[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 21

[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 21

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Note: For the confused people like me, here’s a character guide.

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Scorpion King’s Lair, Villains’ Mini Assembly

Changing Ghost, Black Changing Ghost and Lovelace together with Evil Bodhisattva gathered round in front of Scorpion King. Instead of killing Bai Qi Feng, the Fairy Ray Sect’s Chief, Scorpion King ordered for an entire sect’s wipe out. He deviated from Zhao Jing’s plan.

The Ghosts were angry. They didn’t want to get involved in The Fairy Ray Sect wipe out plan. The Ghost Valley had nothing against them. Scorpion King scoffed at the statement. If devil’s weren’t supposed to kill, should they just farm and collect rent, instead? Black Changing Ghost took this as an insult. Even Zhao Jing does not speak to them that way and called Scorpion King a brat. Evil Bodhisattva poisoned Black Changing Ghost but gave him an antidote upon Scorpion King’s command.

When Scorpion King threatened to break their alliance, Changing Ghost agreed to the plan and left the room. Scorpion King instructed Evil Bodhisattva to relay a message to Pretty Arhat to leave a few survivors behind. These survivors were to spread the news to the entire martial arts world that the Ghost Valley got rid of the Fairy Ray Sect.

Ghost Valley Traitor’s Meeting

The traitors finally realized that they made a mistake double-crossing Lunatic Wen. By simply stepping out of Mount Qingya, Wen Ke Xing already declared war. Zhao Jing wanted a war between the Ghost Valley and the righteous clans. Somehow, both of these things weren’t so far from one another. The Ghosts weighed which side would be more beneficial to them. It was Lunatic Wen’s.

However, the betrayal against Wen Ke Xing was already done. The only person they could count on right now was Zhao Jing. Should they beg for forgiveness, instead? No. And here’s why…

How Lunatic Wen Ruled Mount Qingya

Men of the Ghost Valley had a divided support between Wen Ke Xing and the former chief. Changing Ghost and Black Changing Ghost were on the former chief’s side. When Wen Ke Xing usurped the throne, in everyone’s presence, he peeled off the skin of the former chief alive. He beheaded the former chief and threw his head on the ground.

In A Forest Somewhere, on the way to Four Seasons Manor

Zhou Zi Shu, Cheng Ling and Ye Bai Yi sat in front of a small campfire. The group still talked about the Zhen Yan and the Four Seasons Manor. Wen Ke XIng hid and listened to the full story.

The Zhen Yan – Zhou Zi Shu Separation by Zhou Zi Shu

Qin Huai Zhang was occupied by some important affairs, he couldn’t go with the seriously wounded. So he promised the Zhen family that after three months, he would take them back to the Four Seasons Mano but things didn’t go as expected. When he went back to that village, it was completely destroyed. Qin Huai Zhang deeply regretted this.

When Zhou Zi Shu’s junior, Qin Jiu Xiao, reached an adult age and went through the ceremony of joining the sect, your grand master said Qin Jiu Xiao ranked third. Zhen Yan ranked second. Zhou Zi Shu knew his master regretted it to such an extent.

Cheng Ling asked why couldn’t Wen Ke Xing admit he was Zhen Yan. Ye Bai Yi said it was because Zhen Ru Yu was adopted. Maybe his original family name was “Wen”, so he is unwilling to hear the word “Zhen” because they were expelled from the sect. Both Zhou Zi Shu and Ye Bai Yi concluded that Zhen Ru Yu and Gu Miao Miao died long ago. Zhou Zi Shu forbid Cheng Ling from bringing up the subject.

In A Forest Somewhere, on the way to Four Seasons Manor

Wen Ke Xing stepped out from his hiding spot and approached the group. Look at this cinnamon roll….

Ye Bai Yi, no matter how annoying he found Wen Ke Xing, acknowledged that Qin Huai Zhang owed a lot to Zhen Ru Yu and Gu Miao Miao. In order to pay those debts, he asked for Wen Ke Xing’s wish. Otherwise, he won’t die in peace. His only wish was to cure Ah Xu neither reducing his lifespan nor his martial arts skills.

Ye Bai Yi told them to stay put in Four Seasons Manor until he returns. And with that, the Old Monster took it as his mission and merrily left the forest. Wen Ke Xing took this as a positive sign that Zhou Zi Shu could be cured and live their retirement life plan. See episode 20.

Cheng Ling and Wen Ke Xing happily decided they should go home now. By home, they meant Four Seasons Manor. Zhou Zi Shu still wasn’t convinced it was possible.

Chongwu Palace, Qiu Feng Visits Zhao Jing

Zhao Jing and Scorpion King were casually chilling in his chambers when Yu Qiu Feng paid the new Five Lakes Alliance Leader a visit. Qiu Feng praised the security upgrade in Yueyang Sect.

Zhao Jing asked why Qiu Feng didn’t show up during the Heroes Conference. The question was not answered. Rather, Qiu Feng pointed out there were lots of accident during the Heroes conference. How come the accident involving Tragicomic Ghost wasn’t? In fact, there was a rumor.

The Rumor (based on real events)

Tragicomic Ghost was once called Luo Fu Meng, Zhao Jing’s fiancee. Zhao Jing broke the engagement on his wedding day and eloped with the daughter of the wealthy surveillance commissioner in West Zhejiang. This newly-married bridegroom felt greatly humiliated, so angry that she got crazy. Ever since, a fair lady has disappeared but a She-Demon only kills unfaithful men emerged.

Qiu Feng expressed his great disappointment in the rumor and believed Zhao Jing was deeply in love with his late wife. In fact, Qiu Feng allegedly had the slanderer severely beaten and hurried to Chongwu Palace to warn him. As they both silently drank tea, Zhao Jing suspected Qiu Feng of hiding Luo Fu Meng. All his men who were supposed to transfer Fu Meng succeeded and these men all died in Yueyang Sect. There was no way he could’ve known.

Chongwu Palace,

Zhao Jing confided in Scorpion King who in turn asked if he should wipe out the entire Mount Hua Sect.

If a dog bites you,does it make sense to bite back? It’s a mad dog, just beat it to death.

Zhao Jing

Scorpion King took that as an instruction, got up and walked towards the door. Zhao Jing stopped him from beating up Qiu Feng immediately after leaving Chongwu Palace. They had to wait after he left Yueyang. Scorpion King looked offended.

Zhao Jing ordered Wu Yang to send the Ghosts a letter. Lovelace was the only ones available and he was sufficient. The rest were busy with the Fairy Ray Sect.

WenZhou Family Trip Chronicles

As Cheng Ling and his dads traveled towards Four Seasons Manor, Wen Ke Xing noticed the marks on the wall left by the Department of the Unfaithful. He left Cheng Ling and Zhou Zi Shu

Ghost Valley Chief Catch-up Meeting

Wen Ke Xing met with two women from the Department of the Unfaithful. After Tragicomic Ghost’s abduction, the girls were hiding. Ah Xiang visited from time to time. Initially, they hid together with Ghoul but as time went by Ghoul craved for human flesh. So, they got him drunk and left their hiding place without him.

They also received a news that Beauty Ghost successfully saved Tragicomic Ghost and was accompanying her for rehabilitation. Since they were weak in martial arts, all they could do was hide. Wen Ke Xing asked them where they wanted to go. If he didn’t have any instructions, they’d go back to Mount Qingya and wait for him to come back.

Patrick Wait For You To Get Back GIFs | Tenor

Wen Ke Xing didn’t really care where the girls go but he forbid them to step back in Mount Qingya ever again. Anyone who does would die.

WenZhou Family Trip Chronicles

Wen Ke Xing went into Cheng Ling’s room only to find a slightly annoyed Zhou Zi Shu and a smirking Cheng Ling. Zhou Zi Shu bolted out of the room to adjust his qi. Cheng Ling got bored with his master’s bedtime story. Ah Xiang once told Cheng Ling that Wen Ke Xing knew lots of weird and rare stores.

Cheng Ling’s Bedtime Story Courtesy of Ghost Valley Master Wen Ke Xing

Once upon a time, there was a man walking in a desert. Unfortunately, he encountered a pack of wolves and was cornered.Suddenly, he found a well ahead of him. Having no choice, he could only crawl down the dry well with the rope. Kill him! Unexpectedly, on his half way down the well, he found a host of snakes at the bottom, hissing with their spitting tongues. He was in such a dilemma, with no way to go while being chased from behind.

At that very moment,he found a honeycomb on the wall of the well. Those bees, buzzing and flying around, were about to attack him. He was stung to unspeakable misery. What was worse, the rope that he held onto couldn’t withstand his weightand was slowly sliding down.Suddenly,he found that from the honeycomb in the well, honey was oozing. He put out his finger ,slightly scratched some honey off, put it in his mouth-and whole-heartedly sucked it.

Zhen Family Flashback

The Zhen family were attacked by men from the martial arts world. Their own master betrayed them. Hence, they had no choice but to flee. After being saved by Qin Huai Zhang, he unexpectedly met a new friend, Zhou Zi Shu.

Life is like a dream and a floating bubble. What people desperately pursue is nothing but pleasure like that honey.

Wen Ke Xing, yes that honey is Zhou Zi Shu

Mount Hua Sect, Main Residence

Mount Hua was under attack by Lovelace. Beauty Ghost failed to protect Tragicomic Ghost and yelled at her to run. However, Tragicomic Ghost wasn’t in her right mind. She silently called Zhao Jing’s name. Lovelace laughed at her.

Just as this was happening, Scorpion King and Evil Bodhisattva arrived at the scene and heard Luo Fu Meng calling out Zhao Jing’s name. Lovelace was surprised to see Scorpion King. He introduced Beauty Ghost and Tragicomic Ghost. Yu Qiu Feng fled the scene alone. While the group were in a middle of a mindless chat, Luo Fu Meng started yelling, looking for Zhao Jing. Lovelace thought he was attracted to Tragicomic Ghost and teased him about it. Scorpion King threw a dagger on Lovelace’s neck. He’s FINALLY dead. 🥳 A man from Mount Qingya told Scorpion King they were sent by Zhao Jing.

Scorpion King followed Tragicomic Ghost with his eyes as she yelled “Jing, where are you?” repeatedly. Beauty Ghost begged Scorpion King to spare her master. Scorpion King was about to strangle her when Yu Qiu Feng returned and asked Scorpion King to stop. In exchange, he promised to give him a piece of Glazed Armor.

Yu Qiu Feng spouted empty apologies and promises to Qian Qiao. Evil Bodhisattva cut him off and taunted him for being the first cheater in the world. Scorpion King asked what she meant. And here it goes…

The Green Siren’s Story (a.k.a Liu Qian Qiao)

Liu Qian Qiao or the Green Siren was well known for her beauty in the martial arts world. Only pitiful that she’s blind. She fell for Yu Qiu Feng with the sweet talk. Yu Qiu Feng’s wife was a well-known jealous woman. She caught this lady, stripped off her clothes, and forced her to parade naked all the way from Huashan Mountain to Chang’an. Yu Qiu Feng didn’t do anything about it.

Qian Qiao revealed the Glazed Armor Yu Qiu Feng possessed was fake. Beauty Ghost turned to Scorpion King declared her willingness to serve him for letting Tragicomic Ghost go.

Scorpion King asked what happened to Tragicomic Ghost. Luo Fu Meng suffered from soul departure due to Water of Lethe. With a clouded mind and the blurred memory, she’s already hopeless.

Plot Hole, bro― 😐

Why was Beauty Ghost exempted from this Water of Lethe then? Is it because she’s beautiful? She’s cute and all but c’mon guys! Get your stories straight. Oh wait―

Scorpion King commanded Evil Bodhisattva to bring Beauty Ghost and Tragicomic Ghost in his Evil Lair and make sure nobody knew about it. Oh and by the way, once a villain gets this quiet and emotional, you better throw a Hail Mary once in awhile. Shit’s about to go down. And I’m looking forward to it.

WenZhou Family Trip Chronicles

Deserters of the Fairy Ray Sect appeared in the restaurant where the WenZhou family dined. Wen Ke Xing asked if Zhou Zi Shu would like to vanquish the demons and monsters who created this.

Ah Xiang & Cao Wei Ning’s Journey to Gentle Wind Sword Sect

Cao Wei Ning and Ah Xiang walked around the fallen Fairy Ray Sect. The dead bodies were scattered all over the area. The deserters didn’t even bury the dead. Cao Wei Ning was heartbroken over this. He regretted not arriving sooner. Ah Xiang pointed out that if he did, it’s basically a death wish. He’s injured. Since the Fairy Ray Sect and the Gentle Wind Sword Sect were quite close, he should not be afraid to die. Ah Xiang rolled her eyes and walked away from Cao Wei Ning.

WenZhou Family Trip Chronicles

Meanwhile, Cheng Ling out there was throwing up for seeing dead bodies for the first time. Good Lord, he’s just a baby! Give him a break! 😩

WenZhou couple walked away from Cheng Ling to talk in private. Ah Xu deduced from the killing method used on the Fairy Ray Sect members, the people were killed by professional assassins. Zhou Zi Shu entertained the possibility of assassins killing in the name of Ghost Valley and then plants it on the Ghost Valley. Wen Ke Xing thought the purpose was for their own personal gain.

Wen Ke Xing cited the Heroes Conference as an example. Gao Chong turned out to be innocent. This was just a similar situation. Their suspects were now reduced two two people in Five Lakes Alliance, Shen Shen and Zhao Jing. Both pretended to be silly and weak. Zhou Zi Shu believed one was loyal and the other was evil. Since they figured it out, the innocent one’s tragedy would rely upon them. However, Wen Ke Xing believed nobody was truly innocent. He got irrirated. He’d rather go to the Four Seasons Manor than deal with this drama.

Ah Xiang excitedly ran towards Wen Ke Xing. He was happy to see her but his expressions changed the minute he saw Cao Wei Ning. *Protective Dad Mode Activated*

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