[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 14

[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 14

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Note: For the confused people like me, here’s a character guide.

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Mingcui Pavillion

After Ye Bai Yi and Wen Ke Xing insulted and fought each other to the point of Wen Ke Xing’s almost exhaustion, Ah Xu put a stop to their bickering. Both men failed a few times in stripping Ah Xu of his robes. Eventually, Ah Xu gave in and showed both of them his injuries from Seven Nails of Torment. Ye Bai Yi could only promise him ten years of his life. Ah Xu was very happy to hear this.

In order to do so, Ye Bai Yi had to abolish his martial arts skills completely. Wen Ke Xing was even willing to humiliate himself in exchange of Zhou Zi Shu living longer. Ah Xu politely declined, rose from his chair and left. He’d rather live a short life while still retaining his some of his martial arts skills than live longer without it. Ye Bai Yi and Wen Ke Xing was suprised. Wen Ke Xing followed Ah Xu. As both of them were walking away, Ye Bai Yi warned Ah Xu that Wen Ke Xing was dangerous and he should be careful.

Ziyun Hall

Wen Ke Xing found out Ah Xu had at least two more years to live. Ah Xu scolded Wen Ke Xing for humiliating himself in front of Ye Bai Yi in exchange of healing Ah Xu. Wen Ke Xing begged Zhou Zi Shu to take Ye Bai Yi’s deal and live for ten years without his martial arts skills. He was sure there’s got to be another way to recover his skills if they look hard enough. However, Zhou Zi Shu made up his mind. He would rather travel the world and drink wine with Wen Ke Xing for the rest of his numbered days.

Wen Ke Xing had an emotional meltdown. Zhou Zi Shu wasn’t happy about this.

The two broke down into another fight. Zhou Zi Shu walked away.

Department of the Unfaithful, Recovery Camp

Amethyst Fiend visited Luo Mansion and found out about the attack. She tracked down the survivors of the Luo Mansion attack and rushed to the recovery camp. Beauty Ghost was missing. Ghoul narrated Gao Chong raided the Luo Mansion with his men. Hong Lu died along with the other maids. Ah Xiang was devastated. Hong Lu was one of the two maids she promised to keep safe of in episode 4. She accused Ghoul of leading Gao Chong and his men to Luo Mansion. Ghoul took offense to this. He made a point when he mention Changing Ghost, Happy Ghost and Lovelace were right around the corner. Yet, they did nothing to help. He speculated out loud they could be the culprit. Ah Xiang ran off.

A bridge somewhere in Yue, Wen Ke Xing meltdown 2.0

Wen Ke Xing sat on the bridge and played his flute under the pouring rain. He was out of wine. Ah Xiang found him in this state. She cried her as she reported the Luo Mansion Attack incident, the death of the maids and the capture of Tragicomic Ghost. She cried desperately, asking for instructions on what to do. Wen Ke Xing was not himself and could not give a proper answer. Instead, he said Zhou Zi Shu was dying. After reciting a few lines of a poem, he broke his flute and fled to the roof, leaving Ah Xiang with neither an answer nor an instruction.


After the death of Ao Lai Zi, Qing Song became the new Mount Tai Sect leader. Qing Song pledge allegiance to the Elder Huang and the Beggar Gang to take revenge on Five Lakes Alliance for his master’s murder.

Tao Hong and Lu Liu listened to this conversation. As soon as the Mount Tai Sect members left, they confronted Elder Huang on what he’s scheming. In episode 13, he found out the truth about the Glazed Armor. If he exposed the truth to the martial arts world, Five Lakes Alliance would be exposed. Their reign would be over. However, Elder Huang had other plans.

Yueyang Prison

Tragicomic Ghost was tied to a post in a prison cell. Zhao Jing obviously knew her but she didn’t seem to recognize him. He recalled a rumor. Before a person entered the Ghost Valley, they would drink the Water of Lethe to let go of their obsessions and the person they cared the most about. This confirmed that Tragicomic Ghost cared most about Zhao Jing. When Zhao Jing called her by her name, Fu Meng, Tragicomic Ghost was surprised. He apologized for turning a noble woman into a ghost. Zhao Jing left her prison cell filled with guilt.

Ghost Valley Camp, probably somewhere in Yue

Beauty Ghost reported the task was complete. Wen Ke Xing informed her about the Luo Mansion attack and the capture of her master, Tragicomic Ghost. Qian Qiao was shocked. She pleaded Wen Ke Xing to rescue Tragicomic Ghost but he rejected this. Instead, he instructed her to transform as Yu Qiu Feng, poke around for more information and confirm if Tragicomic Ghost is still alive. Gao Chong would plan to execute Tragicomic Ghost during Heroes Conference itself. This would buy them more time. Beauty Ghost reluctantly agreed to his instructions. Wen Ke Xing reassured her he had his own plans.

Chongwu Palace, Worship of Martial Spirit

Cao Wei Ning ran happily towards Mo Wei Xu. The Yueyang Sect guard made fun of him for being a “Casanova”. As soon as the guard left, Mo Wei Xu informed him about their sect’s change of plan in the Heroes Conference. Mo Huai Yang, the leader of the Gentlewind Sword Sect and the person who was supposed to represent Gentle Wind Sword Sect, left to return to Mount Qingfeng last night. Their “Master” would proxy for their leader. The guard went back to inform Wei Ning that Ah Xiang was sick and Xiao Lian took care of her. Cao Wei Ning lost his focus and his senior had no choice but to dismiss him.

Five Lakes Monument

A few hours before the Heroes conference, the preparations in the Five Lakes Monument were in progress. Ghost Valley’s signature yellow confetti started raining again. However, it wasn’t Ghost Valley this time. It was Mount Tai Sect and the Beggar Gang led by Qing Song and Elder Huang. They destroyed preparations and threw stones at the Five Lakes Monument.

Chongwu Palace Gate

Beauty Ghost, disguised as Yu Qiu Feng, looked for Shen Shen in Chongwu Palace. Yueyang Sect guards informed him Master Shen already left for the conference. He could come back at noon. Yu Qiu Feng said he would wait inside the palace instead. Just as he was about to enter, a Yueyang guard ran towards the gate and informed the other guards Ghost Valley attacked the Heroes Conference. The guards ran without informing Gao Chong.

Fake Yu Qiu Feng snuck inside the palace. She figured since everyone was busy for the Heroes Conference, she would have the chance to rescue her master, Tragicomic Ghost. Qian Qiao ran into the real Yu Qiu Feng. She made a bargain. If Qiu Feng helped her in rescuing Tragicomic Ghost from Yueyang prison, she would give him a piece of the Glazed Armor. Qiu Feng refused the Glazed Armor but agreed to help her rescue Tragicomic Ghost. Qian QIao was touched.

Five Lakes Monument

Chaos intensifies! Swords were drawn. Elder Huang threw his accusation that Shen Shen sent an assassin to kill Ao Lai Zi and stole the Glazed Armor in his possession. Shen Shen firmly denied this. However, Elder Huang’s claim was supported by a kid from Mount Tai Sect. He witnessed Changing Ghost admitting he followed orders from the leader of Mount Dagu Sect, Master Shen. He was the only survivor from that incident. Shen Shen insisted he was being framed. However, Qing Song insisted Mount Dagu attacked their sect even before that. Shen Shen chased him from Mount Tai to Tai Lake as seen during episode 3 and episode 4.

Qing Song yelled Shen Shen was after the Glazed Armor. Shen Shen defended it wasn’t theirs to begin with. It was Lu Taichong’s. By this time, different sects already arrived and listened to this whole drama. Elder Huang insisted this statement was a straight up confession he was guilty. Fan Huai Kong interrupted the conversation to defend Shen Shen. However, Shen Shen insisted Ao Lai Zi was not a member of Five Lakes Alliance. Hence, not the true owner of the Glazed Armor. This sparked rage from Mount Tai Sect.

Master Fan Huai Kong asked everyone, what kind of assassin admit which sect he was from. Shen Shen was clearly being framed. He suggested everyone to wait for the Five Lakes Alliance Chief, Gao Chong, to resolve the matter. Elder Huang was upset. Things obviously didn’t go according to his plan. Gao Chong arrived in the middle of kindergarten chaos.

Wen Ke Xing watched happily as the drama unfold from afar.

Episode 13Word of Honor RecapsEpisode 15


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