[Manhwa Review] Ellin’s Solhwa

[Manhwa Review] Ellin’s Solhwa

What’s it about?

Ellin died in the modern world due to an unknown disease. Next thing she knew, her soul traveled back in time. She woke up in a concubine’s body, Solhwa, from a thousand years ago.

The original owner of the body, Solhwa, had a mission to kill the king and/or Advisor Kiha. Solhwa was in love with Jin. When Ellin came into the picture, she vaguely had Ellin’s memories. She fell in love with the ruthless king’s advisor, Kiha. This created conflict between Ellin’s love and Solhwa’s deep hatred for Kiha. As if the conflict was not enough, Solhwa fought to get her body back from Ellin.

What did I like about it?


I like that she had a background story. The fact that she had a life before being Solhwa the concubine made me as a reader empathize with her. I like that her past was honored and taken reference to justify her actions. For the most part, I’ve read a few manhwas without regard to the person’s actual experience before transmigrating to another body.


I like that she fought back to get her body. Granted, I am on “Team Kiha”. Her desire to kill Kiha and/or the King to be with Jin was what kept her going. Even if her reasons were wrong, I like that she’s fighting for her body back. Plus, it keeps things more interesting.

Overall thoughts

I was browsing Lezhin randomly when I found this. To be honest, I thought this was gonna be some standard historical isekai romance drama. I was hesitant to open it but the cover looked pretty. Glad I did.

The plot was interesting because there were two souls fighting for one body. One with a traitorous intent and another who’s in love with Kiha to the same person. I think there might be more to the plot. At least, I’m hoping there is. It’s only 45 chapters. There’s so much room for the characters and the plot to develop…

This is so underrated!

Read it here: https://www.lezhin.com/en/comic/ellinssolhwa


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