[Final Review] Word of Honor

[Final Review] Word of Honor

Drama Summary

Zhou Zi Shu, the former Chief Assassin of Window of Heaven, roamed the martial arts world while his slow suicide took effect. Wen Ke Xing, the Chief of Ghost Valley, set off to the martial arts world to execute his revenge. These two men ran into each other. Accidentally, they adopted a teenage orphan, got caught in a web of political drama and had an adventure while they were at it. Eventually, they realized they were “soulmates”. This caused both of them to evaluate their life decisions.

General Review

To set your expectation, this is going to be a useless review. No, really. This has been sitting on my draft box for too long and I couldn’t be bothered to extend it. Let’s begin…

The show was entertaining from episode one. The plot on the first half was better than the second half. The chemistry between the characters made up for the parts the didn’t make sense. Wen Ke Xing and Zhou Zi Shu? No, they’re not bosom friends. They’re very, VERY gay. If you think they’re not, you’re either in denial or it’s time to repair your gay-dar.

Is it suppressed gay? Yeah, but with Wen Ke Xing’s existence, he single-handedly raised the bar for every censored Chinese BL drama after that. Hence, the BL censorship has gotten stricter and no BL drama in China was released after this. It was engaging to watch. Some of the important details heavily relied on conversations because it was a low-budget show. It did require a little bit more of concentration from my side.

The acting was amazing. For the most part, I was able to empathize with the main characters and even the villains in the story. Occasionally, there were some emotions that didn’t quite translate in the acting but that was forgivable. Some characters existence could’ve been avoided altogether, too. There were minor flaws and I mostly left them in the recap. Also, I’m too lazy to enumerate those now.

Since I finished watching the show way before it was released on Netflix, many details and fresh reactions I had at that time already already slipped my mind. -_-

Why in the world did I decide to recap the show for every episode in the first place?! Beats me. In conclusion, that was a mistake. Word of Honor would be the first and the last time I’m gonna do a recap on every episode. I couldn’t finish it because I was dreading to re-watch Ah Xiang’s death. And I have to rewatch the episodes for screen caps. This show gave her all that character development for what? So she could smash my heart to pathetic little pieces? Disgusting.

Anyway, is this show worth watching? YES!! Why am I writing this useless review? Because there’s a nagging voice inside my head telling me finish this entire show’s review so I can hyperlink them all to the damn 2021 drama index and also so I can start a 2022 drama index. I’m writing this so I can move on! Byee.

P.S.: I’m still waiting on Sha Po Lang. I dread the future for TGCF LA. I feel ghosted.


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  1. Heya!

    I’m just leaving this little message to say THANK YOU for recapping every single episode. It seriously helped me fill in the bits I just didn’t understand. But…did you miss out on ep 37? I mean all 3 minutes of it? There’s a link at the end of the 36 ep recap page but it doesn’t seem to work. Those 3 minutes gave the closure the series needed, even if I still think the last episode was so rushed it was almost hilarious. Anyway, thanks again!

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