[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 2

[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 2

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In the previous episode, Gu Xiang found out that Zhou Zi Shu was not a beggar. He was just simply trying to enjoy the sun. Ah Xiang, after being so sure of her judgement and finding out that her master Wen Ke Xing was right, felt tricked and picked a fight in broad daylight. Wen Ke Xing broke off the fight and apologized to Zhou Zi Shu on his maid’s behalf while evil-grinning the whole time (and so was I, for no particular reason. OK I lied. The reason was Wen Ke Xing was so beautiful!).

Zhou Zi Shu made his way back to the foot of the bridge to enjoy the sun again. Zhang Cheng Ling from Mirror Lake Sect of the Five Lakes Alliance picked up Zhou Zi Shu’s hat, introduced himself, asked for Zi Shu’s identity, gave him his wooden name card and invited him to Mirror Lake Manor in case he needed help or a place to stay. Zhou Zi Shu denied that he was from any know sect but gratefully took the name card. He claimed that he was a nobody. The servant being all judgy disagreed with Cheng Ling’s actions. He was clearly disgusted by Zi Shu because he was dirty and no, not in a sexy way. Wen Ke Xing had a polar opposite opinion obviously. Cheng Ling ignored his servant and bid Zhou Zi Shu farewell.

Zhou Zi Shu looked at the name card after Cheng Ling left. Cheng Ling reminded him of his dead brother, Jiu Xiao.

Qing Yu Tower

Ah Xiang went on and on about how she could’ve taught Zhou Zi Shu a lesson. Wen Ke Xing told her she stood no chance. He recognized Swift Moving Steps, a signature fighting style, from Four Seasons Manor. The sect was unheard of for Ah Xiang but this picked Wen Ke Xing’s attention and called Zhou Zi Shu a “variable”. I smell a well-mapped scheming. I’m excited!


The water from the Five Lakes gather around the world
Who else deserves the supremacy in the martial arts world?

Children of Yue, Nursery rhymes as gossip

Back in Yue, Zhou Zi Shu heard the children sing nursery rhymes about the supremacy of Five Lakes World Alliance. As you know from the previous episode, nursery rhymes were the means of gossip in this drama’s world. Who needs adults gossiping in pubs when you got kids singing whatever nursery rhyme you asked them to? Zhou Zi Shu thought the alliance deserved it and that it would be a disaster once they rise into power again.

Zhou Zi Shu asked an old man to drive get him to the Mirror Lake Manor by boat. The old man refused thinking he would be cheated on. Wen Ke Xing, in stalker vibes, appeared out of nowhere across the river and offered they could ride a boat together because they’re fated, for some reason. The old man felt competitive upon hearing this and agreed to take Zhou Zi Shu to MIrror Lake Manor. Zhou Zi Shu happily took the boat and yelled they’ll meet again if they we’re fated. Without missing a beat, Wen Ke Xing recited a poem:

“Don’t worry about your trip, I will eventually welcome you.”

Wen Ke Xing, Word of Honor, Ep 2

You heard that Zhou ZI Shu? He would be waiting for you.


Zhou Zi Shu arrived in Jiangnan where the manor was located. He got out of the boat, admired the view and figured it wouldn’t be so bad to die there. The old man took this the wrong way and started insulting him thinking Zhou Zi Shu would cheat on him. He already got his purse out but he was annoyed at the old man yapping at him. Instead of paying, he rode and dashed his ass out that dock.

While he was admiring the Cherry Blossom looking forest, he was attacked by a flying fan. A short sparring slash choreographed dance between him and Wen Ke Xing occurred. Afterwards, Wen Ke Xing praised Zhou Zi Shu’s impressive footwork. He said it had a god-like elegance and he came there to have a look at it again. Oh and it doesn’t end there. And I quote:

Your steps were like the snow in the wind and the moon hidden behind the clouds. They were beautiful.

Wen Ke Xing, Word of Honor, Ep 2

Zhou Zi Shu knew instantly that his footwork was recognized to be from Four Seasons Manor. He was now suspicious of Wen Ke Xing. Upon seeing the look on Zhou Zi Shu’s face, Wen Ke Xing invited Zhou Zi Shu to have a drink on his boat. And another quote:

After having a bottle of wine among the flowers, you would no longer feel lonely.

Wen Ke Xing, Word of Honor, Ep 2

Zhou Zi Shu wasn’t falling for these tricks. He blatantly asked why Wen Ke Xing followed him. Of course, Wen Ke Xing played dumb and gave him a cheeky response. Zhou Zi Shu rolled his eyes and left for the Mirror Lake Manor.

Mirror Lake Manor, Peaceful and Profound House

Meanwhile, in the Mirror Lake Manor, Zhang Yu Sen and his son, Zhang Cheng Feng, had a worried conversation about the nursery rhyme Zhou Zi Shu heard earlier. According to Cheng Feng, there were additional lyrics to the ominous nursery rhyme. Full verse looked like this:

The water from the Five Lakes gather around the world
Who else deserves the supremacy in the martial arts world?
The iridescent clouds are scattered and the glaze is shattered
Who will cry with the Ghosts on Mount Qingya?

Children of Yue, Nursery rhymes that doesn’t rhyme as gossip

First of all, if as a child you are able to memorize this and you have a decent voice, well done! Maybe this is how K-pop stars start singing before SME recruits them… IDK

Cheng Feng reminded his father of the invitation to the mid-autumn festival gathering of the Five Lakes Alliance from Senior Deng. He also suggested to visit Uncle Gao in Yueyang City. They got a little distracted by the shabby Zhou Zi Shu walking in the inner courtyard and forgot about the conversation. Yu Sen instructed Cheng Feng to forbid his brothers Cheng Luan and Cheng Ling to leave the island.

Concurrently, the servant offered a woodshed to Zhou Zi Shu as his room. Zhou Zi Shu happily accepted and asked for a bottle of wine.

Lichun Palace

Meanwhile, Prince Jin received a report from Peng Ju, the new Leader of the Window of Heaven.

  1. He killed a few generals who couldn’t judge the situation and were uncooperative. Prince Jin asked the commander to hang their heads at the city gate to serve as example.
  2. The spies already caught the gossip through the nursery rhymes in Jiangnan. Prince Jin instructed to continue to investigate.
  3. The spy tailing Zhou Zi Shu lost his trace. Prince Jin sent men to search for Zhou Zi Shu

Mirror Lake Manor, woodshed

Zhou Zi Shu chilled at the woodshed around midnight when the Nails of Seven Torments started acting up again. He heard a commotion outside and went out to see what was going on. The manor was on fire and the ghost masks from The Ghost Valley of Mount Qingya killing every single thing that moved in the manor.

He was looking for signs of life when he saw two things:

  1. Cheng Ling and the old man, the boatman, pursued by a few The Ghost Valley men.
  2. A “Trapped Sparrow” = a spy from the Window of Heaven

He followed Cheng Ling and the old man. Zhou Zi Shu fought The Ghost Valley men while the old man and Cheng Ling ran to the boat. Out of nowhere, Wen Ke Xing helped him out while sitting like a prince on a ledge, fanning himself. When all the Ghost Valley men were dead, the two just exchanged a look. Zhou Zi Shu hurried to the boat and glanced back to Wen Ke Xing. He was gone.

The other set of Ghost Valley men tortured Zhang Yu Sen and his sons for the glazed armor.

Luohan Temple

Zhou Zi Shu and gang found an abandoned looking temple and took refuge there. The events did not sink in to Cheng Ling yet. In his head, he would still meet his father. The old man briefly mentioned he owed his life to Cheng Ling’s father. He told Cheng Ling without a hint of malice that his father should be dead by now. Hence, he should go to their other allies from Five Lakes Alliance.

Of course, The Ghost Valley men were not done yet. They showed up again at the door with the flying round yellow paper everywhere. If you don’t throw a confetti at your own entrance, who will? Cheng Ling grabbed a sword in an attempt to protect the old man and a very sickly looking Zhou Zi Shu and ran outside. Zi Shu told the old man he needed 15 minutes before he was able to stand up.

Some random Ghost Valley man claimed he was Hanged Ghost and asked for the Glazed Armor. The old man fought the Ghost Valley men while Zhou Zi Shu recuperated from the earlier fight. He didn’t last that long. Soon, he was on the floor sustaining critical injuries. Ah Xiang appeared out of nowhere and saved the weakling gang while Zhou Zi Shu was buffering.

Eventually, Zhou Zi Shu was able to fight again for 0.02 second. Zhou Zi Shu was about to faint but when he felt a hand on his back catching him. He drew his bendy sword to attack. Wen Ke Xing caught the tip of his sword *ahem* with two fingers and smirked the entire time. Zhou Zi Shu gay panicked his way out of that situation.

Uncle Li, the old man, interrupted their moment because he’s dying. He entrusted Zhou Zi Shu to bring Cheng Ling to Zhao Jing of Five Lakes Alliances. The old man asked Cheng Ling to bow to Zhou Zi Shu as a sign of respect and as his new guardian.


Deng Kuan of Yueyang Sect saw the fire coming from the Mirror Lake manor. He asked for his subordinates to prepare the boat but all the boats were gouged and the entire family of the boat man was killed. Deng Kuan sent a (Hail Mary) distress signal to the sky.

Luohan Temple

The survivors buried Uncle Li. Wen Ke Xing started praising Zhou Zi Shu’s prominent bone structure and he must be a man who places high value in loyalty. Even in front of a tombstone, this man’s flirting energy does not rest, does it? Zhou Zi Shu and Wen Ke Xing exchanged names. Zhou Zi Shu gave his name as Zhou Xu. Wen Ke Xing asked which character is Xu, he said the character for “willow catkins”.

Ah Xiang set fire and cooked food for everyone as they camped in the abandoned building. As they were eating, Wen Ke Xing did his literature thing to Zhou Zi Shu again. Ah Xiang called him out on it because it was unlike him. Ah Xiang and Cheng Ling kept bickering like siblings. Wen Ke Xing stared at Zhou Zi Shu like there’s no tomorrow because fuck subtlety.

While he was at it, he also asked if Zhou Zi Shu if he was wearing a mask. Zhou Zi Shu ignored this. Ah Xiang and Cheng Ling kept bickering like siblings. Cheng Ling had blood seeping out of his clothes but when Wen Ke Xing offered to help, he was defensive and he refused. Wen Ke Xing insisted to take a look at his injury but Zhou Zi Shu was like “not on my watch”. They “sparred” for a bit. It looked more like dancing with lots of touching because nobody spat out blood. When somebody spits out blood, that’s how you know they’re really fighting. This is just… flirting or foreplay or whatever you want it to be…

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