[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 22

[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 22

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Note: For the confused people like me, here’s a character guide.

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Penglai Inn, WenZhou Family Trip Chronicles

In front of Penglai Inn, a beggar asked for alms. Cao Wei Ning gave him some money. The beggar wished for them a lifelong happiness and a baby soon. Ah Xiang, after yelling at the beggar, threw a bread at him. Wen Ke Xing looked disgusted while Zhou Zi Shu made fun of her.

Ah Xiang went through some changes in her personality here. Cheng Ling and Zhou Zi Shu totally shipped WeiXiang. Meanwhile, Wen Ke Xing was not a fan. As soon as the WenZhou family got in, Wen Ke Xing asked why does she still hang out with Cao Wei Ning (which he referred to as an idiot). Ah Xiang responded to that question with another question. Why does he still hang out with Zhou Zi Shu and Cheng Ling? No question was answered that day.

The group had a little bit of catching up. During the Heroes Conference, Tao Hong and Liu Lu kidnapped Gao Xiao Lian. She’s currently missing. Zhou Zi Shu reassured everyone the oldies won’t hurt Xiao Lian as she would be the bargaining chip for the Glazed Armor.

During the Heroes Conference, Gao Chong announced Gao Xiao Lian and Cheng Ling’s engagement. Ah Xiang teased Cheng Ling that he could continue his engagement to Gao Xiao Lian since Deng Kuan (Gao Xiao Lian’s original fiancé) was gone. People were not sure if he was dead or alive but he disappeared after the conference.

Wen Ke Xing informed Cao Wei Ning it’s going to take some work to clear his poison residue. Then he invited Ah Xu to go to a herbal medicine shop.

WenZhou Date Chronicles

Deng Kuan was the guy who accused the collusion of Gao Chongand the Ghost Valley at the Heroes Conference. It was a surprise that he was engaged to Gao Chong’s only daughter. He would inherit Gao Chong’s wealth in the future, and be the supreme leader of the martial arts world as well. Zhou Zi Shu couldn’t figure out the one behind him. As both discussed Gao Chong, Cheng Ling and real motives behind people’s behavior during the Heroes Conference, they ran into Shen Shen.

Wen Ke Xing was fuming. Before they could say anything further to one another, beggars started attacking them.

Penglai Inn, WenZhou Kids Chilling

The trio discussed future plans and past adventures but a waiter rushed to their table and delivered a food they didn’t order. Ah Xiang pulled her dagger and killed the sketchy waiter. Suddenly, they’re surrounded by a bunch of soldiers from who-knows-what sect. And so, Ah Xiang went from big sister mode to defense mode in just two seconds. Cao Wei Ning drew his sword started fighting. Meanwhile, Cheng Ling threw plates because he didn’t have a damn weapon. He just Swift Moving Steps-ed his way around the restaurant.

WenZhou Date Chronicles

Meanwhile, the WenZhou couple and Shen Shen just finished killing the people who attacked them. Wen Ke Xing continued his irritable behavior towards Shen Shen. Upon seeing the Scorpion’s Tail Thorn on Shen Shen’s arm, Zhou Zi Shu offered him a medicine.

Shen Shen thanked him for saving Cheng Ling and helping Gao Chong. He promised to return the favor one day. Wen Ke Xing mocked him for remembering Gao Chong. Shen Shen looked for Cheng Ling. Zhou Zi Shu suspected they could be in danger, too. Of course, he was right.

WenZhou Kids and a Son-in-law Without Their Dads

Eventually, the trio made it out of Penglai Inn, ran for their lives. Ah Xiang killed a beggar who got a little too close to them. Cao Wei Ning asked her why she killed a harmless beggar. She took it personally and was offended. They didn’t know it but the guy had a dagger in his sleeve. Ah Xiang was right about him. Ah Xiang grabbed Cheng Ling’s hand and ran.

Soon, the trio ran into Wen Ke Xing, Zhou Zi Shu and Shen Shen. They were still being pursued by Scorpion King’s men. Wen Ke Xing killed them all in five seconds or so. After people were done asking each other why they where there, they made a move to a hut somewhere.

Li Mansion, WeiXiang Couple Fight continuation

Cao Wei Ning and Ah Xiang continued the fight they couldn’t have because assassins were after them and they were kinda running for their lives. From Cao Wei Ning’s perspective, the beggar could’ve been harmless ( that beggar wasn’t ). Ah Xiang explained from where she grew up, she didn’t have those masters and seniors around her. People killed each other on a regular basis. She’d rather kill the wrong guy instead of letting him go. If not, she wouldn’t make it out alive.

It’s not that Cao Wei Ning thought Ah Xiang was wrong. It’s just that if the beggar happened to be a normal person, her conscience would trouble her. Awww. Cao Wei Ning didn’t know much about her. However, upon hearing a little bit about Ah Xiang’s childhood, he got curious and asked her why she grew up in such an environment

Ah Xiang yelled at him, pushed him and ran away.

Li Mansion, Shen Shen & Cheng Ling One-on-One

Shen Shen expressed his reason for treating Cheng Ling bad in the past. Cheng Ling reminded Shen Shen of Zhang Yu Sen’s other sons and he wished they were alive. Cheng Ling would’ve been grateful if he died instead of his brothers. He was the most useless among them. Shen Shen listed a bunch of qualities similar to Cheng Ling and Zhang Yu Sen as a form of praise, I suppose. Let me present an inconsistency here.

Long Que
Shen Shen
Zhang Yu Sen from Episode 2 😂

No disrespect but Uncle Zhang but you do not look like Cheng Ling. In conclusion, Uncle Long won..

Zhou Zi Shu arrived in the room and asked Cheng Ling to leave. They had other things to discuss. Before Cheng Ling left, he asked Shen Shen point blank about two things:

  1. Misunderstanding about Zhang Yu Sen and Five Lakes Alliance
  2. Truth Behind Deng Kuan’s confession that Gao Chong and the Ghost Valley united to kill Zhang Yu Sen

Shen Shen swore, regardless of the misunderstanding between them, Gao Chong would rather kill himself than kill Zhang Yu Sen. In fact, Gao Chong wanted Gao Xiao Lian to marry Cheng Ling to make him the master for both Mirror Lake Sword Sect and Yueyang Sect. And eventually, become the leader of Five Lakes Alliance.

As for Deng Kuan’s accusation towards Gao Chong, Shen Shen was absolutely sure this wasn’t true. Twenty years ago, Gao Chong proposed to destroy the Glazed Armor or expose everything to the public to accept the sanction by the people of the martial arts world. However, the rest of the Five Lakes Alliance members opposed the idea. If Gao Chong really wanted the Glazed Armor, since he was the leader, there was no need for him to rob Lu Tai Chong or Zhang Yu Sen. They would’ve given it to Gao Chong freely.

Shen Shen knew Deng Kuan since he was a kid. Deng Kuan would rather die a thousand times than betray Gao Chong. It seemed he was bewitched. Instead of talking to Shen Shen privately, he excused himself in the room to talk to Wen Ke Xing.

Before Zhou Zi Shu left Shen Shen asked him if Wen Ke Xing’s surname was “Zhen”. Zhou Zi Shu said he couldn’t answer this question and left the room. Are you kidding me?! Seriously?! In episode 4 in Sanbai’s Manor, Shen Shen met Wen Ke Xing but he didn’t say anything. They had the whole night of feasting before Ao Lai Zi’s dead body hung on the gate. He’s out here asking at episode 22? C’mon!

Li Mansion, WenZhou standup meeting

Zhou Zi Shu figured out Deng Kuan’s behavior. It could be related to the soul-hunting poison, similar to what’s used on the Drug Men. As far as all the locations of the Drug Men are concerned, these are heavily used by the Scorpion.

Zhou Zi Shu said Shen Shen didn’t look like he was lying. He won’t be a great Chief Assassin without being a human lie detector. During their previous discussion, they narrowed down the suspects into two. Shen Shen and Zhao Jing. Now, that Shen Shen looked innocent, here were two things Zhou Zi Shu couldn’t figure out:

  1. If the leader of the Scorpion is Zhao Jing, then the one who applied the Triple Corpses Poison on Gao Chong’s sword to kill Rong Xuan and his wife indirectly was Zhao Jing.
  2. Who was Long Tongued Ghost? (Zhou Zi Shu asked Wen Ke Xing looking directly in his eyes and reading his face)

The internal panic was visible in Wen Ke Xing’s face. Zhou Zi Shu said he only knew Long-tongued Ghost was one of the Ten Devils. Wen Ke Xing added Long-tongued Ghost was the man of Hanged Ghost. Hanged Ghost later advanced in martial arts, and then gave him the Soul-Winding Box. The killing of the Mirror Lake Sect was led by him.

Zhou Zi Shu patted him on the shoulder and said praised him for being well informed. It did seem Zhou Zi Shu knew more than he was telling Wen Ke Xing. However, he stopped at that and just left.

Li Mansion, Thirst Trap Courtesy of Ghost Valley Master Wen Ke Xing

You’re welcome, internet.

Chongwu Palace, Scorpion King & Zhao Jing Catch-up Meeting

Scorpion King reported two things. First news would be good and the next would be bad:

  1. Cheng Ling was with Window of Heaven Leader, Zhou Zi Shu and Ghost Valley Master, Wen Ke Xing. The only thing that weirded out Scorpion King was that Changming Sword Immortal was there.
    I mentioned this in my mid-series review and here we go again. Another supporting event which made episode 4 even weirder for the Five Lakes to not recognize Zhou Zi Shu as the leader of Window of Heaven but Scorpion King does.
  2. Long Que and Long Xiao were dead.

Zhao Jing took this as both good. He actually didn’t need Long Xiao to get the key to the armory. Zhao Jing intended to wipe out the Ghost Valley because that’s where the key to the armory was located in the Ghost Valley. Everything that he’s done from the extermination of the Mirror Lake Sword Sect, the things stolen in the Sanbai Manor, and murder of Ao Lai Zi were to let people know that the Ghost Valley took the Glazed Armor.

Scorpion King pointed out the fake Glazed Armor ruined Zhao Jing’s plans. But luckily, there was no need to frame Gao Chong as he died with a broken reputation. On that note, Scorpion King asked why does Zhao Jing hate Gao Chong so much. And Zhao Jing took that question personally. He had an angry monologue about equality in Five Lakes Alliance leadership. It wasn’t for his own greed but for the benefit of the martial arts world. Scorpion King apologized.

Zhao Jing didn’t want to send Scorpion King himself. Based on their encounter in the past (see episode 11), they left unscathed.

Li Mansion, Ah Xiang & Ah Xu bonding time

It’s midnight. Zhou Zi Shu and Ah Xiang had a father-daughter bonding over alcohol in the front yard. Aww. Ah Xiang wanted to drink because that’s what Wen Ke Xing does when he’s unhappy. However, she didn’t like the taste.

Liqueur is also called “Sorrow Reliving Medicine”. If one bottle can’t relieve your sorrow, two bottles can. If that doesn’t work either, try three or four bottles.

Zhou Zi Shu, Alcohol Connoisseur & Full-time Alcoholic

Episode 10 flashback comes to mind

Zhou Zi Shu asked Ah Xiang if she had a fight with Cao Wei Ning again. Ah Xiang answered if he dared to, she would castrate him. Zhou Zi Shu was amused at a vulgar language casually thrown by Ah Xiang. Then again, she was raised by Wen Ke Xing. Zhou Zi Shu just laughed it off.

Ah Xiang told him that her master told her that Zhou Zi Shu won’t live very long and that he did that to himself. Zhou Zi Shu didn’t take this seriously and just made fun of her. However, Ah Xiang got serious.

Why don’t you stay healthy? If you died, Master would be very sad. I have never seen him so sad as he was that day. He has finally got himself a friend. You have to live. If you die suddenly and leave my master behind to grieve alone, I will revive you from the nether world and then kill you again.

Ah Xiang’s way of saying please don’t die

Zhou Zi Shu said if she weren’t a girl, he’d beat her up several times a day. Zhou Zi Shu called out the eavesdropping Wen Ke Xing. Wen Ke Xing sent Ah Xiang to fetch a new bottle of wine.

Li Mansion, Zhen Yan Confrontation Time

Really? Y’all decided to do this at midnight? Couldn’t have done it earlier?

Shen Shen and Cheng Ling emerged in the front yard. Shen Shen look emotional. IDK what emotions that was but that looked like a lot. Determining emotions on someone’s face is really not my strongest suit. Wen Ke Xing figured out Cheng Ling told Shen Shen. Although technically Cheng Ling didn’t say anything, his silence gave it away. Wen Ke Xing was furious.

Shen Shen slowly walked towards Wen Ke Xing and asked if he was Yan and how was his parents. Wen Ke Xing angrily snapped. Zhen Ru Yu, a man with his hamstrings all torn without the protection of his master, having to bear the oppression from the world of martial arts and at the same time, hiding from the revenge from the evil. Under the dual attack of the good and the evil, he still stuck to his brotherhood and covered the truth for his so-called brothers. How well did Shen Shen thought he could be?

Shen Shen understood his parents were dead and knelt in front of him and apologized. Wen Ke Xing dismissed his apology and said it’s too late, they couldn’t hear those apologies anymore. Wen Ke Xing held his head, pushed Shen Shen away, started crying, repeatedly said it’s too late. Then, he threw up blood and fainted.

Li Mansion, New Meeting in front of Wen Ke Xing’s Bed

Morning came, high tension ran around the Li Mansion. Shen Shen asked Zhou Zi Shu about Zhen Yan’s condition. Zhou Zi Shu insisted for Shen Shen to respect Zhen Yan’s wish to use Wen Ke Xing, a name he chose for himself. Shen Shen also got a summary of Zhen Yan being saved by Qin Huai Zhang in the past.

Zhou Zi Shu asked if they were really friends with Qin Huai Zhang, his late master, how come he’s never heard of it from him.

Since the Battle in Mount Qingya, Qin Huai Zhang has terminated all contacts with the Five Lakes Alliance. So all these years, they didn’t know Ru Yu’s son had been in the Four Seasons Manor. He blamed the Five Lakes Alliance for crossing the bottom line in front of the big deal and being disloyal. Cheng Ling asked if Shen Shen poisoned Gao Chong’s sword to murder Rong Xuan.

Shen Shen admitted turning a blind eye to Rong Xuan’s death and Ru Yu’s suffering, said nothing for 20 years. Yes, he’s shameless but he would never slay his brother. If he knew who did it, he’d kill the murderer at the expense of his life. Zhou Zi Shu asked of he really didn’t know who murdered Rong Xuan. Zhao Jing currently led the Five Lakes Alliance. Shen Shen asked if he had evidence. He even suggested to wake up Zhen Yan to tell him. Zhou Zi Shu said if Wen Ke Xing would like to talk to him, he won’t stand in his way. He sincerely hoped Wen Ke Xing won’t plot his revenge against Shen Shen.

Zhou Zi Shu respectfully asked him to leave. He didn’t want Wen Ke Xing to suffer anymore.

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