[First Impression] Till the End of the Moon

[First Impression] Till the End of the Moon


Li Susu, the daughter of the Hengyang Sect’s leader, travels back in time 500 years as Ye Xiwu to prevent Tantai Jin, also known as Devil God, from becoming evil. Her mission is to shoot six soul-slaying nails into Tantai Jin’s heart. However, she’s unaware that Ye Xiwu is married to Tantai Jin, who is currently being held hostage as a prince of the Kingdom of Jing. As they spend time together, they develop romantic feelings. Ultimately, Li Susu sacrifices herself to change the fate of Tantai Jin and save the world.

Overall Review


My lust for life has emerged back from the depths of… well, a shallow kiddie pool.

This show successfully distracted me from my other distractions. How’s that for a short attention span? I’ve only seen around 2-3 Xianxia dramas in my life and that obviously makes me an expert in this arena. It was playing randomly in my parents’ house and here I am with 4 hours of sleep and a throbbing headache, 11 episodes later. My problem with unfinished dramas like this is that I HATE waiting. Yeah, all caps, with burning passion. My interest dwindles if I can’t binge-watch it. Not even sure if 11 episodes still counts as first impression but I’ll just roll with it.

Tantai Jin never experienced a tinge of kindness in his life and when he did, he either got abandoned and/or betrayed for it. These deceptions and lies happened repeatedly over the course of his childhood until his death despite being born a prince, one after the other, consecutively, in a row. Not to justify his actions but empathizing with his experiences and anyone who undergoes the same tragic incidents, I would’ve mass-massacred and burned the world for revenge, too. Does that solve anything? No. Would it satisfy him? I don’t know. How should I know? Regardless of the consequences of his actions, obviously, his villain origins were warranted.

Ye Xiwu may have hidden agenda going back 500 years in time, too. However, going back in time, she’s beginning to understand Tantai Jin’s point of view. Hence, romantic feelings would eventually develop between the two. Li Susu would be torn between her feelings and her mission because the Devil God wiped out her clan 500 years later. And her betrayal would obviously be the biggest turning point for the demoni-fication of Tantai Jin.

The enemies to lovers trope… it never gets old does it? I’m watching this while browsing TikTok and reading subs at the same time. Am I here for the complex plot? Nah but I don’t mind it. It’s easy to follow. In fact, I’m arming myself with Doritos and wine for the final episode because I’m 99.9% sure it will be tragic. Although I’m emotionally ready, a small part of me is holding on to that 0.1% (albeit barely) but that is IF, and only if, I do not lose my interest.

My TikTok is already filled with spoilers. I’m too lazy to type any theories in here.


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