[RECAP] It Looks Like I’ve Fallen Into the World of a Reverse Harem Game [Ch. 1-10]

[RECAP] It Looks Like I’ve Fallen Into the World of a Reverse Harem Game [Ch. 1-10]


A woman picks up a phone call and was transported to an online game in a new body. She woke up to two naked men on her bed and conversed in a foreign language she’s never heard of before. She did not only become the main antagonist of the story. The main character was out to kill her.

Author: Inui

Artist: Goya

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Half-asleep, a woman picked up the ringing phone and was transported to new world in a new body. She woke up to two naked men on her bed and conversed in a foreign language she’s never heard of before.

A blond man, whose body covered in scars, addressed her as “Your Highness”. Her panicked eyes must have caused him internal frenzy. He started crying, apologizing if for his mistakes the night before and begging for his life. Another naked man emerged from the sheets. He had a reddish brown hair. He’s called Prince Ettsen Velrod. She started apologizing for looking at his naked body. The grumpy man asked what mind games were she playing, claimed he was not in the mood for it and left the room.

A few blue screens floated mid-air with events and names she’s never heard of. Bits and pieces of the story started forming around her. Some prompts required action in a form of multiple choice questions. She had a hunch she was Princess Yeldriya. Upon seeing the cursor moving on its own, she knew. She became a character in a game and someone else is also playing.

And then, a bug occurs.

If she was the main antagonist of the story, the game’s objective was to kill her. To confirm her identity, she claimed she lost her memory to the blond man. He verified she’s called Princess Yeldriya. She’s twenty-three years old, a younger sister to the emperor and next-in-line to the throne. Despite having concubines of his own, the king had no heir.

The man narrated the story of how Prince Ettsen wounded up in her bed. The timeline was unclear. A couple of moons back, Princess Yeldriya expressed her interest to the prince. He rejected her advances. Two months later, she conquered his empire. He surrendered himself to prevent the destruction of Velrod. Recently, the prince disobeyed her orders to sleep with her. Yeldriya knew Ettsen fell in love with the main character of the game, Yuriel.

It’s not just that you reject the men who seek you out but you also have relations with men who don’t want it.

– Unnamed naked blond man

The princess was a horrible person. She questioned the man of his intentions. The blond man introduced himself as Nadricka, a low-birth rank and social status. He swore on his loyalty and expressed his gratitude for taking him in as her concubine. They camped in her bedroom for days and he taught her about the current world they live in.

Meanwhile, people were getting suspicious of her behavior. It was unlike her to stay with a single concubine for a few days. (The information probably came from the blue screen.) She was in world of reverse harem dating simulation game.

Everybody hated her and were terrified of her. She walked around putting on an act to avoid suspicions. Yuriel’s end game was to kill her. Yeldriya started scheming to survive.

The princess summoned for Prince Ettsen. As soon as he arrived, he declared that this would be the last time he responds to her call. He was in a relationship with Yuriel. A blue screen suddenly prompted the princess that Yuriel was cheating on Ettsen with Robia. Robia was one of her current concubines. According to Nadricka, the princess had three concubines. Nadricka. Robia. Ettsen.

The princess informed the prince that she was letting him go. She even suggested to take something from the palace. A lover, perhaps? It was implied this was Yuriel. Ettsen took this as a provocation and strangled her. Threats thrown at her direction were met with nonchalance. This caused Ettsen to beg for Yuriel’s life. In exchange, the princess can do whatever she wanted with him. The princess stood by her statement. She added she got bored of him. Mocking the prince, she informed him of Yuriel’s affair with one of her concubines, Robia. Ettsen refused to believe it.

Blue screen prompts she read before sleeping:

  • Robia was in love with the princess
  • Robia was suspicious of Yuriel
  • Yuriel had 30 days to complete her tasks

In her slumber, a man stirs her awake. He climbed on top of her, took off his shirt and told her he invited himself in since she was sleeping alone. Confused, she tried to figure out why the guards let him in her chambers so late at night. It made sense to conclude it was Robia, the third concubine she hasn’t met yet. She confirmed her hunch by asking about Yuriel. He denied it. Meanwhile, a blue screen popped up. Yuriel was rejecting Ettsen to spend the night with her. Yeldriya called Robia’s bluff. This led to an argument which ended in Robia drunk crying. He asked why couldn’t it be him. The rumors of the princess spending a few days with Nadricka must have reached him already. Shortly after, he collapsed on top of her. A blue screen popped up, again. Yuriel’s path to destroy Yeldriya via Robia temporarily closed. Another bug occurs.

A guard barged in her chambers. Prince Ettsen and Yuriel were caught running away in the middle of the night. Princess Yeldriya summoned them both. She finally met Yuriel, a palace maid and the main character of the game. The princess thought was the maid’s face seemed familiar. Ettsen offered his life in exchange of Yuriel’s, again! Robia woke up and walked right into this commotion. He ran towards Yuriel. He could not believe that she was going to run away with Ettsen. The princess demanded everyone to kneel in silence.

  • First, she offered to let go of Robia. He was confused.
  • Second, she stood by her statement of letting Ettsen and Yuriel leave in peace.

In the meantime, a “broken heart” on a red screen appears in front of the princess. “No matter what you do, Ettsen will not leave you in the future. Please note that this item can be destroyed.” This was for Yuriel.

Yuriel laughed and insisted on staying. Seeing how hell-bent Yuriel was in killing her, Yeldriya concluded that Yuriel had to die in order for her to survive. In the end, no one left. The princess’ relationship with Robia was mended and she had an “extra life”.

Yeldriya went back to her chambers and Robia followed. As the princess insinuated on his betrayal, a flashback occurred. Robia had feelings for the original princess while she just used him for sex. After his confession, he never called for him in her chambers again. And that was how he became her concubine. And he was just a joke to her. Of course, the current Yeldriya did not know this. Misunderstanding continued.

After Robia left, she seriously contemplated on how to handle Yuriel. She didn’t want to kill a person but at least she can monitor their movements of keeping her enemies close.

The next morning, Nadricka showed up. Finally! A breath of fresh air! That love triangle was exhausting! But… it’s not. Nadricka showed up with bruises. This meant he was receiving abuse from someone else. Yeldriya asked for his physician. Unfortunately, since he’s considered as a “possession”, he should manage that himself. This did not make sense because his health affects the princess’ health. They had a moment where she treated Nadricka’s bruises and forbid him to be sad. Alright, that’s cute but it got cut off. The emperor summoned the princess. It’s going to be her first time to meet her “brother”.

Yeldriya’s impression of Yelpoche, he was difficult to read. They had a good relationship. He addressed her as “Ria”. He made fun of the love triangle incident the night before. Afterwards, he went ahead and stated his real purpose.

Rothschild Empire signed a treaty after the war. The voluntary alliance was ending. Bourne Kingdom is on the verge of collapsing. Their empire and Rothschild empire have decided to begin territorial negotiations for the Bourne Kingdom. Ria was given full authority for the negotiation. Yeldriya was worried, of course. The emperor reassured her she’ll be fine and that someone would come home after a major victory. Turns out, this someone would be another concubine. Nadricka lied. There were more than three concubines. After an argument, the original princess drove her concubine out by starting a war. She probably sent him there to die but he didn’t die.

A blue screen appears. The “Ostracized Knight” was called Eclot Pace. He was in constant communication with Yuriel the whole time.

She exhibited compassion towards the three the night before. This earned respect from the emperor as well as this assignment. Yelpoche become cryptic about what kind of person Eclot. This confused her and me. With politics, concubine and Yuriel heavy on her mind, she decided to take a walk. Yuriel, on the other hand, failed to gain Robia’s trust back. She still couldn’t use him to get closer to Yeldriya.

A maid called Daisy accidentally steps on her dress, she stated and begged for her life. Man, people beg for their lives too much in this story. Daisy was spared provided she shows her where she could have a peaceful walk. Her peace was short-lived when she walked around and found Ettsen by a tree. She confronted him. He would no longer be a prisoner of war. He’s free to do whatever he wanted, to build his life back again. Then, he started crying and asked why she’s able to throw him away so easily. He had no country to return to. Yeldriya took it away from him. He mentioned all the innocent people she killed and she started crying, too. Then, she apologized. He was taken aback. Just as he was about to get angry, they both heard Yuriel’s voice. Yeldriya hid behind the huge tree. Yuriel and Ettsen decided to make out while she was hiding there the entire time.

Yeldriya returns to her chambers. She finds Nadricka telling her that Yuriel “touched” him.


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