[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 25

[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 25

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Note: For the confused people like me, here’s a character guide.

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Four Seasons Manor, WenZhou Date Night

Zhou Zi Shu woke up in the middle of the night and walked out of his room. He found Wen Ke Xing standing outside. Wen Ke Xing had a bad dream and couldn’t sleep either. And guess what, we either got a red herring or a foreshadowing.

Aww. He said forever. Somehow, that conversation led them to drinking together followed by an “advertisement” of Wolong’s nuts. According to the internet, if it wasn’t for Wolong’s Nuts’ support, the show wouldn’t have been possible. Anyway, through their conversation, they found out “Drunk Like A Dream” (see episode 6 for more info) had different effects for both of them. For Zhou Zi Shu, it sent him to bed, sound asleep. As for Wen Ke Xing, it gave him dreams about his past including his family and a nightmare with Drug Men biting him.

Both men reminisced the past. Four Seasons Manor became extinct. Wen Ke Xing said he followed Zhou Zi Shu because he used the Swift Moving Steps and drew the White Clothes (Bai Yi) Sword. The moment Ah Xu revealed to Wen Ke Xing his last name as “Zhou”, he said…

Zhou Zi Shu asked about Wen Ke Xing’s last name and how it transitioned from Zhen to Wen. Wen Ke Xing confirmed Ye Bai Yi’s theory (see episode 21). Zhen Ru Yu’s original family name was “Wen”. Since he got adopted in the Healer Valley, his last name was changed to “Zhen”. After their family’s sect expulsion, Wen Ke Xing chose his father’s original last name.

Zhou Zi Shu revealed his sad plan. Prior meeting Wen Ke Xing and Cheng Ling, he was going to wander around the world and drink himself to death to end his miserable life. At that moment, he was glad that both of them were back in Four Seasons Manor.

Zhou Zi Shu said if Ye Bai Yi could heal him, he would live in Four Seasons Manor forever. Respecting boundaries, Zhou Zi Shu said Wen Ke Xing would be welcome anytime.

WeiXiang Couple Travel Adventures

Cao Wei Ning Spotted Tao Hong and Lu Liu with Gao Xiao Lian. He’s sure they could beat the old couple. Apparently, Hanged Ghost’s Soul Winding Box broke each of Tao Hong and Lu Liu’s arms. I don’t remember when or how this happened. During their last encounter, both these oldies were fine.

Ah Xiang was reluctant to help them. Since the Ghost Valley members’ identities were exposed, she’s been trying to lie low. Cao Wei Ning was determined to save Gao Xiao Lian. The couple had an argument about Cao Wei Ning being not strong enough to defeat the oldies and it might cost them his life. Cao Wei Ning was ready to be beaten to death for loyalty and friendship. According to Ah Xiang, since they couldn’t use force, it would be smarter to outwit them. The plan was Cao Wei Ning would follow them while Ah Xiang would go to Broken Sword Manor to ask for help.

In the middle of the forest, Gao Xiao Lian Oldies’ Kidnap Crew

Tao Hong and a paralyzed Gao Xiao Lian rode a cart with Lu Liu steering the horse’s direction. They were surprised to meet Elder Huang in the middle of the forest. Lu Liu asked why Elder Huang was in the forest. The plan was to meet at the ruined temple in Great Stone Town. It turns out Elder Huang was hunted by The Scorpion. Zhao Jing tricked them. Elder Huang asked Gao Xiao Lian about the relationship between Zhao Jing and the Scorpion.

Gao Xiao Lian believed Zhao Jing sent Scorpion to get rid of Elder Huang, Tao Hong and Lu Liu to save her. Elder Huang pointed out Zhao Jing didn’t even responded to the message that Gao Xiao Lian was held hostage by them. Tao Hong panicked at the idea of risking their reputation for nothing. Elder Huang looked like he was panicking, too. None of events from the Heroes Conference to that moment went according to plan. He couldn’t believe that Zhao Jing wouldn’t care enough to exchange the Glazed Armor for Gao Xiao Lian.

Elder Huang told Gao Xiao Lian he would sell her to a brothel. Tao Hong infuriatingly opposed this idea and scolded Elder Huang. These old people were doing this out of vengeance. According to elder Huang, around twenty years ago, people lost their lives in the Battle of Mount Qingya because they were deceived by the Five Lake Alliance. The only child of Tao Hong and Lu Liu died from severe injuries in this battle. Gao Xiao Lian called Elder Huang. Tao Hong was against selling Gao Xiao Lian but she’s not above killing her.

In the middle of the forest, Gao Xiao Lian Rescue Squad

Cao Wei Ning watched as the entire conversation happened. As soon as Tao Hong mentioned to kill Gao Xiao Lian, he jumped out of his hiding place. He invited Elder Huang to come back to the righteous side. Cao Wei Ning also revealed all the clans were looking for Gao Xiao Lian. Elder Huang tried to trick them to leave Gao Xiao Lian to him, so he could reap all the benefits alone. Since Tao Hong and Lu Liu did all the dirty work, they wouldn’t let Elder Huang get rid of them easily. Three oldies broke into a fight. Meanwhile, Cao Wei Ning and Gao Xiao Lian took this opportunity to escape.

Elder Huang died. Gao Xiao Lian and Cao Wei Ning weren’t able to run that far when Tao Hong and Lu Liu caught up to them. Cao Wei Ning told Gao Xiao Lian to run away. He drew his sword and fought the old couple for around 2 minutes and lost. Gao Xiao Lian turned around and saw Wei Ning’s unconscious body lying on the ground. Shen Shen arrived in the scene just in time and fought the oldies.

Ah Xiang rushed to Cao Wei Ning and carefully placed him in a sitting position with his body leaning against a tree. Of course, Shen Shen won. Lu Liu spat blood, most likely out of qi and about to die. He told Tao Hong to run away. Tao Hong turned to Shen Shen and asked him to kill them both. Lu Liu begged Shen Shen to let go of his wife. Shen Shen agreed to kill them both. Gao Xiao Lian stopped him from doing so and asked if Tao Hong and Lu Liu really lost their son to the Battle of Mount Qingya. It was true.

In order for the circle of revenge to stop, Gao Xiao Lian asked for Tao Hong and Lu Liu’s freedom. Shen Shen angrily disagreed. Xiao Lian insisted the entire conspiracy was caused by Elder Huang. Tao Hong and Lu Liu were just victims. Since the Five Lakes Alliance owed the old couple a life. it made more sense to return it to them. Lu Liu promised to quit the martial arts world if Shen Shen let them go today. As long as she lived, Tao Hong swore she would exact revenge against the Five Lakes Alliance.

Shen Shen sheathed his sword and decided to forgive the old couple for Gao Xiao Lian and for keeping her safe. Since Gao Xiao Lian was not born before the Battle, he said the resentment of the last generation shouldn’t involve the kids. If the couple still wanted revenge on the Five Lake Alliance, Shen Shen told them to just go after him. He’d wait.

In the middle of the forest, post-Gao Xiao Lian Kidnap Drama

Ah Xiang asked Shen Shen to kill her. Gao Xiao Lian was confused on what was happening. Shen Shen asked for Wen Ke Xing’s location. Ah Xiang said she didn’t know. Anyone who was about to die wouldn’t lie. Gao Xiao Lian found out that Ah Xiang’s real identity. Amethyst Fiend, Gu Xiang was Wen Ke Xing, the Ghost Valley Chief’s loyal follower.

Shen Shen asked why Ah Xiang left Wen Ke Xing. Ah Xiang said she didn’t want to be a lonesome ghost anymore. She’d rather spend her life with Cao Wei Ning. After a little bit of speech on why she risked getting killed in Broken Sword Manor and how much she loved Cao Wei Ning, she asked Shen Shen to tell Cao Wei Ning that Elder Huang killed her.

Shen Shen took Gao Xiao Lian with him and left Cao Wei Ning and Ah Xiang on their own.

Four Seasons Manor

WenZhou family paid their respects to Qin Huai Zhang’s tomb. Cheng Ling knelt in front of the tomb and spoke to Qin Huai Zhang out loud. After awhile, he left with Zhou Zi Shu. Wen Ke Xing asked for some time alone. He had a monologue about his life, his suffering and how he felt unworthy to be part of Four Seasons Manor. He’d rather be evil and find his justice against fate. The hatred he felt kept him alive for years, made him the Ghost Valley Chief. Yet, despite every revenge he’d executed, his anger wasn’t alleviated.

Wen Ke Xing bowed three times in front of Qin Huai Zhang’s Tomb and thanked him for giving his life a moment of brightness.

WeiXiang Travel Adventures

Cao Wei Ning woke up from his sleep while Ah Xiang cooked them food. He worriedly asked about Xiao Lian. Ah Xiang reassured him she’s safe. The young couple had their moment. Wei Ning talked about his clan for a bit. Ah Xiang kept talking about their conflicting fates. Cao Wei NIng simply didn’t accept this and said he’d die for her. She was happy to hear that. This dude is so willing to die for so many things. (e.g. Fairy Ray Sect, Gao Xiao Lian and now, Ah Xiang.) WTF!

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