[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 1

[Recap] Word of Honor – Episode 1

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Twenty years ago, the demon Rong Xuan died in Mount Qingya by the hands of Five Lakes Alliances and other heroes. He left behind an armory that could let someone become invincible overnight. His armory could only be opened using the Glazed Armor. A nursery rhyme spread about the Glazed Armor and everyone went searching for it including Prince Jin.

Prince Jin secretly trained assassins in the Window of Heaven to kill officials of the court. He had intentions to revolt. Officer Li, the military governor, wrote a letter about this. Before he could send his letter, his mansion was attacked by a team of assassins. The military governor failed to escape. Instead, a fight broke between his guard and the masked assassin. During the fight, Zhou Zi Shu, Leader of the Window of Heaven, revealed to be the person behind the mask. In the end, Zhou Zi Shu killed Officer Li and asked his daughter, Princess Jing An, to commit suicide. Jing An took out a hairpin from her sleeve and talked about Qin Jiu Xiao, Zhou Zi Shu’s brother, on her dying breath. Zhou Zi Shu found out that she was his brother’s lover.

Window of Heaven

Zhou Zi Shu returns to Window of Heaven. He received a report that some people tried to resist (I don’t know what the resistance was all about) and these people were killed. Bi Chang Feng, Window of Heaven Guard and former member of Four Seasons Manor, made a mistake in the mission to assassinate the military governor and wanted to leave Window of Heaven. Prince Jin asked Zhou Zi Shu to deal with it in person.

Ten years ago, Zhou Zi Shu and eighty-one of his brothers came to the Window of Heaven to serve Prince Jin. Bi Chang Feng revealed that Qin Jiu Xiao was dead along with Zhou Zi Shu’s eighty-one brothers. This meant the only living people in their bloodline of Four Seasons Sect were only the two of them. The death of Zhou Zi Shu’s brothers were Bi Chang Feng’s motivation to leave the Window of Heaven. However, leaving the Window of Heaven is not allowed. The only way out was death on a mission or Nails of Seven Torment. Zi Shu nailed the seven nails on Chang Feng’s body.

A year and a half later, Zi Shu spent the time to nail the Seven Nails of Torment in his body. If he nailed the seven nails all at once, he quickly loses his senses and becomes a cripple for three years before he dies. However, if he puts a nail every three months, he would retain half his his martial arts skills and his senses will only disappear slowly. Zi Shu must endure excruciating pain. He was down to the last nail. He hallucinated and saw Jiu Xiao and does a guilt-ridden crying laughing monologue while he cut the skin of his chest where the nail was located.

Hedong / Lichun Palace

A year and a half later, a commander reported that a traitor rallied with a lot of people and that Zhou Zi Shu couldn’t handle this due to his injuries. Prince Jin inquired about Zhou Zi Shu’s condition and summoned him to Lichun palace. Zhou ZI Shu was sick after he received the news of Qin Jiu Xiao’s death from Bi Chang Feng.

Zhou Zi Shu arrived at the palace. He hinted at not being that useful to the prince. Finally, he revealed that he had 6 nails on his body already. Meaning, he’s bound to die within three years after the final nail was planted on his body.

Devastated Prince Jin had a mini-meltdown in front of Zi Shu. The prince told him to live for the next three years. He promised Zi Shu he will ascend to the throne within three years to show Zi Shu that he was the chosen one and he will be successful no matter what.

Peng Ju plants the seventh nail on Zi Shu’s body and becomes the new leader of the Window of Heaven. Zhou ZI Shu leaves the palace. He then proceeds to put on a mask that looks a little bit like him but darker and as a final touch to his look, he dressed as a homeless person.

Mount Qingya / Ghost Valley

Meanwhile, men in red robes with white masks fought with the Hanging Ghost of Ten Devils of the Ghost Valley. Hanging Ghost was holding something metallic. As he attempted to escape, a mysterious man in red robes took that metallic thing from his hands. One of the men in red robes with white masks reported about the failed mission. Changing Ghost of Ten Devils of the Ghost Valley asked about the Hanging Ghost’s body. It wasn’t found.

The man addressed as “Chief” wore red robes. He was the one whom everyone reported to. Chief striked the masked man and revealed that the thing Hanging Ghost stole was his glazed armor. A command was given all over Mount Qingya to kill the traitor and that whoever finds his Glazed Armor will be the Head of Ten Devils.

Three months later…


Gu Xiang, a young martial artist, sat together with her master, Wen Ke Xing, while drinking. She took interest in one particular beggar, Zi Shu, sitting by the bridge across the street. Wen Ke Xing pointed out that the man was not a beggar and he was simply sitting out there to enjoy the sun.

Zhang Cheng Ling of Mirror Lake Manor was passing by and saw Zi Shu. He asked his servant to give the beggar some money. The servant threw it on Zi Shu which upset Cheng Ling. Zi Shu shook off the coins and continued basking under the sun. Gu Xiang told Zi Shu from across the street that she would treat him to food. Zi Shu said he would rather be treated to drinks. Gu Xiang flew to his direction and gave him wine. She told him he was being picky for a beggar. Zi Shu said he wasn’t a beggar and that he was just enjoying the sunshine.

Gu Xiang felt tricked and proceeded to show off her martial arts skills. A fight ensues until Wen Ke Xing broke the fight.

Word of Honor RecapsEpisode 2


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