[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 15

[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 15

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Note: For the confused people like me, here’s a character guide.

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Chongwu Palace, In-house Clinic

The day before the Heroes Conference, Gao Xiao Lian talked to Deng Kuan who was still in a coma. She told him her marriage with Cheng Ling would be announce on the Heroes Conference. She could not disobey her father’s orders.

Ah Xiang arrived in the clinic, unable to walk straight. Gao Xiao Lian helped to get her on the bed and checked her pulse. Ah Xiang had a dagger in her hand intended to paralyze Xiao Lian but she was hesitant. She didn’t have enough time to make up her mind because Cao Wei Ning suddenly appeared inside the clinic.

Ah Xiang, episode 15

Wen Ke Xing, episode 4

Where did people get this tho? Clingy men are creepy…

Five Lakes Monument

Gao Chong publicly announced Five Lakes Alliance owe a big deal to Mount Tai Sect and will comply to their wishes even at the expense of their lives. Elder Huang, without skipping a beat, pointed at Shen Shen insisting to punish him for the murder of Ao Lai Zi. Qing Song supported him immediately.

Gao Chong agreed the murderers from the Ghost Valley should be punished. Since there were no concrete evidence that Shen Shen was accountable for Ao Lai Zi’s murder, he would not punish anyone over a hearsay. This shut up Elder Huang and Qing Song. Fan Huai Kong agreed with Gao Chong. He strongly believed the people truly responsible for Ao Lai Zi’s death were from the Ghost Valley. As a part of the meeting minutes, the sects who participated in the conference chanted the next action steps.

Wen Ke Xing’s Movie Corner, Five Lakes Drama marathon

Wen Ke Xing was impressed with Gao Chong’s ability to turn the situation around.

Five Lakes Monument

Elder Huang interrupted the weird meeting minutes chanting. He asked Gao Chong to tell everyone the truth about the Glazed Armor. This triggered the other sect leaders to inquire about the location of the Glazed Armor.

Zhou Zi Shi was in the crowd, experiencing the Heroes Conference’s real-time drama. While the sect leaders were in chaos, Zhou Zi Shu noticed Arhat (disguised as a man) among the crowd and pursued her.

Back to Gao Chong, he admitted the Five Lakes Alliance leaders had the Glazed Armor broken into five pieces. The sect leaders went wild. They asked for the Glazed Armor to be redistributed to everyone ( Ugh! Is that the smartest suggestion right now? C’mon sect leaders! You’ve gotta be smarter than this! ). Among the clamor between all the sects, the only sect who didn’t support the redistribution was the Gentle Wind Sword Sect.

Gao Chong informed everyone of the Glazed Armor replicas circulating around Yue. He called the Glazed Armor a cursed item. This really long stand-up meeting has been getting on everyone’s nerves. Feng Xiao Feng accused Gao Chong of replicating the Glazed Armor. Sect leaders and members started threatening to fight each other.

WenZhou Movie Corner, Five Lakes Drama marathon

Wen Ke Xing enjoyed the show as he drank some wine and fanned himself.

Ah Xu angrily called him to get down from his seat. He informed Wen Ke XIng about his encounter with Arhat who got away. This meant Scorpion was involved and it could only mean it’s a bad thing. Wen Ke XIng stated whether or not Scorpion was involved, the whole thing was bad from the get-go. As long as it doesn’t affect Cheng Ling, they shouldn’t really care.

Zhou Zi Shu silently contemplated the connection of the Heroes Conference to the Scorpion.

Chongwu Palace

Meanwhile, Zhao Jing calmly sat doing his calligraphy. Scorpion King paced slowly in his room. He turned out to be Zhao Jing’s son and reported everything Zhao Jing planned has been arranged.

WenZhou Movie Corner, Five Lakes Drama marathon

Zhou Zi Shu guessed Ghost Valley and the Scorpion were working together to defeat the Gao Chong and the entire Five Lakes Alliance.

When he spoke to Wen Ke Xing that the person manipulating behind the scenes had malicious intent, Wen Ke Xing wasn’t surprised at all. Instead, he looked forward to the heroes making a clown out of themselves. Zhou Zi Shu pointed out this little show entails the blood of innocent people. Wen Ke Xing disagreed to that. None of those people were innocent. In fact, the blood of these people made watching more exciting.

Five Lakes Monument

Elder Huang insisted for the Five Lakes Alliance to open the World’s Armory. This way, every sect gets back the secret records they lost a long time ago. Then, they can fight the Ghost Valley. Gao Chong mentioned even of he handed over the Glazed Armor, the World’s Armory gate could not be opened. The crowd didn’t buy it. Hence, Gao Chong said someone could explain it for him. Fan Huai Kong exchanged knowing glances with Mo Wei Xu.

WenZhou Movie Corner, Five Lakes Drama marathon

Wen Ke Xing watched intently and angrily, waiting for Gao Chong to use all the tricks up his sleeves.

Chongwu Palace, Yueyang Prison

Men in black extracted Tragicomic Ghost from Yueyang Prison. Beauty Ghost and Yu Qiu Feng were able to stop them.

Chongwu Palace, Worship of Literature

Gao Xiao Lian, Ah Xiang and Cao Wei Ning walked the palace grounds looking for a doctor. The guards on patrol were missing and the palace was unusually quiet.

Tao Hong and Lu Liu arrived. Cao Wei Ning and Ah XIang failed to protect Gao Xiao Lian. Cao Wei Ning was injured. Worse, Gao Xiao Lian was kidnapped. Ah Xiang cried over Wei Ning. Qian Qiao walked towards her. Qiu Feng tailed her, carrying Tragicomic Ghost.

Five Lakes Monument

Young Leader of Longyuang Cabinet, Long Xiao, wheeled his way to the stage. Cheng Ling and Zhao Jing led the way. People were amused by the advance technology. Long Xiao’s purpose was to narrate the history of the Glazed Armor on behalf of his father Long Que.

The demon Rong Xuan relied on clever means to steal countless secret records of martial arts of various sects. He knew he has committed many wrongdoings. For fear that others will steal from him, he deceived my father and tricked him into designing the World’s Armory for him.

Long Xiao, a really, really short history lesson

Long Xiao also confirmed the World Armory is impossible to open. In fact, it’s impossible to open the Armory with just the Glazed Armor alone. Gao Chong was shocked to hear this. In addition, Long Xiao declared no matter how much Gao Chong bribed or coerce the Longyuan Cabinet, they will never help Gao Chong to open the Armory and satisfy his selfishness! Armory is the Armory of the people.

Everyone kept asking Gao Chong for the Glazed Armor… AGAIN! ( You know the feeling when the meeting circled back way too many times?! I want to yell meeting adjourned. ) Zhao Jing knelt in front of Gao Chong and apologized for the mess Long Xiao’s speech created.

WenZhou Movie Corner, Five Lakes Drama marathon

Zhou Zi Shu wondered how Zhao Jing, a weak and stupid fool became a member of the Five Lakes Alliance. Wen Ke Xing answered it wasn’t like the other members were any better. Zhou Zi Shu pointed out Gao Chong was being framed. Of course, Wen Ke Xing knew that. Hence, he couldn’t wait to applaud the mastermind behind the show. He silenced Ah Xu, wanting to see how Gao Chong will turn the tide back to his favor.

Five Lakes Monument

Gao Chong assured everyone he does not have selfish intentions to open the Armory to himself. Everyone kept asking Gao Chong for the Glazed Armor… AGAIN! To express his sincerity, Gao Chong promised once the Ghost Valley is wiped out, he and Young Leader Long Xiao will distribute the secrets of the Armory among all sects. Nobody objected to this statement.

Gao Chong broke another big announcement:

  1. Cheng Ling and Gao Xiao Lian’s arranged marriage to lead both Yueyang and Mirror Lake Sect.
  2. Gao Chong will become a monk after this
  3. Gao Chong will no longer handle the matters of the mortal world again

Cheng Ling was against his marriage being decided for him. Shen Shen was against Gao Chong becoming a monk.

WenZhou Movie Corner, Five Lakes Drama marathon

Meanwhile, in the WenZhou movie corner, both of men were fighting over the billion dollar question: “Is Gao Chong a good man?” Zhou Zi Shu thought so but Wen Ke Xing didn’t buy it.

This is what happens when you watch a movie without a popcorn! You fight with the snack next to you!

Five Lakes Monument

Gao Chong walked towards the sword and raised the Token of Honor from Sword Immortal of Mount Changming, Ye Bai Yi. Whoever held the token could order the Sword Immortal to destroy the Ghost Valley. He asked for the willing sect leaders to pledge allegiance. A few sect leaders and elders pledge allegiance including Gentle Wind Sword Sect, Jujing Gang, Water Transport Gang. However, Feng Xiao Feng brought up the items which belonged to no one. How do they plan on settling that? Elder Huang piled on this statement implying Gao Chong would keep the unowned items to himself.

Gao Chong mentioned the items would be returned to the descendants of the owners. The leaders started fighting over who should get what again. This has gotten SOOOO BORING! UGHHHHH….

WenZhou Movie Corner, Five Lakes Drama marathon

Upon mentioning Rong Xuan and the Healer Valley, Zhou Zi Shu noticed Wen Ke Xing’s murderous stare and tight grip on his fan. He started chanting for the people to fight. Zhou Zi Shu asked him who he really was and if he really wasn’t Rong Xuan’s son. Wen Ke Xing insisted he never lied to Zhou Zi Shu.

From Wen Ke Xing’s poing of view, the only difference between the martial arts world and the members of the Ghost Valley was one was blatantly evil and the other wore a disguise of benevolence, justice and morality. Yet deep down, they’re all the same.

After hearing this, Zhou Zi Shu decided they both should go their separate ways. Wen Ke Xing was shocked but he didn’t run after Zhou Zi Shu. He just continued watching.

Yueyang Sect Prison

Meanwhile, the two prisoners from episode 9 seemed to be counting hours on the wall. Upon seeing it was time, they pulled out a tiny bamboo thing and used it as a whistle. The sound awoke Deng Kuan. He walked out of the clinic, walked towards the Yueyang Sect prison, stabbed a guard and open the prison cell containing the two prisoners.

In the middle of nowhere

Arhat relayed her mission was over and to inform Changing Ghost it’s his turn.

Five Lakes Monument

For some reason, the sect leaders were not bickering amongst each other when the signature Ghost Valley confetti started raining on them. A voice out of thin air ( Changing Ghost’s voice ) started accusing Gao Chong of instructing Long-tongued Ghost to demolish the Mirror Lake Sect, capturing Tragicomic Ghost, killing Danyang Sect’s disciples, instructing Happy Ghost to kill Ao Lai Zi. People started whispering but wait! There’s more.

Deng Kuan, first disciple of Yueyang Sect, walked from Chongwu Palace all the way to the Five Lakes monument to say:

I am Deng Kuan, the first disciple of the Yueyang Sect. I’m not dead! I was kept imprisoned by Gao Chong.It was him who instructed me to sneak into the Mirror Lake Sect and help Long-tongued Ghost sneak inside to extinguish the Zhang Family.

Gao Chong! You abandoned the Five Lakes Alliance! Such disloyalty! You murdered your own brothers! Such disrespect! You harmed the lost orphan of the Mirror Lake Sect.Such inhumanity! You colluded with the Ghost Valley to disrupt the martial arts world. Such injustice! I assisted you in your cruel ways, I am too ashamed to live!I shall end my life to maintain justice!

Deng Kuan, Heroes Conference post-coma speech

After this monologue, he committed suicide. Gao Chong fell on his knees and asked who wanted him dead by controlling Deng Kuan?

Wen Ke Xing Movie Corner, Five Lakes Drama marathon

Wen Ke Xing was impressed by Changing Ghost’s special appearance.

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