[Manhwa Review] The Night When the Crow Caws

[Manhwa Review] The Night When the Crow Caws

Park Taeyi breaks into Cheon Woogang’s apartment. Cheon Woogang is an actor. He lived next door to a drug dealer. Although he had no idea what sketchy business his neighbor was up to, he knew something was wrong. So, Woogang intentionally talked to his neighbor when he got the chance and put himself in danger. He knew the detective would come to him. She did. Clearly, Taeyi wanted to be anonymous but Woogang consistently tried to catch her off guard and see her face. Then, Woogang confessed his interest in her.

Taeyi was out here trying to NOT get him killed and he’s just doesn’t care and was hitting on her?! Are you for real? Then, he gets borderline obsessive over her. He can’t eat or sleep. A drug bust happened two days after Taeyi’s “visit”. Even though his neighbor’s house was the scene of the crime, he goes home worried that Taeyi was dead. He was half-expecting her to be in his home. She was. He confessed that he liked her… again! By the way, for a member of a Secret Intelligence Agency, Taeyi seemed to be not so bothered about not moving in secret. Granted that Woogang knowing who she was wouldn’t be a threat, the moment Taeyi said she’s not interested, he should have respected this already. But he didn’t. Instead, he said “That’s a lie, right?”

NO MEANS NO. We gotta stop romanticizing men who won’t take no for an answer, be it in fiction or real life. People should respect consent. This is just such a gross behavior!

Three weeks after the drug bust, Woogang was a target for a bomb threat. Within these time frame, Woogang continued to harass Taeyi whatever way he could. He’d told people they were close. He even checked her pulse to see if she wasn’t lying. Apparently, her words were not enough. He needed proof. And, she let him. Like ??? WHY?

I was also disappointed that she wasn’t able to dismantle the bomb by herself or with the bomb unit. Woogang saves the day! Hooray…

I was led to believe the female lead would be a strong and independent woman. This was such a disappointment. I wanted her to be cool but she’s such a damsel in distress. I liked the art and the synopsis.

I’m abandoning this..


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