[BOOK REVIEW] All the Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders

[BOOK REVIEW] All the Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders

Finished reading: August 16, 2017

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The story starts with Patricia and Laurence, two outcasts, discovering their potential at a young age. After being separated by fate, both grew up to be a powerful witch and an exceptional engineer, respectively. The conflict huge difference in dealing with the end of the world: magic vs. technology.

The world building was terrific and was probably the main reason why I read the book through the end. Earth uncontrollably evolved into a world uninhabitable continously. As the situation worsens, the urgency to finish developing a wormhole for humans increased. The desperate attempt to save the world was some sort of planet migration. The coexistence between nature’s evolution and the advance technology blended well. As I was reading this book, it felt like I lived there.

Pacing was the right amount of slow in the beginning, or at least the first half of the book. I read it til 2AM. Then, it became a drag. As adults, the characters lost its charm.

None of the protagonists were likeable, both characters were kind of always in their own heads and doesn’t genuinely like each other. They just stuck around each other because there was no one else around who will accept them. The “connection” felt forced. Yes, both friendship and intimate relationship. The characters were hollow, not the type of character you will root for in a book. There was a minimum character development after the big jump from their junior high days to adulthood. Not to mention, the supporting characters were also blah.

I kinda wish I could throw more interesting characters in that world. Damn, this made me so sad.


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