[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 17

[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 17

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Note: For the confused people like me, here’s a character guide.

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Mount Hua Sect, Adjacent Residence

Cao Wei Ning woke up from his sleep. He was asleep for a few days. He talked a lot about his dream. In his dream, he died young and waited for Ah Xiang in the Naihe Bridge (where dead people go). A few moments later, Ah Xiang appeared. This implied they both died young. Ah Xiang was annoyed at Cao Wei Ning for telling her his ominous dream.

Cao Wei Ning changed the subject and looked for Xiao Lian. Unfortunately, Tao Hong and Lu Liu successfully kidnapped her. He panicked at the news. Ah Xiang calmed him down and said he was saved by Yu Qiu Feng of Mount Hua Sect.

Ah Xiang stepped out of Wei Ning’s room to get some medicine. Yu Qiu Feng greeted her politely. She was dismissive and rude to him but he laughed it off when she committed a pronunciation mistake. Qian Qiao corrected “pretendious” to “pretentious”. Qiu Feng walked away. Qian Qiao warned her. Since Ah Xiang was uneducated, she could not be a good match to a nobleman. Ah Xiang denied his interest in Cao Wei Ning. Denial.

Qian Qiao advised her to lie low for a bit. She would help Tragicomic Ghost settle down. Ah Xiang asked why did the Leader of Mount Hua Sect save Aunt Luo with her. Qian Qiao lied and said she promised to help him with his revenge against Five Lakes Alliance for killing his son. Ah Xiang was still skeptical of Qiu Feng and told her to be careful.

Gao Xiao Lian, Kidnap Camp

Gao Xiao Lian refused to eat or drink. Tao Hong forced a bun to her mouth. Lu Liu interrupted her. They openly discussed in front of Gao Xiao Lian there was no point of keeping her hostage. They asked her to spill everything she knew. Gao Xiao Lian kept her mouth shut.

WenZhou Family Trip Chronicles feat. Grandpa Ye Bai Yi

The destination of this mini-adventure was Shu, Longyuan Cabinet’s territory. Ye Bai Yi took the carriage and have Long Xiao with him. Cheng Ling practiced his Swift Moving Steps while tied to a horse and his dads flirt a bit more.

Zhou Zi Shu tortured Cheng Ling with Swift Moving Steps for hours. That poor baby. Wen Ke Xing failed to persuade Zhou Zi Shu to let Cheng Ling rest.

Chongwu Palace, Villain Jour Fixe

Zhao Jing and Scorpion King were playing Weiqi when Changing Ghost, Happy Ghost and Lovelace paid them a visit. Changing Ghost praised Zhao Jing’s strategy during the Heroes Conference. Zhao Jing thanked Changing Ghost and all the ghosts’ cooperation. It was a success. The ghosts complimented him of being worthy as the supreme leader of the martial arts world.

Zhao Jing was happy to hear this but he informed them he didn’t have any clue of the Glazed Armor’s whereabouts. He asked for the ghosts’ cooperation in the future. Zhao Jing figured Gao Chong hid the Glazed Armor somewhere and committed suicide to confuse others. He advised Changing Ghost to put more effort in looking for Hanged Ghost.

Changing Ghost mentioned Wen Ke Xing said the Glazed Armor in his possession was snatched by Hanged Ghost. He tried to verify how many pieces of Glazed Armor does Five Lakes Alliance had. Zhao Jing didn’t give him a clear answer as it’s not something he was supposed to know.

Ghost Valley Traitors Meeting

Happy Ghost was worried about working with Five Lakes Alliance and not getting any result. Changing Ghost finally revealed his aim was to become the Chief of Ghost Valley. Lovelace and Happy Ghost didn’t seem to fancy the idea of becoming the Chief. This meant keeping an eye on his back 24/7 with 3000 ghosts hoping to replace him. Changing Ghost’s plan was to return to the human world, live like a king and disguise themselves ( green lipstick just doesn’t cut it as a disguise smh ). Happy Ghost said he had recognizable mannerisms that won’t let him get away with any disguise. Changing Ghost told him there’s a holy item from the Healer Valley hidden in the armory that can revive a dead person, cure any severe injuries and treat any illness in the world. They loved the idea and laughed like lunatics.

WenZhou Family Trip Chronicles feat. Grandpa Ye Bai Yi

The traveling pack had a stop over in the middle of nowhere. Wen Ke Xing went to look for food. Zhou Zi Shu asked Cheng Ling to practice more. Cheng Ling whined. Ye Bai Yi wanted fish soup. And again, no scene would be complete without Ye Bai Yi and Wen Ke Xing bickering. The group had a meal prepared by Wen Ke Xing.

Wen Ke Xing asked Zhou Zi Shu why on earth does he still address Long Xiao as “young leader”. According to Ye Bai Yi this was because their masters, Qin Huai Zhang and Long Que, were great friends. Long Que met Rong Xuan through Qin Huai Zhang. Wen Ke Xing asked about Rong Xuan’s relationship but Ye Bai Yi asked him why was he act like an old lady. This got on Wen Ke Xing’s nerves. Before it turned to another bickering sagax

Cheng Ling came back from feeding Long Xiao and asked about Long Que.

The Longyuan Cabinet’s former leader Long Que was a sworn friend of Qin Huai Zhang. The superficial knowledge of the mechanics passed down in the Four Seasons Manor was all from the Longyuan Cabinet.

When Zhou Zi Shu first joined the clan, Old Leader Long visited Four Seasons Manor frequently. But for some reason, he suddenly disappeared. There was a misunderstanding between Qin Huai Zhang and Long Que, so he didn’t look for Long Que.

Later, Qin Huai Zhang received a distressed letter from a Mechanical Sparrow. Only then did he know something went wrong. He went to Shu several times. Long Que was never found.

No one knew the actual position of the Longyuan Cabinet. People said that it was a portable fortress in the mountains. Back then, the Window of Heaven was not as influential. Zhou Zi Shu dispatched some people to search for it a few times. Nothing was found.

Zhou Zi Shu, bedtime story to Cheng Ling

Chongwu Palace

Five Lakes Alliance with different Sect Leaders. The very same set of sect leaders who did nothing when Gao Chong’s body was torn apart preached about loyalty when other sect leaders (who killed Gao Chong) didn’t show up. Gossip circulated around the martial arts world that Ghost Valley avenged Gao Chong’s death in the Heroes Conference because everyone who killed Gao Chong died horribly after the conference.

Zhao Jing promised to find out the truth behind this.

Jujing Gang HQ

Sect Leader Wang of Jujing Gang was caught slandering Zhao Jing by Zhao Jing and friends. Revealing Scorpion became a new ally to Five Lakes Alliance increased the tension and was met with resistance. After all, Scorpion was known for their sketchy deeds. Sect Leader Wang cut off his sect’s ties to Five Lakes Alliance immediately. He provoked Zhao Jing and friends to kill him if they dare. Scorpion King killed him in two seconds.

WenZhou Family Trip Chronicles feat. Grandpa Ye Bai Yi

Meanwhile, Wen Ke Xing vs Ye Bai Yi bickering continued. Not only that, they also had a drinking contest.

Cheng Ling’s rigorous training was still on. Zhou Zi Shu kept the trainings on a tight leash. At some point, Cheng Ling fell to the ground. As Wen Ke Xing caught him before falling, he discovered Cheng Ling had a “wide meridian”. Meaning, he was bound to be powerful if he practiced enough. This was the reason why Zhou Zi Shou was tough on Cheng Ling. He knew Cheng Ling can handle it. According to Ye Bai Yi, even if Cheng Ling trained a bit more, he certainly won’t die anytime soon. Cheng Ling’s face looked like he was about to faint.

Chongwu Palace

Zhao Jing contemplated Yu Qiu Feng and Tragicomic Ghost’s unlikely alliance. Wu Yang, another adopted son of Zhao Jing, reported the how they escaped the Yueyang prison under assumptions and the knowledge that a girl a little more than 20 years old did it.

Scorpion King barged in Zhao Jing’s room talking about room renovations in Sanbai Manor. However, when he saw Wu Yang chilling there with Zhao Jing. Ooh boy! He was not happy! Scorpion King asked who was the kid but Zhao Jing ignored the question. Instead, he just said Scorpion King can make the decision.

Beside, Zhao Jing won’t be living in Sanbai Manor, anymore. He planned to stay in Chongwu Palace. Scorpion King pointed out how shabby Yueyang’s Chongwu Palace. Zhao Jing mentioned that everything was part of his strategy. Despite all this, Scorpion King insisted for Zhao Jing to go back to Sanbai Manor. He failed.

WenZhou Family Trip Chronicles feat. Grandpa Ye Bai Yi

Wen Ke Xing got drunk and Ye Bai Yi made fun of him. When Wen Ke Xing asked how old was he, Ye Bai Yi said he can’t remember. He should have been dead a long time ago.

After Ah Xu successfully sent Wen Ke Xing to his room, Ye Bai Yi approached Zhou Zi Shu. Ye Bai Yi asked why Zhou Zi Shou had no will to live. Zhou Zi Shu said he would only want to live or die peacefully and no one could force him to take a third path. He left right after this conversation.

Ye Bai Yi proceeded to talk to his invisible and very dead friends Chang Qing and Qin Huai Zhang. He told Qin Huai Zhang that Zhou Zi Shu and young men nowadays were silly. Ye Bai Yi asked Chang Qing if they were the same in their younger years. He lived for way too long and he couldn’t remember.

Wangchen Inn, Wen Ke Xing’s Bedroom

Zhou Zi Shu followed Wen Ke Xing and found him drinking again in his bedroom. WenZhou couple had a moment. Wen Ke Xing asked Ah Xu if the Seven Nails of Torment hurt. Ah Xu told him he could try it himself. Wen Ke Xing was almost tearing up when he asked Ah Xu to not die. With his back on Wen Ke Xing, he agreed to this. When Wen Ke Xing asked him to look him in the eye and say it again, it was met with unpleasant remark from Ah Xu. In fact, Ah Xu refused to look at Wen Ke Xing and called him pretentious and fake. Wen Ke Xing insisted his actions were sincere.

Episode 16Word of Honor RecapsEpisode 18


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