[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 10

[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 10

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Note: For the confused people like me, here’s a character guide.

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Renyi Hall, Yueyang

As soon as the people left, Wen Ke Xing dug a grave for the Four Sages of Anji using a sword. Zhou Zi Shu found him digging a grave and saying farewell messages to the dead bodies in front of him.  He grabbed Wen Ke Xing’s hand and asked if he was happy now and if that was what he wanted all along. Wen Ke Xing, of course, didn’t take that comment too lightly. He slapped his hands away and yelled at him if he would dare to say that he’s only ever killed bad people. Zhou Zi Shu walked away, not wanting to get into the argument with him. 

Yuefan Tower

Now, Zhou Zi Shu was a former Chief assassin. It’s only natural that many innocent people died by his own hands. He stood on that tower looking back at all the people he killed who didn’t deserve to die. And with that, he whispered to the wind that he really thought Wen Ke Xing was his soulmate but he was mistaken. It seemed as if he concluded that with everything that they have gone through in their lives, given the type of people that they were, they wouldn’t be able to bear it if someone asks them about it. He knew deep down Wen Ke Xing had probably gone through a lot of emotional trauma for him to be able to do such a thing.

Commander Han watched Zhou Zi Shu silently from a distance.

Luo Mansion, Wen Ke Xing drowning his sorrow part 1

Wen Ke XIng opened a box full of fake Glazed Armor pieces in front of several women. I don’t know what the exact exactly they were. They didn’t look like prostitutes to me but they didn’t look like servants either. I’m confused. 

One of the ladies asked him why it was broken. He replied valuable things were rarely sturdy. Iridescent clouds scatter easily, glaze shatter easily. Obviously, he wasn’t talking about the glazed armor at all. He was talking about his relationship with Ah Xu. There was a conversation that they had any one of the previous episodes where he was talking about himself. The cruelest and most devilish demon are often wearing human skin, hidden in the vast see if people. And his mission was to expose their painted skin and turn them into ashes. 

Yueyang Bar next door, Zhou Zi Shu drowning his sorrow, too

TF y’all doing?! It’s not a contest!

Meanwhile, Zhou Zi Shu  drank wine to his heart’s content. Wine bottles were everywhere. They were reminiscing about the same conversation about the good and evil in the world. The waiter and the bar manager we’re giving him side glances and low-key judging him for drinking so much alone and talking to himself. But he wasn’t really talking to himself, he was just repeating every memorable line Wen Ke Xing  said and what complete bullshit that was. 

Yueyang Bar, Wen Ke Xing still drowning his sorrow part 2

All the women around Wen Ke Xing were drunk  and passed out on the floor except for one. There was a last woman sitting down, leaning against him. He asked her if there was anything she ever wanted in the world but disappeared, she thought she would never find it again but  years later it reappeared. The woman didn’t answer his question but she replied isn’t that a good thing? Losing something once and getting it back? But this time he replied as time went by, he couldn’t afford it anymore.

Now, I am not sure what exactly he meant by that. Maybe, he couldn’t afford to spend time with him because he doesn’t deserve ZZS anymore or he’s too busy planning to kill all the people around him and he doesn’t have the time or the emotional capacity to deal with what’s going on in their relationship. I don’t know.

Chongwu Palace, Yueyang Sect

Gao Chong followed up on Shen Shen if caught Feng Xiao Feng. He didn’t but he promised after the Heroes Conference, he would, to avenge the death of the Four Sages of Anji. He also ordered for the funeral arrangements for the Four Sages. Zhao Jing was in-charge for this. He was in communication with the family and reported the half-finished grave for the Four Sages. Looked like Wen Ke XIng wasn’t able to dig a proper grave and bury the oldies with his sword. 

Shen Shen stated Elder Huang must have been coveting the Glazed Armor since the beginning. Most likely, since the nursery rhyme spread. Gao Chong interrupted him and said the nursery rhyme didn’t come from the Ghost Valley. Most likely, Ao Lai Zi wasn’t murdered by people from Ghost Valley. Shen Shen told Gao Chong he followed Ao Lai Zi the night he died to the place covered in yellow confetti and then he lost him. The next thing they knew, the bodies of Ao Lai Zi hung outside the Sanbai Manor.

Zhao Jing was confused. He clearly sent Shen Shen to bed that night and got a scolding for attempting to steal the Glazed Armor from Ao Lai Zi. Shen Shen argued it belonged to the Five Lakes Alliance to begin with. Gao Chong stopped the two for arguing. It was Ao Lai Zi’s fault for not being able to protect the Glazed Armor. If he handed it over to them, he would still be alive. Zhao Jing insisted they should respect Lu Taichong’s wish to entrust the Glazed Armor to Ao Lai Zi and that they shouldn’t use force.

Shen Shen wouldn’t accept any of that. It’s the martial arts world, after all. It’s a place where the strong always preyed on the weak. This Shen Shen dude is so irritating on a spiritual level. Since Lu Taichong didn’t have children, Shen Shen believed his possessions should naturally be passed down to them, his brothers. They’re not blood-related brothers, they’re bound by the Five Lakes Alliance brotherhood. Most likely, a brotherhood written in blood of their enemies or one of them. IDK. That’s a theory. Gao Chong shut Shen Shen up with a reasoning that being a Five Lakes Alliance member does not give Shen Shen a right to raise hell with Mount Tai Sect. It was borderline accusatory that Shen Shen killed Ao Lai Zi. Shen Shen denied this, of course. He also agreed to avenge Ao Lai Zi’s death.

Unfettered Hall, Chongwu Palace

Mount Hua Sect Leader, Yu Qiu Feng received a report that people in Renyi Hall looked down on the sect. This was a false report. People are just fighting about the Glazed Armor the whole time. Of course, as a sect leader, this insolence was unacceptable. He gave a command to tell the disciples not to participate in any events like the Heroes Conference in the future.

Yu Qiu Feng scolded the particular disciple who reported to him. He asked why in the world would he would want to join the gathering of world’s greatest alliance? Was he trying to get himself killed? The young man argued his master was overestimating the other sects while underestimating their own sect members.

Yu Qiu Feng said there was no Five Lakes Alliance left. Ao also Zi was dead. Mount Tai Sect was already destroyed and even if he had the ability to move heaven and earth he cannot support Five Lakes Alliance and Sword Sects on his own. His disciple apologized to him. Yi Qin Feng calmed down a bit and asked about his missing son. He still didn’t have any idea that his son was already dead. He was interrupted by a report saying seniors from Mount Tai Sect were looking for him. They said there were more to Master Ao Lai Zi’s death. They said the Five Lakes Alliance did it. Yu Qiu Feng refused to meet the seniors from Mount Tai Sect. He was very angry.

Commander Han Ying’s bedroom

Zhou Zi Shu woke up in an unfamiliar bedroom. It was Han Ying’s. When he entered his bedroom and found him awake, Han Ying scolded Zhou Zi Shu for being reckless and that his identity as the former Chief Assassin was almost exposed. Of course, this was all out of concern. He proceeded to ask how was Zhou Zi Shu’s injury.

Zhou Zi Shu said he didn’t want to live out of fear. Since he doesn’t have much time to live, he would like to live freely without wearing a mask. Han Ying asked if there was really no cure to the Seven Nails since Zhou Zi Shu was the one who created it anyway. There’s got to be someone from the Healer Valley or the Witch Doctor Valley or the Western Regions who could help him. Han Ying he even offered to accompany Zhou Zi Shu. He was rejected.

Zhou Zi Shu said he had done so many evil things and that he won’t die easily. He turned around and saw all the statues of gods and Buddhas and the incense around them. Zhou Zi Shu asked when did he start believing in gods. Han Ying Replied he never believed before because he didn’t have any wish but now that he does, he had to believed in it. He was implying his wish was for his former sect leader, Zhou Zi Shu, to live. Zhou Zi Shu Said he would not be blessed by gods and Buddhas. Commander Han said it was either this or death for them. Any day they live was a day they gained.

Zhou Zi Shu Was thankful to hand Ying for taking care of him last night. He said the more they were interconnected, the more Han Ying would be in danger. Zhou Zi Shu ordered Commander Han to lie low in Window of Heaven and advised him to always protect himself. He bid his farewell and walked out the door. Commander Han, once again, pledge to his allegiance to Zhou Zi Shu and said he would be willing to lay down his life to protect him.

Zhou Zi Shu turned around and gave him another piece of Glazed Armor. upon seeing this, Han Ying said he already sent the two pieces to Prince Jin. He admitted to killing the master thief, Fang Bu Zhi. It just dawned on him what Wen Ke Xing really did. He thought Wen Ke Xing just gave away his own piece of Glazed Armor and had people fight for it. It turned out there were many invitations floating around the martial arts world. He warned Han Ying about it.

Commander Han recalled how the Glazed Armor actually looked like in Prince Jin’s painting. He was certain all the pieces varied. However, all the pieces they saw were identical. Zhou Zi Shu knew Wen Ke Xing did it. He quietly wondered why because this doesn’t have any benefit for Wen Ke Xing. Commander Han wondered out loud who would do such a thing. Zhou Zi Shu advised him to just do what he was told and do not investigate any further.

Commander Han said if Zhou Zi Shu wished to, he would look for the other missing pieces. Zhou Zi Shu warned him against it. Han Ying insisted when he joined the Window of Heaven, he pledged his loyalty to Zhou Zi Shu forever and not the prince. Zhou Zi Shu answered he was a dying man and he did not need those ominous things for himself. He said the best way Han Ying could show his loyalty was to live his life fully. It was because of the 81 brothers who already died under him that he wouldn’t wish to be called leader anymore. In conclusion, the rest of his living days suffering from Seven Nails was an atonement for every bad thing he’d done and every person he killed. And with that, he left in a dramatic exit.

Some random forest in Yueyang

Meanwhile, the evil oldies (Elder Huang, Tao Hong and Lu Liu) were flipping out over the fake Glazed Armors. Then, Elder Huang received a report that Gao Chong would like to marry off his daughter to Cheng Ling. Evil oldies speculated what this could mean for them and the FIve Lakes Alliance.

Chongwu Palace, Pine Hall

Ah Xiang visited Cheng Ling with Wolong Nuts at the ready. Hello, mighty sponsor who kept this show from going bankrupt (Internet said so)! She was cheerful and even called him Goldbean. When she found out that Cheng Ling was getting beaten up, she was furious and very ready to break legs. Ah Xiang consoled him and advised him if he can’t beat them, tattle on them. Given his personality, he wasn’t gonna do that. Instead, he asked why the kids hated him so much but Gu Xiang insisted on her advise. They were interrupted by Gao Xiao Ling. Of course, she also noticed Cheng Ling’s bruise on the face and asked who bullied him. He denied it again. Ah Xiang fled out of the room as soon as she could.

Gao Xiao Ling thought Cheng Ling must be feeling homesick. So, she specifically asked for help to make Osmanthus Cakes, a specialty in Mirror Lake Sect. Cheng Ling switched his tone to formal level and rejected the Osmanthus Cakes. It threw Gao Xiao Ling off. She treated him like her brother and she was slighted by Cheng Ling’s behavior. He said, even if he’s young, he’s not a puppet at the mercy of others. He stated this because Gao Chong made arrangements for his marriage. If he took this marriage, he would be taking what isn’t his’ and people would misunderstand. He would fee looked down upon. Gao Xiao Ling ran out of his hall, crying.

Ah Xiang was eavesdropping just outside his bedroom and scolded him for taking out his grudge on Gao Xiao Ling. After the tension cooled down, Cheng Ling inquired about Zhou Zi Shu and Wen Ke Xing’s whereabouts. She didn’t know. Cheng Ling said he wasn’t happy to live there. He was technically in house arrest. Let that poor baby go!

Wen Ke Xing still drowning his sorrow part 3

Wen Ke Xing’s drinking buddies have gone home but he was still lounging and drinking. Ah Xiang barged into his room and rushed towards him to report about Cheng Ling’s arranged marriage. Gao Xiao Ling was originally with Deng Kuan, the one in coma and the first disciple of Yueyang Sect. There was no formal arrangement but people in Yueyang understood that these two will eventually marry. Upon the release of the news, people had a lot to say about it. She also informed that Deng Kuan was the survivor of the “Funeral Game”. She found it odd that he was still unconscious. Ah Xiang attended the Funeral Game and judging from the injuries Deng Kuan had, he should’ve recovered by a few days earlier. She also confirmed the corpse incident in the theater was Changing Ghost’s work.

Wen Ke Xing concluded Cheng Ling would be climbing the social ladder quickly if he married Gao Xiao Ling. Ah Xiang reported how Cheng Ling was kept hostage in Chongwu Palace. Cheng Ling missed him and wanted to leave the palace. She pitied him and wanted to help him out. Wen Ke Xing got angry and questioned her if she was criticizing his plans and if she forgot who she was after wearing human sking for too long. He reminded her she was Heartless Amethyst Fiend. He offered no help and instructed Ah Xiang to watch Cheng Ling closely because Gao Chong surely had plans under his sleeve.

Wen Ke Xing stood up and asked if he was crazy. She nodded. He asked if she wasn’t afraid he’ll go mad someday and kill her, too. She said she’d follow him even if he went crazy and if he died, she’d follow him, too. As a dramatic announcement between the two of them, he said he would go crazy to the end.

Chongwu Palace, featuring how to be a bad father with Gao Chong in the lead demo

Shen Shen and Gao Chong were discussing about the Heroes Conference when Gao Xiao Ling interrupted them. She brought him some lotus soup. He said he won’t eat and she could bring it to Cheng Ling. Given the events earlier, Gao Xiao Ling naturally said she wouldn’t deliver food to Cheng Ling anymore. She started tearing up about the arranged marriage. Gao Chong dismissed this and said she could finalize the wedding in several years. She rejected this because Cheng Ling does not even like her. Gao Chong insisted children’s marriages should be decided by their parents. He even called her shameless.

Gao Xiao Ling knelt down in front of him and explained to him (while crying) she never disobeyed his commands but after being rejected again and again, she could only take so much. She had her pride, too. Gao Chong said if she didn’t want to bring the lotus soup, she could ask one of the servants to bring it for her. Bruh!

Incomputable Treasures Shop

Cao Wei Ning and Ah Xiang were eating in the same place again. Ah Xiang asked the performers to sing. As seen in Episode 9, Ah Xiang said if she asked them to sing, then it meant she finished her mission. She requested for the song “Happy Meeting”. It looked like Ah Xiang didn’t give any thought about associating that whatsoever but Cao Wei Ning thought the song was dedicated to him

Qing Yu Tower

Qian Qiao, of Ten Devil’s Beauty Ghost, saw some skull painting on the wall and took that as a sign “Chief” was looking for him.

Luo Mansion

Wen Ke Xing held a meeting with the Ten Devils. He said he allowed three ghosts of Mount Qingya to break the oath and exit the valley to catch the Hanged Ghost and take the Glazed Armor. However, there were no results. Instead, they organized three funerals.

  1. Annihilated the Danyang Sect
  2. Destroyed the Mirror Lake Sect
  3. Killed Mount Tai Sect’s Leader and publicly threw out the corpses to provoke the Five Lakes Alliance

Twenty years of peace in the martial arts world was destroyed. The devils begged for forgiveness. He was praising them. Even though they didn’t do proper business, as evil ghosts, bringing disasters to the world was their job. In fact, he was giving away a reward. The devils were shookt and nobody dared to stand up.

For Tragicomic Ghost, he counted the death of Danyang Sect and the Funeral Games as a win. However, Lu Tai Chong also died. It wasn’t part of his plan. He neither rewarded not punished her.

As for the Mirror Lake Sect’s overnight annihilation, he started clapping, counted it as a good job and asked who was responsible for that. Everyone looked at everyone but nobody replied. If the responsible person wasn’t in the room, the only plausible conclusion was Long-Tongued Ghost did it. He wasn’t in the meeting because he’s very much dead as seen in Episode 6. Death by Wen Ke Xing’s fan. Since Long-Tongued Ghost was Changing Ghost’s subordinate, he asked him for updates. Changing Ghost lied and said Long-Tongued Ghost stopped listening to his orders and most likely defected. He directed all the blame of the Mirror Lake Sect annihilation to Long Tongued Ghost.

Wen Ke Xing rambled about the weak were the prey of the strong, the able ones were the ones in charge. If someone had the ability to kill Changing Ghost, that person would be the new head of the Ten Devils. If someone had the ability to kill him, he would admire them even in death. White Grim Reaper said he wouldn’t dare. Wen Ke Xing walked towards him still rambling about the food chain of the weak, the strong and the life struggles 24/7. He asked if he was injured, wouldn’t they attempt to kill and replace him? White Grim Reaper kowtow-ed and repeatedly said he would not dare.

Wen Ke Xing consoled the White Grim Reaper, told him there’s no need to be afraid, helped him stand up and strangled him. Changing Ghost begged for the life of his subordinate but Wen Ke Xing killed him, anyway. Wen Ke Xing walked towards Black Grim Reaper and asked if he was angry that he killed his brother for no apparent reason. After a short pause, Black Grim Reaper said he’s glad that he killed the White Grim Reaper.

Changing Ghost was back in spotlight and was asked if it was his work to throw the corpse in Yueyang City. He confirmed this and said White Grim Reaper assisted him. Wen Ke Xing laughed. He asked if Happy Ghost was responsible for Mount Tai Sect Leader’s death. Happy Ghost denied this.

Wen Ke Xing to gather round and devise a plan to destroy the pride of the remaining Five Lakes Sect leaders. The Heroes Conference would be in two days. *insert evil laugh here*

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