[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 13

[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 13

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Note: For the confused people like me, here’s a character guide.

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Qingyu Restaurant

Zhou Zi Shu’s Cao Wei Ning – Ah Xiang matchmaking saga continued from the last episode but only with Wen Ke Xing. Sadly, Ah Xiang fled the scene but Cao Wei Ning followed him. Wen Ke Xing strongly disagreed on the pairing. This led to Zhou Zi Shu pointing out how Wen Ke Xing was contradicting himself by wanting Ah Xiang to marry yet unable to stand Ah Xiang being with someone else. Wen Ke Xing referred to Zhou Zi Shu’s earlier statement (a..k.a public soulmate declaration) of wanting to wander around the world as soulmates yet Zhou Zi Shu was still hiding many things from him. When Wen Ke Xing asked, among all the things Zhou Zi Shu said, which ones were true and which ones weren’t, Zhou Zi Shu didn’t give a clear answer. Wen Ke Xing just smiled.

We all know he’s smiling over this one…

Moving on!

Chongwu Palace

Cao Wei Ning recited a poem to Ah Xiang. He was emotional over the fact that Zhou Xu being terminally ill and Wen Ke Xing would be left alone in the world again after Zhou Xu’s death. Cao Wei Ning was now in a romantic mode. He told her about how he never really understood the whole soulmate concept thing until he met Ah Xiang. She knew what was going on but she still had reservations on being introduced to Cao Wei Ning’s family. He tested the waters by hinting the right man for her could be right around the corner. Ah Xiang made fun of him, laughed at him and ran away. Poor dude was devastated. Ah Xiang told herself that her purpose for staying with the Yueyang Sect was to protect Cheng Ling.

Hanbi Pavillion

Beauty Ghost a.k.a Qian Qiao brought medicines for Tragicomic Ghost. Ghost take medicines?! Wha- OK. It was her farewell before leaving for her mission. Tragicomic Ghost instructed her to do her task right away and come back after she’s done.


Mount Hua Sect Leader, Yu Qiu Feng, visited Dazhi, Beggar Gang’s Territory. It was an unexpected visit for Elder Huang. Gao Chong and the Beggar Gang were no longer in good terms. However, Yu Qiu Feng strongly believed Five Lakes Alliance was responsible for the death of his son, Yu Tianjie. Yu Qiu Feng had no evidence to support this accusation except for the use of Soul Winding Spell. It would be difficult to overthrow Gao Chong as the Five Lakes Alliance Leader.

However, Yu Qiu Feng had another information that they could use. He informed Elder Huang each member of Five Lakes Alliance have a piece of the Glazed Armor. This caused unnecessary death all over the martial arts world. The aim was to force the Five Lakes Alliance to surrender the Glazed Armor and have the Beggar Gang to rule the martial arts world and initiate the crusade against the Ghost Valley. Elder Huang silently contemplated on this.

Goodluck Inn

Ah Xu made another mask for himself ( as if the first one wasn’t traumatizing enough! ). Wen Ke Xing was against it. Ah Xu informed Cheng Ling’s handing over the Glazed Armor weren’t made public. This meant Cheng Ling’s life was not only in danger but also both of them for saving Cheng Ling. Hence, the need to disguise himself. Wen Ke Xing still didn’t see the need to disguise himself. They had a laugh over it.

A Room Somewhere in Yue

Beauty Ghost pretended to be Yu Qiufeng to provoke the Beggar Gang to revolt against the Five Lakes Alliance. She removed her mask, touched her scarred cheek and recalled Wen Ke Xing’s instructions.

Chongwu Palace Gate

Gao Chong welcomed Mount Changming Sword Immortal, Ye Bai Yi and proved his identity by throwing the Token of Honor to Gao Chong. Changming Sword Immortal was the receiver of the letter Cheng Ling hid under the Buddha in Luohan Temple as seen in episode 11. Shen Shen yelled at the top of his lungs for days in Sword Hall of Mount Changming as mentioned in episode 12.

Apparently, there was an agreement twenty years ago that once Ghost Valley harmed the martial arts world, Changming Sword Immortal was supposed to demolish the Ghost Valley. Identity can be verified using the token of Honor. Since Gao Chong and Shen Shen had a hard time believing he was Changming Sword Immortal for looking so young, Ye Bai Yi got visibly annoyed, declared he would do what he promised and fled out of the scene. Gao Chong was convinced and impressed.

Chongwu Palace, Pine Hall

Zhou Zi Shu snuck into Cheng Ling’s chambers. Cheng Ling hugged him. He was very happy to see his master. They had a little catching up. Cheng Ling couldn’t sleep because he was worried about the Heroes Conference. Gao Chong didn’t call off the wedding. Wedding will be held after two years. This would be announced during the Heroes Conference. Meaning, Cheng Ling would have to make Yueyang Sect his home. Zhou Zi Shu was weirded out by this as there’s no benefit in keeping Cheng Ling. Zhou Zi Shu would have to change his plans. Nevertheless, he assured Cheng Ling he would secretly protect him. Their meeting was interrupted by a knock.

Zhou Zi Shu slipped out of Cheng Ling’s room, walked around Chongwu Palace in Yueyang Sect guard uniform. It could be Gao Chong was making up for the mistakes he did to Rong Xuan. Zhou Zi Shu believed Rong Xuan was Wen Ke Xing’s father. His mission was to resolve their grudges.

Luo Mansion

Gao Chong attacked Luo Mansion. Forty-seven members of Ghost Valley were killed. Shen Shen captured Tragicomic Ghost and would be sacrificed during the Heroes Conference

Fengyang Pub, WenZhou Date

Ye Bai Yi ate for six hours straight. Zhou Zi Shu analyzed him from the crowd. Ye Bai Yi had an aura of a master but his face looked too young to be a master. When he was done eating, he asked for anyone to volunteer to pay for his meals in exchange of a favor. The entire restaurant looked scandalized.

Wen Ke Xing volunteered to pay. When Ye Bai Yi saw Wen Ke Xing asking Ah Xu for money, he asked who was treating the meal. He allowed Wen Ke Xing to treat him for a meal but not Ah Xu. Ye Bai Yi knew what Zhou Zi Shu’s wish but he could not heal a dying man from his slow suicide. Wen Ke Xing was shocked to hear this. Ye Bai Yi said he’ll go back and think about it. Zhou Zi Shu could treat him for a wine next time and might be able to think of a solution.

Shimei Pavillion

The real Yu Qiu Feng still waited for a news about his son, Tian Jie. Qian Qiao paid him a visit. The history between them were revealed. Yu Qiu Feng was married and hand an affair with Qian Qiao. Qiu Feng’s wife hit her twice, stabbed her once, stripped her, disfigured her and forced to parade her for three days. The entire martial arts world heard of her as a mistress and a disfigured woman.

Qiu Feng hugged her in an attempt to kill her but he couldn’t do it. When he turned around and walked away, Qian Qiao spoke as Beauty Ghost to Mount Hua’s Leader. A disaster awaits when a ghost appears during daytime. As an obituary notice, she informed him of Tian Jie’s death. Qiu Feng apologized and promised to compensate her with whatever she wanted. Beauty Ghost walked away, realized she still hasn’t moved on and wished she drank the Water of Lethe.

Goodluck Inn

Wen Ke Xing and Ah Xu played truth or dare. Wen Ke Xing asked if Ye Bai Yi spoke the truth earlier. Ah Xu confirmed this. He caused his own injuries. Hence, he’s dying. Ah Xu asked him if his surname was “Rong”, implying he was Rong Xuan’s son. Wen Ke Xing was offended on why Ah Xu had to play truth or dare to ask the question. He could’ve answered Ah Xu directly if he asked. His answer was he was angry he didn’t get the chance to see Rong Xuan. Otherwise, he would kill him. With that, he busted out of Ah Xu’s room. Ah Xu still couldn’t make sense of Wen Ke Xing’s hatred towards Five Lakes Alliance. He couldn’t see any other plausible reason. Ye Bai Yi knocked on Ah Xu’s door.

A bridge somewhere in Yue

Ah Xu and Ye Bai Yi walked over the bridge and talked. Ye Bai Yi said he found a way to heal Zhou Zi Shu’s injuries but he might die during the process. Zhou Zi Shu politely asked when did he ask for help. Ye Bai Yi figured out Zhou Zi Shu was from the Window of Heaven and a disciple of Qin Huai Zhang. It bothered Zhou Zi Shu for the young man to address his master so casually. Zhou Zi Shu was triggered when his deceased master was called a hothead and challenged Ye Bai Yi to a fight. Ye Bai Yi was shocked to hear Qin Huai Zhang was dead and almost teared up at that statement. Then, he realized it’s been a long time and “all of them” had died. Who’s “them”?

He turned to Zhou Zi Shu and said he would insult Qin Huai Zhang even if he was in front of them. Zhou Zi Shu pulled out his sword. Ye Bai Yi recognized the sword and he would like to take a look. When Zhou Zi Shu refused, Ye Bai Yi said he wouldn’t steal the sword and repeated his name. While Zhou Zi Shu was lost in thought about the Bai Yi from 100 years ago, Ye Bai Yi grabbed the sword from his hand and inspected it. Ye Bai Yi said he gifted the sword to Qin Huai Zhang.

Ah Xu apologized and addressed him as senior. Since he was Qin Huai Zhang’s disciple, Ye Bai Yi would have to treat Zhou Zi Shu’s more carefully than he had planned. Ye Bai Yi wanted to see his injuries but Zhou Zi Shu didn’t want to. Just in time, Wen Ke Xing arrived and defended his Ah Xu.

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