[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 11

[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 11

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Note: For the confused people like me, here’s a character guide.

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Five Lakes Monument

Gao Chong’s men were busy finalizing the preparation for the Heroes Conference.

Luo Mansion

Tragicomic Ghost confronted Wen Ke Xing on why he was acting crazy again. Wen Ke Xing said he’s always been crazy. She asked him questions about the nursery rhyme and White Grim Reaper’s death. He took offense to this and warned her. Beauty Ghost begged for forgiveness and that Tragicomic Ghost was just concerned. Tragicomic Ghost told Beauty Ghost to stand up. She wasn’t afraid of him. Wen Ke Xing instructed Tragicomic Ghost to leave. He had private instructions to give Beauty Ghost. Tragicomic Ghost was offended and was very vocal about it.

Beauty Ghost was left with Wen Ke Xing. She begged for forgiveness and said she knew his action had deeper intentions. Wen Ke XIng said he didn’t have deeper intentions. He just suddenly felt like killing someone. What did she mean by “deeper intentions”? Beauty Ghost answered Changing Ghost was unsatisfied and planning to revolt. Killing his trusted subordinate, White Grim Reaper, was a warning to him. He neither agreed nor denied. She assured him, she was loyal.

On to the business, Wen Ke Xing asked if Beauty Ghost learned the transformation skills from Four Seasons Manor. She said she learned it when she met the former Four Seasons Manor Leader, Qin Huai Zhang, who pitied her for being disfigured. Wen Ke Xing asked how come she never visited Four Seasons Manor if the man was kind to her. She said she didn’t want to talk about her life when back then. All that mattered was, she was loyal to him.

Yueyang Shopping District

Zhou Zi Shu strolled the shopping district, with wine bottle on his hand, towards Chongwu Palace gate. He contemplated on why he wanted to attend the Heroes Conference and watch people put on an act. He could go anywhere he wanted to. He’s alone now, anyway.

Pine Hall

Cheng Ling washed his face and saw a letter from Ah Xu to come to the Northern Garden at 11pm. He was happy to read this.

That evening, Cheng Ling snuck out of the Pine Hall to head towards the Northern Garden. He ran into Gao Shan warning him to get back in the room or he’ll tell Gao Chong. Ah Xiang came to the rescue and sent Gao Chong to sleep. He asked where was Wen Ke Xing. She was confused but they ran to the garden, anyway. They saw a dead servant and was attacked by Pretty Arhat. Ah Xiang kept Arhat from running after Cheng Ling. Qin Song sent everyone to sleep by playing his lute.

Meanwhile, Zhou ZI Shu was somewhere in the Chongwu Palace grounds, drinking and without any knowledge of what was happening in the North Garden. He didn’t seem like he was waiting for Cheng Ling, too. Zhou Zi Shu was sitting on the grass and contemplating his life when he saw Arhat flying, carrying Cheng Ling. He ran / flew after them. Qin Song, upon seeing more Yueyang Sect guards run towards him, also fled the scene.

Wen Ke Xing was also somewhere in the Chongwu Palace. He caught a sight of Qin Song and pursued him.

Kidnap camp

Arhat and Evil Bodhisattva tortured Cheng Ling to reveal the wherew was the Glazed Armor. Cheng Ling said he’d rather die than tell them. Arhat warned Evil Bodhisattva to go easy on him. If she accidentally killed Cheng Ling, they’re all dead. Arhat said she’d take care of this. Evil Bodhisattva could go figure what was taking Monster Jiang and Qin Song too long. She said she didn’t care about those two and would rather see what Arhat would do to Cheng Ling.

Wen Ke Xing x Qin Song Saga

Wen Ke Xing caught up to Qin Song and asked where his friends took Cheng Ling.

Kidnap Camp

Cheng Ling was still being tortured. He said his father was Zhang Yu Sen and none of his sons were coward. He stood his ground and didn’t say a thing. After awhile, Zhou Zi Shu kicked down the doors. Evil Bodhisattva asked who he was and how dare he attack them. He said a bunch of stinky Scorpions does not deserve to know his name. He’s their ancestor. The fight began.

Not long after, Monster Jiang came back alone. He couldn’t find Qin. Zhou Zi Shu was already feeling the effects of the Seven Nails. He wouldnt be able to drag the battle for too long. He was able to kill Monster Jiang. Just when Arhat and Evil Bodhisattva were about to attack him, Wen Ke Xing tossed Qin Song through the door. His dying landed at the ladies’ feet. Wen Ke Xing walked in the door and fought the two women. When he saw Ah Xu looking injured and weak, he rushed towards him. Arhat and Evil Bodhisattva were able to escape. Wen Ke Xing attempted to follow them. Zhou Zi Shu prevented him from doing so. Their priority was to keep Cheng Ling safe.

Forest outside the Kidnap Camp

When the went out of the “Kidnap Camp”, it was in the middle of the forest and zombies were all over the place. And you know what? The Master of Flirting chooses no place and time for his… well, flirting.

But wait, there’s more!

Scorpion King descended from the heavens playing his lute. Arhat and Evil Bodhisattva fetched him from somewhere. Wen Ke Xing and Scorpion King were asking each other to reveal their identity but none of them gave in. Zhou Zi Shu threw a smoke bomb and disappeared together with Cheng Ling and Wen Ke Xing.

Scorpion King was able to identify both Zhou Zi Shu as the leader of Window of Heaven and Wen Ke Xing as “Ghost Leader”. And here’s another favorite line I liked from this episode:

Chongwu Palace, Profound Expectations Hall

Meanwhile, Chongwu Palace was in shock. Gao Chong, Shen Shen and Yueyang Sect Guards held an impromptu assembly at Profound Expectations Hall. Cheng Ling was missing. Why didn’t Gao Chong immediately send out a search party for Cheng Ling, though?

Still in the forest but away from the Kidnap Camp

Cheng Ling was crying and thanking both his saviors while hugging Zhou Zi Shu as if his life depended on it.

Once Cheng Ling was able to calm down, his feelings started pouring in. Zhou Zi Shu and Wen Ke Xing were the only two men who were sincerely kind to him. Wen Ke Xing made fun of his arranged marriage but Zhou Zi Shu shot him a look and he shut up. Cheng Ling added all those Five Lakes uncles were a hoax. They only wanted the Glazed Armor and never really cared about him or revenge for Mirror Lake Sect.

Cheng Ling said he wanted to learn martial arts, avenge his family himself and continue his family’s heritage. He didn’t want to wait for others to sacrifice themselves and protect him. Cheng Ling finally revealed what really happened before Zhou Zi Shu saw Cheng Ling hightailing the Mirror Lake Manor.

Never trust anyone, no one is trustworthy.

Zhang Yu Sen, farewell message to Cheng Ling

He also revealed that a piece of Glazed Armor was hidden inside his stomach. Five Lakes Alliance Sect Leaders were secretly at odds for many years. Cheng Ling said he knew the reason why their relationship turned sour. It was in a letter he hid under the Buddha statue in the abandoned temple. The only person who should read it was the “receiver”, Elder Changming Sword Immortal.

The letter said the Five Lakes Alliance Sect Leaders were all friends with Rong Xuan. Rong Xuan became evil because of a mistake the five of them made. Rong Xuan was poisoned from a Gao Chong’s sword during a sparring session and went crazy. No one stood up for Rong Xuan when other martial arts artists attacked him. Zhang Yu Sen was supposed to go to Mount Qingya to fight to death on Rong Xuan’s side but his master broke his legs and locked him up. Gao Chong’s sword had the poison but no one knew who put it there.

Chongwu Palace, Ancestral Hall

Gao Chong lit incense sticks for the memorial tablets of Zhen Ru Yu and his wife. He apologized for losing his son. He waited for twenty years to uncover the truth but he only heard about death after death. Gao Chong bitterly laughed at the irony of being the Chief of Five Lakes Alliance and Supreme Leader of the Martial Arts World. Yet, all his close friends were dead. He pointed at Rong Xuan’s memorial tablet saying his biggest regret in life was meeting him. He continued crying and lamenting the death of his friends.

Forest, Family Reunion

Wen Ke Xing asked Zhou Zi Shu for wine. Instead of handing it over directly, he passed it through Cheng Ling. He picked up on this and asked if the two were fighting. The pair’s lack of answer confirmed it. Cheng Ling attempted to fix this for them.  He  basically threw back all the words Wen Ke Xing gave him. Zhou Zi Shu looks tough on the outside but has a soft heart. Tough women can’t resist clingy men, remember?  He looked too proud when he re-quoted that. Cheng Ling grabbed his master’s hand to console him. Zhou Zi Shu just said okay. Then, he changed the topic.

Zhou Zi Shu asked how he was kidnapped. He told him about the letter. He said the letter was signed as “Xu” as in the character of “willow catkins” (as he said in Episode 2) so he believed it. Zhou Zi Shu said it wasn’t from him.  He also advised Cheng ling to stay at Yueyang Sect as it would be the safest place for him.

Zhou Zi Shu started coughing and Wen Ke Xing asked if it was his internal injury was acting up again. Cheng Ling was surprised and worried at the same time. Wen Ke Xing helped him and lent some spiritual power. While doing so, he told Cheng Ling that when he first saw Ah Xu, he knew Ah Xu was wearing a disguise. Wen Ke Xing shared a story:

Many years ago, I saw a dead body. The hair was a mess and the face was covered in blood. A log spear was stuck from the front of the chest to its back. I looked at the shoulder blades in detail and realized that this person was a rare beauty when she was alive.

A recollection of a dead body who’s most likely his mother.

Wen Ke Xing made Cheng Ling guess what happened after. Zhou Zi Shu answered they should let the past stay in the past and offered his condolences. Of all the dead bodies that they’ve seen for the past years as martial artist, if he remembered a corpse to a great detail, it must be someone very important to him, most likely his parents.

Cheng Ling looked at the two not fully comprehending what’s happening. Zhou Zi Shu asked Wen Ke Xing about his identity. Of course, Wen Ke Xing didn’t say anything serious. Obviously, Zhou Zi Shu was disappointed. He bared his face and identity to him, considered each other as soulmates and yet, he does not even know Wen Ke Xing’s real identity.

Zhou Zi Shu turned to Cheng Ling and asked if he really wanted to be his disciple. Cheng Ling enthusiastically agreed. Zhou Zi Shu replied he would repay his sincerity. He gave him his life story in a short summary. He did this within Wen Ke Xing’s earshot and on purpose. As an audience, it definitely felt like an invitation to reciprocity but we’re only eleven episodes in. I doubt it would happen anytime, soon.

Zhou Zi Shu was the last leader of Four Seasons Manor Sect. His Master was Qin Huai Zhang. His sect became extinct because of him. At the age of sixteen, he pledged his allegiance to Prince Jin. He founded the Window of Heaven, an assassin organization. This led to the death of his 81 brothers. He was the only one left. This was why he knew Scorpion. Scorpion’s power in Jiangnan was as powerful as Window of Heaven in the Northwest.

Zhou Zi Shu confessed he spent his life alone, doing things he didn’t want and killing people he didn’t want to. He didn’t want anything to do with Window of Heaven. He would rather wander the world until he dies but it seemed like god had other plans. With all that history narration, Zhou Zi Shu asked again if he wanted to be his disciple which of course, Cheng Ling accepted. He added he already thought of Zhou Zi Shu as his master way before he accepted him.

Wen Ke Xing stood up and told Cheng Ling to kowtow. OMG I’M SO HAPPY! SO PROUD OF YOU CHEVALIER GOLDBEAN LITTLE IDIOT!

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