[Manhwa Recap + First Impressions] They Only Remembered Her Ch.1 – Ch.10

[Manhwa Recap + First Impressions] They Only Remembered Her Ch.1 – Ch.10

Here’s a recap of the first 10 chapters of They Only Remembered Her.

What happened to Clarence after the war?

Clarence Houlton

Dame Clarence is a knight. She just returned from war as a knight for 10 years since she was fifteen. The noblewoman refused a fief and a mansion from the duke as a reward for her services in the battlefield. She retired from her knighthood, bid goodbye to her bestfriend, Anna, and returned home without telling her comrades. Here are her thoughts.

The victor of war does not deserve to be happy. A happy victor could wage yet another war.

Dame Clarence Houlton, former knight of Litranian Empire

Duke Spencer (a.k.a Clarence’s guardian angel) was extremely kind to Clarence. He even helped her to leave the capital discreetly and comfortably. He was then questioned and even threatened by four men. Of course, he feigned ignorance. They are now on a mission to look for our Dame Clarence. And there she was in a carriage thinking she would be forgotten.

How’s home?

Clarence came home only to find out her brother was never sent to school. Instead, her aunt and uncle used up her money for gambling and sent Clive to work as a servant in the Castellian Castle. Clive and Clarence were orphans. They were taken in by their aunt and uncle to their homes.


Clarence, when she joined the army at fifteen, she kept sending money to them. This was to compensate for her absence, to buy a house and to send Clive to school. Her uncle was a gambler. Money doesn’t last long on his hands. In fact, he’s in debt. Apart from the money he got from Clarence, he also takes Clive’s salary.

When their “adoptive parents” found out that Clarence resigned, they realized their cash cow is gone. So, they demanded for more money to pay up for “taking care of Clive” whatever that means. The siblings left their adoptive parents’ house. Upon running into them in the apothecary, her aunt made a scene and hurt her.

They took refuge in a bookshop. The owner was kind enough to let them stay there. Clarence proposed for them to move back to the capital. She knew she could get the duke’s help, if necessary. Clive rejected this. He had a work contract and didn’t want to leave the place.

Let’s meet the boys!

These men are losing their shit trying to hunt down Clarence. LOL.


So… he’s the hot tempered one. Authority meant nothing to him. Not only did he threatened the duke like a madman, he also picks a fight and insults the imperial prince to his face.

Based on that screenshot, we can conclude he is the magician. Oh, and he’s a smart cookie, too. He figured out how to track Clarence.

Imperial Prince

Ah! The flower boy. Lots of his pictures has him with flowers behind him. He sent people out to look for as if she’s a part of the royal family. During one of Clarence’s flashbacks, they bonded over a book. She even bought the sequel that book. It was called “The Tale of Adrien”

He confessed to Wilkins that Clarence was someone everyone desires for political and personal reasons. He obviously wanted her to be his queen in future.

I know it sounds cliche but I want Clarence to be a queen. Not because she’s a protagonist but because she’s a prodigy in swordsmanship. How often do we hear about warrior queens in novels these days, huh?


The priest who kissed Clarence before she left.

Clarence dreamt of a flashback with him. She made a confession to Dale that she kills for money. This is a burden that she carried around.

Sir Philip /
Sir Wilkins

First of all, why is he called Philip in Tappytoon and Sir Wilkins in Kakao and other sources?!

Anyway, Sir Wilkins is the imperial prince’s royal guard. He saw Clarence as an asset to the empire and was waiting anxiously for news on her whereabouts. It was a waste of talent to see her retire from her post at such a young age.

Overall Thoughts


First off, this is gonna sound petty but I wish it had a better cover and a better title. I would not have clicked that if I was just randomly browsing. Nevertheless, thanks to the rankings I clicked it.

Imagine “Emperor and the Female Knight” meets “It Looks Like I’ve Fallen Into the World of a Reverse Harem Game”

I love the synopsis. I like the MC. She’s flawed, broken and very human. At the same time, she’s super cool. Obviously, I haven’t been to war but what she was going through made sense. She didn’t have an ambition to rise through the ranks of her career or to gain massive wealth.

She’s having a quarter-life crisis, I guess. I think this would be a solid 5/5 rating but I have to read the remaining chapters. There’s not much info yet. It’s only been 10 chapters.

I definitely looking forward to read the next chapters.


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