[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 20

[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 20

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Note: For the confused people like me, here’s a character guide.

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Longyuan Cabinet Cave, (a.k.a Uncle Long Que’s prison cell)

I felt exhausted watching Long Que sitting on the floor with metals pierced through his shoulder blades. Somebody. Really? Really? No one’s gonna help him out of that for real? Like ???

After that long narration of Rong Xuan and the Original Glazed Armor Homies, the story has FINALLY come to an end. He gave an instruction to Zhou Zishu to get two maps from inside the empty Longyuan Cabinet fortress.

Maps to get:

  1. Map of Longyuan Valley
  2. Map of chart of traps in The Armory

The second map should be handed over to Ye Bai Yi. The first map would be handed over to his new successor but Zhou Zi Shu had to find him one first. Eventually, Cheng Ling became his last minute disciple for two reasons. First, he is Zhang Yu Sen’s son. Second, he’s already a sixth-generation Four Season’s Manor disciple. In honor of the friendship of the Qin Huai Zhang, Zhang Yu Sen and Long Que, Cheng Ling has three martial arts sect under his belt — Mirror Lake Sect, Four Seasons Manor and Longyuan Cabinet. 🥳

After the martial arts handover, Long Que asked Zhou Zi Shu to free him from his chains. Wen Ke Xing disagreed as it cause a surge on his qi and would greatly harm Long Que’s body. Long Que didn’t see the point to live longer. His good friends and wife are all dead. His son was useless.

Wen Ke Xing cut the chains using Zhou Zi Shu’s sword. Cheng Ling’s dads had a moment as if there wasn’t any dying man in front of them.

Wen Ke Xing pushed Zhou Zi Shu away and denied he’s Zhen Yan. Zhou Zi Shu took Wen Ke Xing’s hand and turned to Long Que and reassured him the Zhen family concealed their identities, escaped from the martial arts world, and spent their remaining years in comfort. Their kid grew up to be a man who is annoying sometimes but he’s a good person who’s also quite good at martial arts.

Zhou Zi Shu said Zhen Yan became his junior after Qin Huai Zhang helped the Zhen family. That was the last bit of good news Long Que heard. He died two seconds later. After paying their respect, Zhou Zi Shu and Cheng Ling left Wen Ke Xing alone with Long Que’s dead body. Wen Ke Xing whispered his gratitude to Long Que.

Mount Hua Sect, Adjacent Residence [Ah Xiang x Cao Wei Ning]

Ah Xiang was worried Wen Ke Xing already abandoned her. Based on her calculations, her master should’ve already reached Shu but didn’t send any messages. Her thoughts were interrupted upon seeing Cao Wei Ning outside his bedroom. He found out what happened in the Heroes Conference and wanted to go back to Gentle Wind Sword Sect. Cao Wei Ning invited Ah Xiang to return with him in his sect. Ah Xiang rejected to go back with him because she had to look for Wen Ke Xing. Instead, she asked what happened to Gentle Wind Sword Sect and what was the rush all about.

Cao Wei Ning figured out the Glazed Armor must be with his master. Ah Xiang offered to go with him because he’s wounded and it’s not safe for him to travel alone. OMG. I love her. 💜 Internally, she tried to convince herself this was a part of her task. Look at how extra-whipped Cao Wei Ning looked here. LOL.

Mount Hua Sect, Main Residence

Meanwhile, Luo Fu Meng (Tragicomic Ghost) lost her mind. Qian Qiao took care of her master. Yu Qiu Feng convinced her to use Luo Fu Meng to ruin Zhao Jing’s reputation by using his past against him. He would like to trade his silence in exchange of the Glazed Armor. If the Five Lakes Alliance dedicated the past twenty years to protect the Glazed Armor, Gao Chong couldn’t have possibly destroyed it. If they intended to do that, they would’ve done it a long time ago. Yu Qiu Feng wanted to get the Yin Yang Book of the Healer Valley. Even if he had to die to get rid of the pain he caused her, he would be content.

Ah Xiang yelled outside looking for Qian Qiao.

Chongwu Palace, Old Men Assembly

Zhao Jing sent other gullible sect leaders on his behalf to gather alliances. It was a success. After their little stint in Mount Jun (with the Jujing Gang at episode 17), nobody really dared to reject them. Zhao Jing continued his act as a temporary leader. Humility and other values that he showcases to manipulate people. Under this pretense, he expressed his concern over Cheng Ling and Gao Xiao Lian. He begged the sect leaders for help in looking for

  1. Gao Xiao Lian kidnapped by Tao Hong and Lu Liu
  2. Zhang Cheng Ling who disappeared with a mystery man ( What was Zhao Jing talking about? He met WenZhou at the end of episode 4 when they delivered Cheng Ling to him at Sanbai Manor. Plus, Gao Chong literally told WenZhou couple to take Cheng Ling away. See episode 16 )

Mount Hua Sect, Main Residence

The Department of the Unfaithful told Ah Xiang about Yu Qiu Feng cheating on his wife with Qian Qiao. Ah Xiang confronted Qian Qiao why in the world was she hanging out with Qiu Feng. Old habits die hard, haven’t you heard? Qian Qiao reasoned they lacked martial arts and they couldn’t escape even if they wanted to. Ah Xiang said they could use Qian Qiao’s transformation skills and escape the city.

Beauty Ghost pointed out the Top Ten Ghosts (see chart above) had always been against each other. They were untouchable due to the protection of Tragicomic Ghost and Ghost Valley Chief.

Distant water can’t put out a nearby fire.

Beauty Ghost

Ah Xiang still had no idea where Wen Ke Xing is. The women from Department of the Unfaithful already put marks around the nearby area. If Wen Ke Xing sees the marks, he would know that they need him immediately. Although Qian Qiao vouched for Qiu Feng’s reliability, Ah Xiang didn’t buy it. After all, he fooled her into cheating with him without knowing he’s married. Yet, she couldn’t leave him. If Tragicomic Ghost and Wen Ke Xing knew about this, they would’ve forced her to drink the Water of Lethe to forget him. I thought this was required before you enter the Ghost Valley? (see episode 14)

** Water of Lethe – Before a person entered the Ghost Valley, they would drink the Water of Lethe to let go of their obsessions and the person they cared the most about..

After taking the Water of Lethe, the taboo is to awaken the memories that it wipes off your mind. Tragicomic Ghost suffered from soul-dissociation before, she flares up every now and then. Qian Qiao told Ah Xiang she would try harder to fix it. Qian Qiao asked why did Ah Xiang call her in the first place.

Ah Xiang wanted to bid her farewell as she would accompany Cao Wei Ning to finish the task assigned to her by Wen Ke Xing. Qian Qiao laughed silently and told Ah Xiang not to worry about her.

Chongwu Palace, Zhao Jing’s Chambers

Scorpion King and Zhao Jing caught up with the events of the day. Zhao Jing happily informed Scorpion King about the fierce sects’ Sirius Fortress and Striking Cloud Hall being good followers. He also expressed his appreciation towards Scorpion King for being his right hand and doing his tasks diligently. Scorpion King said he still wasn’t good enough because Zhao Jing couldn’t bring himself to acknowledge him as his son in public. Zhao Jing promised he would acknowledge him in public one day, when the time is right. Scorpion King does not have a good reputation, they both have to work on that first.

In the mean time, Zhao Jing ordered for the assassination of Bai Qi Feng, the Chief of Fairy Ray Sect, before the restart of Heroes conference. Long Xiao disappeared without a trace and both of them are worried he’s been kidnapped. Scorpion King sent his men to investigate.

Longyuan Valley, Cliff to Zombie Pit + Long Que’s Tomb

At the edge of a cliff leading to the zombie pit, Zhou Zi Shu interrogated Long Xiao. He refused to admit who was behind the Heroes Conference Shenanigans. He said he’d rather die. And so, Long Xiao rolled, fell off the cliff and rang his bell for the zombies to eat him.

Wen Ke Xing said Long Xiao deserved to die a hundred times. Given that Long Xiao was the only successor of Long Que, Zhou Zi Shu was hesitant to agree on that statement. Wen Zhou family buried Long Que and paid their respects. Zhou Zi Shu told Cheng Ling to work harder in the future. Their aim was to make the Longyuan Cabinet’s Mechanical Arts known to the world. As they were about to leave Long Que’s tomb, Ye Bai Yi showed up. Wen Ke Xing looked at Ye Bai Yi with softer expression. Cheng Ling and his dads proceeded to find the two maps Long Que entrusted them.

Meanwhile, Scorpion King’s spy saw Ye Bai Yi, Wen Ke Xing and Zhou Zi Shu with Cheng Ling. He believed Cheng Ling’s dads and Ye Bai Yi kidnapped him. He rushed out to inform Scorpion King as soon as possible.

Longyuan Valley, WenZhou Family Trip decision making time

Cheng Ling dragged his dads’ hands and ask them where they’re going. Wen Ke Xing wondered where Ah Xiang was but there’s no need to worry about her because she’s smart. He suggested it would be fun to watch the Five Lakes Alliance struggle after the Heroes’ Conference.

Ah Xu eye-rolled his gay away and asked Cheng Ling where he wanted to go. Cheng Ling was cool to go wherever his dads would go. So, Zhou Zi Shu decided to go back to Four Seasons Manor. Wen Ke Xing told Zhou Zi Shu his master might be furious in the netherworld for taking such a silly disciple. Zhou Zi Shu corrected him. Qin Huai Zhang was their master. Wen Ke Xing played dumb which annoyed Zhou Zi Shu. Ah Xu asked Cheng Ling to address Wen Ke Xing as martial uncle.

Zhou Zi Shu believed it would comfort Qin Huai Zhang to see this.

How Zhen Yan Met Zhou Zi Shu

Gu Miao Miao struggled to protect Zhen Yan and the severely injured, Zhen Ru Yu from the bandits. Qin Huai Zhang rescued the Zhen family and took them into Four Seasons Manor. Tiny Zhen Yan started pulling Qin Huai Zhang’s arm and yelled “Please don’t hurt my dad.” Gu Miao Miao took her crying son away. It turned out Zhen Yan was traumatized when he witnessed their master broke his dad’s tendons. His master didn’t want to do it but the survival of the Healer’s Valley depended on it. Qin Huai Zhang asked why the people were after him. It would be impossible that it was all because of Rong Xuan. Zhen Ru Yu didn’t say anything.

Meanwhile, Gu Miao Miao repeated to her son that Qin Huai Zhang was a friend helping them out. She scolded Yan for being rude to Qin Huai Zhang. Yan apologized. Pre-adolescent Zhou Zi Shu walked in the room and asked why Yan was crying. This was how Zhen Yan and Zhou Zi Shu first met.

Zhen Yan and Zhou Zi shu spent lots of time playing around together with the puppy named Yiguo. Eventually, Zhen Yan became Qin Huai Zhang’s disciple.The couple told Qin Huai Zhang to teach Zhen Yan the way he would his other students. Wen Ke Xing asked if they weren’t gonna leave with him.

Longyuan Valley, WenZhou Family Trip decision making time

Zhou Zi Shu told Cheng Ling how he met Zhen Yan which was two decades ago. Now that Zhen Yan’s back, they could go back to Four Seasons Manor and revive its former glory. It’s an ideal setup, Zhou Zi Shu emphasized, since he wouldn’t live long. Zhen Yan could continue Four Season’s Legacy.

Cheng Ling was shocked and stood up at the statement. He asked Zhou Zi Shu what he meant by “wouldn’t live long”. However, there’s another fight brewing.

Wen Ke Xing angrily told Zhou Zi Shu not to shift his responsibilities to him. If Zhou Zi Shu wanted to retrieve his sect’s former glory, he could do it himself. Zhou Zi Shu calmly explained the characters of Yan was split into two

In case you’re interested, AvenueX discussed this in detail here. I’m neither Chinese nor do I know Chinese but here’s a guide.

Zhou Zi Shu apologized for not recognizing him earlier and for thinking he was Rong Xuan’s son.

Wen Ke Xing pushed him away and insisted his surname was Wen. Zhou Zi Shu backed off and said he’d stop asking. Cheng Ling panicked seeing his dads fight. Wen King ran away. Zhou Zi Shu stopped Cheng Ling from following Wen Ke Xing. Wen Ke Xing ran across the Longyuan Valley and found himself a lake.

Wen Ke Xing mumbled to himself, “It’s too late. It’s too late.”

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