[MANHWA REVIEW] King’s Maker Triple Crown

[MANHWA REVIEW] King’s Maker Triple Crown


I’m not in the mood to recap all 53 chapters of this manhwa. Christmas and New Year just left. Ain’t nobody got time for a recap. In a blink of an eye, CNY is over.

Nevertheless, I must review. Obviously… I. LOVE. THIS. MANHWA.

Here’s why..

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


I do not have the technical explanation. I’m not an artist but I have to like the art for me to keep reading. I love this one. 

Somebody make an anime out of this!


There are several points to discuss here.

First, the originality. Wolfgang was the fourth son, a bastard, who took over the kingdom after killing his father, the late king. The powerful families would have divided opinions on this situation. This was where the conflict began. While this isn’t an original scenario, this was still interesting for me. There were enough politics to keep me interested. Yet, not too much that I got bored.

Second, the setting. The setting looked very common. Medieval European cities. Magic. It’s nothing new but this made it easier to breeze through the story without having to read complex stories about the setting.

Third, there were particular scenes which stood out to me.

On the trip to the dragon’s lair, Wolfgang met his bastard siblings, united. I like that they were able to overcome their differences and was able to forge an unlikely alliance. Also, this trip demonstrated the Wolfgang’s humility and what his life could have been had he not executed his father. Anyway, I hope to see the dragon real soon, not just her spokesperson.

Haiyan’s failed attempts to usurp the throne. First, the coronation. This led to the second attempt, the one where Shin was kidnapped. Shin had this all figured out and tried to contain the situation. This exhibited Shin’s brilliance, competence and mad love for Wolfgang. He was literally willing to die for him.  Wolfgang was able to finally step up. He was finally think on how to solve a situation without relying on Shin or his sword.

There was enough love story to keep it fun. Yet, not too much that it makes me want to throw up. There were not enough sex scenes but I could live with that. Unlikely alliances and love pairs were forged.

I didn’t know that there was a manga prequel to this.  Whether or not you’ve read it, it doesn’t matter. This is a standalone. I was able to understand the plot without reading the first one. Not sure if I wanna read the first one now that I’ve read Wolfgang becomes King.

Fourth, the challenge.

I like that apart from th

Main Characters

  • Shin Soo Hyuk a.k.a The Heartthrob of the Century
    He steered the events on this manhwa as the Minister of Financial Affairs. He was the brain behind Wolfgang’s ascension to the throne. Imagine a workaholic smart cookie who liked solving things on his own and won’t ask for help in politics. Well, yes he got kidnapped. This was his strength and his downfall. He’s my favorite character. I mean, c’mon. Men would literally die for him. See chapter 51 for more info. On 53rd chapter, he suggested for the king to get a queen. The strategies he came up with were logical to the point of self-sacrifice.
  • King Wolfgang
    What this king lacked for brains, made up for other things. Combat, courage and let’s face it, he’s a cinnamon roll in front of Shin. I just didn’t like seeing his habit of using royal funds for spoiling Shin. As a tax payer, I almost had a stroke reading about the gifts he bought for Shin. Then again, there’s no doubt he would kill anyone and everyone else who crossed him. Plus, he wanted to be a compassionate leader. Overall, I see a big room for character development.

Final Notes:

I’d love to write more about the side characters and my expectations but I will save that after 60th chapter is released.


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