[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 16

[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 16

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Note: For the confused people like me, here’s a character guide.

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Heroes Conference Drama Finale

Gao Chong announced he had nothing to hide. To make the matters worse, Shen Shen provoked all the sect leaders attending into a fight and Gao Chong even encouraged that. The sect leaders broke into a fight. Gentle Wind Sword Sect fled the scene. Wen Ke Xing watched from afar and was surprised about Gentle Wind Sword Sect leaving. Everybody knew Gao Chong had always been a close friend to Mo Huai Yang. Hence, the good relation between the Yueyang and Gentle Wind Sword Sect.

Meanwhile, Cheng Ling stood there helplessly. Zhou Zi Shu showed up to get Cheng Ling but Zhao Jing prevented him from doing so. Once again, Zhou Zi Shu as surrounded by the Beggar Gang. Elder Huang attempted to kill Cheng Ling but Wen Ke Xing rescued him. Gao Chong told Zhou Zi Shu and Wen Ke Xing to take Cheng Ling and Go. Looks like they’re back together. Five Lakes Monument collapsed.

Zhao Jing begged Gao Chong to give the Glazed Armor to other sect leaders. If Elder Huang promised to spare Gao Chong’s life, he promised to give up his wealth and join Gao Chong as a monk. Shen Shen strongly disagreed to this. Gao Chong made Shen Shen promise to take care of Gao Xiao Lian. Then, he knocked him unconscious.

Gao Chong pulled out the Glazed Armor and destroyed it in front of everyone and threw the shards on the ground. He committed suicide by smashing his head to the fallen Five Lakes Monument. Sect leaders and members stabbed his corpse.

Cheng Ling cried so hard. Zhou Zi Shu pulled him back from running to Gao Chong and joining the chaos.

Cave Stop, post-Heroes Conference drama

Wen Ke Xing, Zhou Zi Shu and Cheng Ling settled on a cave to wait out the heavy rain. While Cheng Ling was grieving, Zhou Zi Shu handed him a bread and approached Wen Ke Xing looking outside the cave.

Wen Ke Xing sulked over Gao Chong being a good man after all. WenZhou couple talked about it. Zhou Zi Shu expressed his observation. The scheme progressed perfectly and there seemed to be more than one person controlling from behind the scenes. Wen Ke Xing added after this Heroes Conference, Gao Chong surely ruined his reputation along with the Five Lakes Alliance. Zhou ZI Shu disagreed. He pointed out how cunning Zhao Jing was. Zhao Jing pretended to be weak, cried in front of everyone, move the blame off of himself and won everyone over by his speech using morals. Zhou Zi Shu was impressed.

Wen Ke Xing tried to make light of the situation. Instead, Zhou Zi Shu gave a whole speech.

The truth is hard to find, and a scheme is hard to plan.No matter how hard a person tries to balance each step,they can’t outsmart the heavens. Breaking a carefully planned scheme is very easy.It might be because of one person’s betrayal,or unexpected rain. No matter how deep the scheme is,there will be a day when the truth is revealed. As long as you have patience to peel back the layers,you will definitely find the missing key.

Zhou Zi Shu, stop-what-you’re-doing-you’re-gonna-get-caught speech

That means a perfect scheme changes and adapts to the situation. What the person in control needs to do is to clearly assess the situation,and push things along at the right moment. It’s hard to read someone’s heart,but easy to control human nature. Endless greed is human nature

Wen Ke Xing, I’m-smart-enough-to-hide-it speech

Zhou Zi Shu asked him what he wanted and he would help him. Wen Ke Xing said he wanted the demons and monsters to scram back to hell.

Chongwu Palace

Zhao Jing and Scorpion King hung out in his chambers. Scorpion King pointed out Gao Chong could’ve survived with his martial arts skills but committing suicide to prove his innocence was unexpected. He praised Zhao Jing for anticipating Gao Chong’s next moves correctly. And I quote:

A strong person is easily broken, an innocent person is easily tainted.

Zhao Jing

Is the moral lesson to just be a bad person?

The only thing that didn’t go according to Zhao Jing’s plan was the Gao Xiao Lian kidnapping incident. Scorpion King already had men after them. Zhao Jing’s plan was to make Gao Xiao Lian live a happy life and be his living mascot. As long as she’s happy, people would think she’s a righteous and loyal person.

Zhao Jing praised Scorpion King for using sorcery to manipulate Deng Kuan. He also didn’t expect for Song Huai Ren to be a double agent.


In episode 5, a masked man was chased by Yu Tian Je for stealing the Glazed armor. That man was Song Huai Ren, Zhao Jing’s godchild. That night, Scorpion King killed Song Huai Ren and took the Glazed Armor from him. Scorpion King believed the two of them cannot co-exist as he had other goals to achieve on his own.

Zhao Jing told Scorpion King he’s the only person he trusts. He instructed Scorpion King to comfort Mu Si Yuan. He would be useful in his future plans.

Cave Stop, post-Heroes Conference drama

Ye Bai Yi tossed a bag which looked like a sack of potatoes to the ground. He followed Zhou Zi Shu but lost track of him because he captured the person in the bag. Yes, a person, in a bag. Cheng Ling went of the corner where he was hiding. Zhou Zi Shu introduced him to Ye Bai Yi. Ye Bai Yi said Cheng Ling looked dumb. And just like that I was triggered. Guess who else is triggered? His adopted dad.

The person whined inside the potato sack. And somehow, it led to Ye Bai Yi and Wen Ke Xing bickering saga. Spoiler alert: yes, it’s a never-ending saga. Can you see the panic in Cheng Ling and Zhou Zi Shu’s faces?

Cheng Ling was afraid the person in the sack was Gao Xiao Lian and opened it. He was surprised to find it was Long Xiao. Zhou Zi Shu consoled him by telling him they won’t harm her because they still need her to find the Glazed Armor. They could still rescue her. After the Heroes Conference, Gao Xiao Lian was technically Zhou Zi Shu’s disciple-in-law. LOL.

Gao Xiao Lian Kidnap Camp

Elder Huang went to see Lu Liu and Tao Hong who held Gao Xiao Lian hostage. They had a quick recap of what happened in the Heroes Conference. There was chaos. Gao Chong’s dead and his body was torn apart by other sect members. Glazed Armor were destroyed but Elder Huang didn’t buy it. They weren’t really sure what the next plan was. They could either use Gao Xiao Lian to negotiate with Zhao Jing or trick Shen Shen. Gao Xiao Lian overheard this conversation.

Chongwu Palace

Zhao Jing chased Shen Shen down the palace and asked him to stay. Shen Shen blamed himself for Gao Chong’s death. Since he promised Gao Chong to take care of Gao Xiao Lian, he would find her and take her with him to Mount Dagu Sect. He vowed never to bring her back to Chongwu Palace as the place was already filled with sorrow. Shen Shen left entrusting the Five Lakes Alliance responsibilities solely on Zhao Jing.

Scorpion King was surprised Zhao Jing let Shen Shen go. Zhao Jing told Scorpion King that Gao Chong anticipated a rebellion and took the Glazed Armor from Shen Shen to protect him. Scorpion King proposed to kill Shen Shen right away. Zhao Jing forbid him to do that as he still needed Shen Shen for his plans. He gave him a list of people who needed to die cruel deaths.

Cave Stop, post-Heroes Conference drama

Ye Bai Yi and Wen Ke Xing bickered a little before asking why he kidnapped Long Xiao. Longyuan Cabinet was the key to the past. Wen Ke Xing asked why would he be interested in Rong Xuan and the Glazed Armor.

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