. Hence, he worked hard for both of them. Since Zhao Jing didn’t have a son, Scorpion King was the closest kin he had. Hence, he would eventually be Zhao Jing’s heir. Zhao Jing hugged Scorpion King. He told Scorpion King in the future he could be straightforward or lose his temper once in awhile but hurting him with cold words were unnecessary.

Scorpion King’s eyes were watery when he asked why did Zhao Jing lie to him. Zhao Jing asked what was he talking about. Scorpion King pushed him away asked what “If you don’t fail me,I won’t fail you” was about and took out a handkerchief with those words in Zhao Jing’s handwriting. Taken aback, Zhao Jing asked how Scorpion King got it. Yu Qiu Feng sent it to him. Zhao Jing said Yu Qiu Feng was cornering him.

Breeze Pavilion a.k.a The Small Villa at the hillside of Mount Qing Feng

Fan Huai Kong and Mo Weixu took Ah Xiang and Cao Wei Ning to the small villa. Fan Huai Kong said he could tell Ah Xiang learned martial arts and asked which sect she belonged to. Ah Xiang said she’s only a maid and didn’t belong to any sect. Her master only taught her some basic skills. Cao Wei Ning was closed to revealing Wen Ke Xing as her master but Ah Xiang stopped her.

Ah Xiang apologized her master led a reclusive life and she couldn’t disclose his identity. Fan Huai Kong was disappointed but Mo Weixu said there were different kinds of people in the world. Fan Huai Kong asked about Ah Xiang’s family. She sadly looked down and said she didn’t have one. She’s an orphan and her master didn’t want her anymore. Fan Huai Kong comforted her by saying Wei Ning was also an orphan. In the future, Cao Wei Ning and Ah Xiang could dedicate their lives to build their own happy home in the future. If it weren’t for the Mount Qing Feng’s seal, Fan Huai Kong would’ve chosen a date for them to get married.

Cao Wei Ning asked why the mountain was sealed. Fan Huai Kong happily told him to eat first to avoid the topic. It looked like Ah Xiang didn’t pass the interview session.

Chongwu Palace

The Zhao Jing and his Roller-coaster Love Life

Zhao Jing admitted he had an affair with Tragicomic Ghosts, Luo Fu Meng. She was a princess of the Neon Palace. He was a poor boy of a declining branch of Zhao. Her family disagreed on their marriage and grounded her. The handkerchief was a bloodletter sent to him by her to show him her will.

However, because of a vicious woman Li Yao (Zhao Jing forbid Scorpion King from calling her mother), their love fell apart. Li Yao blackmailed Zhao Jing. She would disclose his involvement in stealing in the armory. Since his friends’ identities were threatened to be exposed, he had no choice but to breakup with Fu Meng. He endured the humiliation of getting married to her.

Zhao Jing and his “Confessions”

Scorpion King asked if Zhao Jing knew that on the day of their wedding, Luo Fu Meng went crazy and slaughtered the Neon Palace? Zhao Jing told him the reason no one heard of her since then was because he tried so hard to find her and sent her to the Healer Valley for treatment. But when he tried to subdue her, he was badly hurt by her. Thus, his martial arts skills were stunted since then. He felt ashamed for ruining her life. This was the most painful memory and the biggest shame of Zhao Jing’s life and he wanted to take it to his grave. The other reason he hid it from Scorpion King was because he killed Li Yao. Scorpion King figured that out as well.

Zhao Jing admitted killing his wife, murdering his brothers and scourging the world. The world failed him. Hence, he’d do the same to the world. Zhao Jing held Scorpion King’s face with his hands, he said the little affection he had was for him. Zhao Jing cried. Scorpion King apologized and cried, too.

I really couldn’t figure out Scorpion King’s expression when he walked out in the palace grounds. He looked deranged while repeating “If you don’t fail me, I will not fail you.” to himself.

Scorpion King’s Lair

Tragicomic Ghost finally woke up and refused to be addressed as Master by Beauty Ghost. She knew Beauty Ghost pledged her loyalty to Scorpion King. Tragicomic Ghost asked Scorpion King if he found an answer. He said Zhao Jing blamed everything on Li Yao who threatened him with the secret of the armory. Luo Fu Meng laughed, amused at Zhao Jing’s consistent lying skills. She said her dad threatened Zhao Jing. Li Yao was just some stupid girl. She couldn’t hate Li Yao. If Luo Fu Meng married Zhao Jing, she could’ve been buried by now.

The Truth Behind Zhao Jing and Luo Fu Meng’s Love Story

The truth was, Zhao Jing decided to marry Li Yao and left Luo Fu Meng. She couldn’t believe that he went for Li Yao, a high-born girl. Luo Fu Meng’s dad saw her cry all day and he couldn’t bear it. So, he threatened Zhao Jing with the secret of the armory and lured him with the leadership of the Neon Palace. This was why Zhao Jing had to marry Luo Fu Meng. However, he conspired with the traitors of the Neon Palace palace and slaughtered the Neon Palace on their wedding day.

Beauty Ghost was low-key shookt. Scorpion King said the past couldn’t be verified. Neither of them had solid proof. If Zhao Jing was indeed cold-blooded as Fu Meng said, why would he spare her life? And why would he keep and cherish her blood letter? Luo Fu Meng said Zhao Jing was most proud ofhis ability to fool everyone around. He kept one trophy for every plot. She assume he had the ring of his master’s and the sword that poisoned Rong Xuan. There should also be something left by that stupid girl, Li Yao. Most likely, their love token. Because the mansion and all the riches she left behind wasn’t enough??? She told him to check it for himself.

Also, Tragicomic Ghost pointed out that Zhao Jing also gave a special token to Scorpion King prove his sincerity. Scorpion King clutched a part of Glazed Armor which hung on his neck and he kept safely tucked underneath his robes. All I can say is…

Four Seasons Manor

Cheng Ling excitedly brought up Ye Bai Yi’s visit the next day. He wanted to make the dumplings for Ye Bai Yi.

Lao Wen offered to buy the ingredients and cook food for Ye Bai Yi. Zhou ZI Shu instructed Lao Wen to hire a carriage to Qingshui Town to buy good food and liquor. Cheng Ling asked if he could tag along but his master forbade him to.

Chief Assassin drinks and he knows things…

After Ah Xu and Cheng Ling went to sleep, Ghost Valley Chief snuck out of the Four Seasons Manor.

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