[DNF] The Journey of Chongzi

[DNF] The Journey of Chongzi

If you’ve seen the dramas called The Untamed and Word of Honor, you’d be as thrilled as I was when TikTok led me to a drama starring Jiang Cheng, Scorpion King and Cao Wei Ning all in one show. What in the danmei crossover was this?! Amidst this danmei apocalypse? In this economy? Of course, I had to check it out. Dark Jiang Cheng in his 2000 eyeliner era? Redemption Arc for Scorpion King? Still adorable Cao Wei Ning? YES. TO. ALL.


Chongzi was a beggar who initially abhor immortals. After being saved by immortals twice, she sets her sights on cultivating her abilities at Nanhua. However, her plans took an unexpected turn when she was rejected due to the hidden evil miasma in here. However, Luo Yin Fan took Chong Zi under his wing as his sole disciple. He intended to teach her the least amount of knowledge possible and keep her as the most ordinary immortal there was to exist.


Chongzi, the main character lacked tact, ambition and most importantly, charisma. She’s so irritating I couldn’t continue watching it. I do not know what’s her redeeming quality other than the hidden evil breath in her. Before becoming an apprentice, she even threw shade on the rich people over nothing. She had three years to learn how to read and write and to learn other skills as an immortal. But what did she do? Not even learn how to read and write? Hang around and act cute around that uncle who turned out to be the male lead. WTF?! Call the police? Yeah, I only found out after double-checking on the internet. I really thought it would be the prince (Deng Wei). I blame my poor eyesight. I couldn’t imagine rooting for such lazy character.

I didn’t even get to see Wang Zhuo Cheng and Ma Wen Yuan because I lost interest even before they showed up. It’s a no for me. Shame.


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