[Manhwa Review] INSECRET

[Manhwa Review] INSECRET

What’s it about?

Choi Yuwon and Park Dojin are K-pop band members of the group INSECRET. Dojin is the troublemaker of the group. Yuwon is the only person Dojin listens to. Somehow, they end up being fuck buddies. With their lives under the spotlight, how long can they keep this “secret” out of the public eye?

Is it good?

Yes. It does sound like a rumor one picture away to make the headlines. With the rise of K-pop groups today, this looks like a relevant manhwa. The stigma of gay couple in modern day Korea and their lives under scrutiny are just some of the challenges they would most likely face sooner or later.

Who should read it?

It’s yaoi. As a general rule, you can read this if you’re OK with sex scenes between men. There’s a handful of them.

You can read it if you want a story about the lives celebrities lead behind the camera, the things they do to keep their jobs, the lies they tell and the reasons behind it.

Final thoughts

I’ve only read 28 chapters. I personally think it’s too early to rate the manhwa. The problems are brewing. I’m looking forward to the story’s progress. So far, I like it. Can’t wait for the next chapters!

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