[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 24

[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 24

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Note: For the confused people like me, here’s a character guide.

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Four Seasons Manor

WenZhou family finally reached Four Seasons Manor. Ah Xiang wasn’t with them anymore. Upon almost reaching the manor, Zhou Zi Shu told them a story of how Mrs. Bi, Qin Huai Zhang’s wife, would beat his master when he messed around with the animals she raised in the mountain. This reminded Cheng Ling of his parents and the Mirror Lake Sect. His mom also loved animals. Wen Ke XIng placed an arm around his shoulders and they continued to walk towards the Manor.

Zhou Zi Shu was saddened by the desolate state of the manor. Cheng Ling tried to cheer him up by promising to clean it with Wen Ke Xing. They continued to walk around. Zhou Zi Shu showed Cheng Ling the Twenty-Eight-Constellation Array designed by Long Que. In case of attack, this would protect them against the intruders. Zhou Zi Shu gave them a tour around the manor along. He reminisced the old times and told Cheng Ling and Wen Ke Xing some stories. Cheng Ling noticed a painting with 81 plum blossoms in it. Zhou Zi Shu said these represented the Four Seasons Manors. The red ones represented the dead who died during his reign as the Leader of Four seasons manor.

WeiXiang Travel Chronicles

Ah Xiang was still irritable towards Cao Wei Ning. She left him with the two horses and wandered around on her own. She witnessed Mo Huai Yang beating up Zhu Yao Zhi, Gao Chong’s loyal supporter. Zhu Yao Zhi insisted Gao Chong was framed by other people. Mo Huai Yang said Wen Ke Xing kidnapped Cheng Ling during the Heroes Conference. Zhu Yao Zhi found it ridiculous. Wen Ke Xing was known as Cheng Ling’s savior and escorted him to Tai Lake. A man less than 33 years old couldn’t possibly be the Ghost Valley Chief.

Mo Huai Yang stated the Mirror Lake Sword Sect was destroyed by Wen Ke Xing and his minions. Then, he disguised as Cheng Ling’s savior and joined the Five Lakes Alliance. Gao Chong and the demon, Wen Ke Xing were allies all along. Zhao Jing gave an order to paint the appearances of all ten demons of Wen Ke Xing’s to show the martial arts world. Mo Huai Yang forced Zhu Yao Zhi to denounce his loyalty to Gao Chong. Luckily, Shen Shen arrived and protected him.

Ah Xiang walked back and found Cao Wei Ning patiently waiting for her on the side of the street. She asked Cao Wei Ning if he was serious about marrying her. Cao Wei Ning immediately said he’s serious. If his master didn’t approve of their relationship, Ah Xiang can kidnap him and they can elope. LOL.

Ah Xiang still had her reservations but decided to just stick to Cao Wei Ning until he found out her true identity.

Four Seasons Manor

Liquor Restocking Duo

Wen Ke Xing and Cheng Ling were on their way back to Four Seasons Manor after buying liquor for Ah Xu. Cheng Ling asked about the 81 disciples Zhou Zi Shu was talking about. Wen Ke Xing told Cheng Ling to respect Ah Xu’s privacy or his deepest pain. Zhou Zi Shu was either not ready to tell them, or he didn’t want to mention it.

Cheng Ling pointed out Wen Ke Xing and Zhou Zi Shu’s similarities. His master told him that a gentleman doesn’t pry on other people’s soft spots. In fact, Zhou Zi Shu specifically told him the same thing and never ask Wen Ke Xing about his parents. Upon realizing he did exactly what Zhou Zi Shu told him not to do, he apologized to Wen Ke Xing and addressed him as “Uncle Master”.

Cheng Ling was getting tired of walking around eggshells. So he asked, why did they have to solve riddles instead of clearing things up? Cheng Ling said Zhou Zi Shu instructed him not to call Wen Ke Xing “Uncle Master” before he’s willing to return to the sect. Then he asked why were they being so evasive? Wen Ke Xing rolled his eyes and walked away from Cheng Ling.

Zhen Yan Flashback

That night, Cheng Ling and his dads slept in the same room. Wen Ke Xing dreamt of his past again.

Zhen Yan walked towards the corpse of Zhen Ru Yu and Gu Miao Miao’s, pushing Tragicomic Ghost aside. Zhen Ru Yu laid on his back with his eyes wide open. His mom was on her belly with a spear piercing her pack. They were surrounded by ghosts from Ghost Valley. He shook his parents’ corpse to wake them up. Zhen Yan yelled at everyone to kill him and he didn’t want to live anymore. He grabbed the former Ghost Valley Chief’s clothes and told the same thing. He said he would turn into the fiercest ghost and hunt all of them down.

Tragicomic Ghost told the former Ghost Valley Chief the kid had such a weird personality at such a young age. They could make his wish come true and turn him into a ghost. She was sorry she couldn’t save his father. She gave him a bowl of Water of Lethe to forget.

WenZhou Bedtime Drama part 1

Wen Ke Xing woke up from his nightmare and heard Ah Xu mumbled “Shidi” in his sleep. He looked at Ah Xu who slept next to him and grabbed his hand. Zhou Zi Shu coughed himself awake. Wen Ke XIng helped Zhou Zi Shu to adjust his qi. He wondered what’s taking Ye Bai Yi so long and cursed him.

Wen Ke Xing told Ah Xu that he called his “shidi” in his sleep and asked what was his dream about. If Zhou Zi Shu didn’t want to tell him, it’s OK. Ah Xu told him about his dream.

Zhou Zi Shu’s Dream

Jiu Xiao along with two other men pleaded Zhou ZI Shu to rescue Officer Jiang, a loyal and good person who resigned from his post to return to his hometown. Jiu Xiao pleaded him for the sake of Xiao Xue. Now, who is Xiao Xue, you ask? Had to Google it because I haven’t read the book. According to the internet, it’s this kid from the episode 10 flashback. Thanks Redditors..

Zhou Zi Shu had to follow this order, no questions asked. The three of them told Zhou Zi Shu that they would catch up with Officer Jiang and escort him out of the Northwest. If it meant they had to fight Duan Peng Ju to death, then so be it. Zhou Zi Shu pretended to agree and join their plan and tricked them into taking Drunk Like a Dream — the scent would give the illusion to let people see what they desire most. They slept for five days and five nights.

WenZhou Bedtime Drama part 2

Zhou Zi Shu told him the rest of the story. Jiu Xiao left without saying goodbye. The next time he saw Jiu Xiao, he was already in his coffin. He mistakenly thought that Zhou Zi Shu was trapped in a town alone and he risked his life to save Zhou Zi Shu. His loved ones went through all kinds of difficulties to deliver his body to Zhou Zi Shu.

Zhou Zi Shu also told Wen Ke Xing about Jing An. He didn’t know the relationship between her and Jiu Xiao. When he found out, it’s too late. He already forced her to take the poison which would kill her immediately. Zhou Zi Shu confessed his deepest regrets and failures as a young leader of Four Seasons Manor to Wen Ke Xing.

Prince Jin & Zhou Zi Shu Alliance, A Flashback

Zhou Zi Shu’s father was the former Prince Jin’s capable assistant. The current Prince Jin was Zhou Zi Shu’s cousin. He was worried that there was no one around he could trust. So he wrote Zhou Zi Shu a letter to ask for help. Prince Jin told him their teacher was dead. I’m assuming this was Qin Huai Zhang.

He betrayed the prince and committed suicide in jail. He wrote poems all over the walls and the floors in desperation.

Rivers flow ceaselessly.

The window leads to the underworld.

Rumors endanger justice.

Clouds hide the sun.

Suicide poetry

Prince Jin attempted to collect their teacher’s corpse for burial but stray dogs already consumed his body. Zhou Zi Shu promised to collect their teacher’s body for burial.

WenZhou Bedtime Drama part 3

That’s the start of serving Prince Jin as the Chief Assassin and Leader of Window of Heaven. All 81 disciples died one by one. There was nothing for Zhou Zi Shu to to live for. Zhou Zi Shu cried in front of Wen Ke Xing. Those seven nails that he implanted on his body was just another form of running away.

Luckily, he’s got a chance to start over. Thanks to Cheng Ling, the succession was not over yet. No matter how this ends, Zhou Zi Shu told Wen Ke Xing, he’s really happy that Wen Ke Xing’s back. Wen Ke Xing avoided the subject like plague and went outside. Zhou Zi Shu told him he won’t force Wen Ke Xing to acknowledge Four Seasons Manor as his school.

The next morning, Cheng Ling cleaned around the manor. Wen Ke Xing restored the plum blossom painting.

Ping’An Silver Manor

Ye Bai Yi sent an express letter to Kun. As he walked outside, overheard Wen Ke Xing’s identity as the Ghost Valley Chief was exposed. He asked a bunch of random strangers what were they talking about. It turned out the Five Lakes Alliance has already sent every sect the pictures of the important figures of the Ghost Valley.

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