[First Impression] Heaven Official’s Blessing – S02E01

[First Impression] Heaven Official’s Blessing – S02E01

Despite the trials and tribulations of being a BL fan learning about the BL ban in China, I’ve got to say Season 2 was the AED for my almost non-beating heart. Not to mention, I had a mini heart attack when I couldn’t find it on Netflix; it was on Bilibili. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen the first season. Truth be told, I’ve forgotten how some of the characters looked like but since I know the story, I can more or less follow along and guess who was talking. Although I’m usually the first to abandon any drama that makes me wait, I’m so glad I didn’t have to wait 800 years to watch this one because I know I definitely would have. (I’m looking at you Eternal Faith & SV season 2).

Season 2 kicked off with Xie Lian waking up to an empty bed with a ring left by Hua Cheng hanging on his neck. He reminisced like his husband went to war or something. Speaking of trials and tribulations, the Heavenly Capital summoned Xie Lian over the injuries of Pei Xiu’s clone. Feng Xin and Mu Qing verified the injuries were indeed inflicted by E-ming, Hua Cheng’s scimitar. Pei Ming asked for retrial of the Ban Yue Pass incident. He was insinuating that Pei Xiu’s sins were Hua Cheng’s. Xie Lian didn’t let that slide and defended San Lang. When that failed, Pei Ming switched the blame to Ban Yue. Talk about red flag. Fortunately, Pei Xiu confessed his sins. Jun Wu had Pei Xiu exiled.

Xie Lian was sent to go undercover with Shi Qingxuan to find the unknown heavenly official asking for help from the Ghost City. And what does that mean? We are in the Ghost City Arc which means, CLUTCH YOUR PEARLS, Xie Lian would reunite with San Lang in the Gambler’s Den. We’re FINALLY over 3 versions of Banyue Arcs. I AM READYYYYY. I know, I know. there are too many all caps but my MXTX heart has been parched for drama or donghua for so long.

I didn’t mean for this to be a semi-recap but I’m happy with the donghua adaptation.

Side Note: Luhan singing the was the cherry on top. My EXO-L heart was happy.


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