[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 18

[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 18

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Note: For the confused people like me, here’s a character guide.

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WenZhou Family Trip Chronicles feat. Grandpa Ye Bai Yi

As the WenZhou family trip continued, they set foot on the more dangerous part of the forest. Long Xiao’s carrier had an upgrade from a potato sack to a huge basket carried by Cheng Ling. At least, he’s not walking. Long Xiao activated the trap around them. It took Grandpa Ye Bai Yi less than a minute protect everyone from it. Cheng Ling asked why Long Que was located in a remote place and had traps set all over the place. According to Ye Bai Yi, Long Que was a the type who always got taken advantage of by others. However, Wen Ke Xing had an additional theory. Sadness.

Ye Bai Yi looked like he could relate to this on a spiritual level. After all, he should’ve been dead a long time ago. His only purpose in life was to be the third level escalation support for Ghost Valley issues.

To arrive at the Longyuan Cabinet, they have to cross a bridge. Ye Bai Yi took the bridge first and safely made it across to the other side. However, when Wen Ke XIng, Cheng Ling, Long Xiao and Ah Xu crossed the bridge, their weight triggered a trap causing the bridge to break. Wen Ke Xing and Ah Xu caught Cheng Ling and tossed him back up. Ye Bai Yi caught him. Cheng Ling cried and yelled over Zhou Zi Shu and Wen Ke Xing. Ye Bai Yi helped him on his feet and reassured him his dads were alive. Yes. I said dads. Long Xiao wouldn’t set a trap that would kill him, too. Thus, the group was split into two.

Drug Men Pit, WenZhou Date Chronicles

Meanwhile, the couple fell into a dark cave. Wen Ke Xing passed out and woke up in Ah Xu’s arms.

Long Xiao was nowhere to be seen. Wen Ke Xing assumed he was dead because no one would survive a fall that high. Ah Xu said Long Xiao didn’t fall.

Long Xiao on a wheelchair magically appeared on top of a rock overlooking the center stage for the zombie pit. Soon, the couple were surrounded by drug men. Long Xiao gave a monologue. This was how they found out that Drug Men (a.k.a zombies) originated from Long Xiao and the Scorpion.

Long Xiao also expressed his deep grudge against Long Que for not doing anything about him being a midget. Wen Ke Xing told him even the elixir to bring the dead back wouldn’t make him grow. Long Xiao said the Ying Yang Book of Healer Valley would’ve had the answers to his problem. This book was located in the armory, of course. As mentioned in previous episodes.

Wen Ke Xing agreed in a mocking tone which annoyed up Long Xiao. Rong Xuan, the man who has risen from the dead, was brought up as an example for using the Yin Yang Book. Wen Ke Xing reasoned it was against law of nature and Rong Xuan eventually went mad. He knew because he was “kind of” the heir of the Healer Valley.

Long Xiao didn’t buy this. All the heir of the Healer Valley are dead. So, he set the drug men army on them.

Long Yuan Cabinet Manor

Meanwhile, Ye Bai Yi and Cheng Ling entered the manor. The manor’s traps were activated when they entered the main hall.

I was a proud mama hen for Cheng Ling. Aaand my heart dropped I felt when that kid fell down. To explain my reaction further, here’s a meme.

After falling down, he was greeted by Long Xiao who informed him Zhou Zi Shu must be on the Naihe Bridge as they speak. Naihe Bridge is the entrance to the nether world. Cheng Ling didn’t believe him and ran for his life. Long Xiao’s men chased after him.

Long Yuan Cabinet Grounds, WenZhou Date Chronicles

The WenZhou couple escaped the zombie pit and found themselves somewhere in the Long Yuan Cabinet grounds. However, the zombies caught up to them and the only option was to jump to the other side of the ground. They escaped, okay? They’re safe.

After surviving whatever that was, they found themselves in a field. They spotted a man but found out it was a puppet with a bomb planted on it.

Right after that, Ye Bai Yi found them. He was angry that the couple were flirting while the Cheng Ling cried like his parents died. They were his dads. They were his parents, grandpa! As soon as the couple asked where Cheng Ling was, he told them he lost Cheng Ling.

Long Yuan Cabinet Grounds

While the Wen Ke Xing, Zhou Zi Shu and Ye Bai Yi sat down and plan how to extract Cheng Ling out of the Long Yuan Cabinet Manor, a puppet on a wheelchair arrived. The puppet had the map of the Long Yuan Valley.

Long Yuan Cabinet Manor

Meanwhile, Cheng Ling ran for his life only to be met by one trap after another. Soon, he was captured by Long Xiao’s men and strapped on a table with metal bars around his legs, arms and neck. As they were about to torture Cheng Ling, his dads broke the roof and prevented one of the men from digging Cheng Ling’s eye out.

Cheng Ling was safe. Long Xiao hated his dad with every fiber of his being. Ye Bai Yi arrived and told Long Xiap he could tell those words to his father’s face.

Long Yuan Cabinet Grounds

Wen Zhou family went out together with Ye Bai Yi who carried Long Xiao like a 5kg rice sack. They went back to the spot where the puppet on a wheelchair found them. Cheng Ling pointed out the resemblance between Long Xiao and the puppet on the wheelchair. According to Ye Bai Yi, it must be made by Long Que.

The puppet led them to a cave. In that stinky cave. they found a man with two blades piercing him from both of his shoulder blades through below his clavicles. These blades were chained all over the walls of the cave. That’s the best explanation I got. Here’s a screencap.

Zhou Zi Shu recognized Long Que. Long Que asked him how his master was doing. Zhou Zi Shu informed him Qin Huai Zhang was dead.

Ye Bai Yi interrupted their conversation with Long Que should’ve choked Long Xiao to death once he was born. According to Long Xue, his son died a long time ago. Ye Bai Yi could not care less but he would rather have Long Que discipline his son. Long Xiao had been causing harm left, right, center all over martial arts world in the name of the Long Yuan Cabinet. Long Xue said he can’t and revealed he didn’t have legs anymore. He’d been imprisoned in the cave for way too long.

Long Xiao repeated his words from earlier. Long Que knew that there was a medicine that could cure him but he still let Long Xiao be a half-dead loser. He was referring to the Ying Yang book from the armory.

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