[First Impression] Pilot Episode: My Love Mix-Up!

[First Impression] Pilot Episode: My Love Mix-Up!

Well, would you look at that? I have ventured into the Japanese BL LA space! Huzzah! Thanks to a friend who has been eternally the root of all my fangirling obsessions since university days. To protect her identity, let’s call her Pia. 

With China banning BL LAs, I gotta venture out and get that BL LA fix. And here we are!


Aoki likes Hashimoto. Hashimoto likes Ida. Ida was out there minding his own business and liked nobody. A series of events led Ida to conclude that Aoki likes him. In order for Aoki to hide the fact that he liked Hashimoto and Hashimoto liked Ida, Aoki didn’t correct Ida’s assumption. Ida politely rejected Aoki. Of course, Aoki was completely fine being rejected and asked Ida about his type. He was trying to secretly fix Hashimoto with Ida. Again, Ida got the wrong idea. Aoki looked so sincere that Ida doubted his first decision and wanted to think things through. Ida asked Aoki to wait for his decision.


As the title suggests, there was a mix up. Communication was tricky with all the secrets these kids are trying to keep under wraps. It’s a slow and cute start. We all know that Ida’s rejection isn’t forever because… look at the poster and also, he already wanted to think things through. I want to see how Aoki will reveal the truth and how he will actually start to develop feelings for Ida.

Honestly, I’m not expecting a lot in terms of plot twists. However, I’m expecting to see how homophobia will be dealt with in the show. LGBT relationships are not as widely accepted in Asia. I’m assuming it’s similar in Japan, too. 

I gotta say the acting was convincing and I can feel the secondhand embarrassment from different directions. It’s only 10 episodes. I’m gonna binge-watch this!

P.S.: This show is based on a manga which I haven’t read.


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